If the people do not know the principles and laws by which the power of Christ saves man, raise him over time and does enter into the space of Eternity, then the church overturns and falls into the darkness of ignorance, in the state of children's dementia. And the people find themselves without head and become blind.

The people must have a high goal, simple means of its presentation and fair methods of its realization. All this is determined by the Scriptures and the phenomenon of the power of God that raise people to achieve the high goal.

“A voice cries, 'Prepare in the desert a way for Yahweh. Make a straight highway for our God across the wastelands. Let every valley be filled in, every mountain and hill be levelled, every cliff become a plateau, every escarpment a plain; then the glory of Yahweh will be revealed and all humanity will see it together, for the mouth of Yahweh has spoken.'” (Isaiah 40:3-5).

There is, in Creation, some special space which is a mystical territory, an invisible holy land where is located the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a New Testament space, an access to which was opened to mankind by our Saviour. Even living on earth, in our bodies, it became possible for us to live, with our soul, in this high space representing the "world of the future century" or Mount Zion. When we hear on the Liturgy: "Let's have burning hearts", that means to move, in our mind, in that mystical space of the New Testament, the Kingdom of the Saviour, which is not from this world.