At the threshold of the global exodus

Battle drums beat more and more...

If the enemy does not surrender, he is destroyed

The story of Moses

We continue, for the Glory of our Lord Who is coming to the earth, to highlight His mysterious and the most beautiful Name in the world. This incredible beauty will be revealed in its fullness when we’ll pass directly to the examination of the spiritual structure of the Name. But, for the moment, we’ll have a little focus on the general historical parallels and patterns.

At the threshold of the global exodus

God revealed His magnificent Name when Moses had to begin the mission of exodus. The story develops in a spiral. The events of the past are prerequisites for the future. The form changes, while the essence remains the same. The history of Israel of the Old Testament is a symbolic basis for events of the eschatological period, except that now all processes pass to the universal scale. If Moses was to bring his people out of the territory of the Egyptian kingdom, now the people of God is in captivity of the global system that covers the entire planet.

Moses had to go through the waters of the sea depths. We must pass through the abyss of water. However, we must first gather the disunited people in a sobor of the Exodus. To do this, we need to free ourselves from the bondage of the Matrix slavery, that is to say, to cancel all the agreements and to get out of the grip of Masonic government and legislation. In all countries throughout the earth, we must create communities, living according to the law of God, preaching the truth and preparing for global exodus.

Thus, the conflict with the Masonic governments is inevitable. When the truth will be revealed and the mystical strength of the Holy Church will be back to earth, a great mess will begin on the entire planet. Reality will come into conflict with a centuries-old lie of democratic power. The events will apparently begin to happen already next year. This situation will finally lead to the self-destruction of Babylon. The world revolution will begin. It will be the war of all against all. As a result, the countries of Masonic democracy will destroy themselves.

« But the ten horns and the beast will turn against the prostitute, and tear off her clothes and leave her stark naked; then they will eat her flesh and burn the remains in the fire » (Revelation 17:16).

Battle drums beat more and more...

The history of mankind is entering an era of Philadelphia Church.

Just a little more time and the divine energies of soboriality and fraternal love will pour out on the earth. Many people already have a presentiment of the incredible events coming. People write enthusiastic poems and describe bright pictures of the near future. Nevertheless, it is naive to hope that all problems will be solved as on magic wand wave.

The planet was for more than a century under a yoke of brutal power. The consciousness of humanity is artificially modified. This is done in a deeply criminal and unscrupulous manner. The population of the earth was, in fact, contaminated by rabies virus, an animal hatred towards the truth. The world is in a state diametrically opposed to love. Humanity is completely frozen, the hearts of billions people are, literally, filled with the liquid nitrogen of lie. And when the fiery flows of truth will pour out into the earth, the reaction will be very painful. Love will bring to earth the greatest schism in the history of mankind.

In this situation, we’d like, of course, to see an adequate response from the government. We’d like to calmly and peacefully settle the situation. However, the situation is at an impasse, nothing has changed in a century. The Kremlin is still occupied by the same Leninist guard, the same red power that once destroyed the Tsar and the Russian people. If power recognizes its own illegitimacy, it will cease to be a power. If it continues to remain silent about criminal technologies, through which the population is deliberately maintained in an inadequate state, it only further drive into a impass.

Therefore, Love, coming to earth, will not be so far as it seems to some enthusiastic heads, and it will not be for everyone. Love comes on the eve of the Day of Judgment, in fact.

If the enemy does not surrender, he is destroyed

The Illuminati are well aware that’s completely meaningless to go against time. Therefore, they have already retired from the management of the planet, in fact. And now they are preparing to survive the coming events in their arches. However, the structures of parasitic power of the New World Order, already become an old order, which still remain on earth, do not want to let freedom to the so-called goys. Pharaoh, king of Egypt, will not liberate the people of Israel. And the bishops will be the first to be indignant. They are accustomed that the despised popular mass is not allowed to open its mouths. When a choice must be made between God and the system, they give immediately preference to the system. Therefore, it’s quite naive and useless to try explaining something to them, to negociate, to appeal to their conscience, to say that they should not treat people so cruelly.

The synodal church is a child of the Freemasons. They gave birth to it to oppress the conscience of the Russian nation in the first place. The synod is a generator of disunity. These people need neither truth nor soboriality. They do not care that the Eucharist is deformed, they are not interested in knowing what is represented on the icon "Christ in Majesty". They do not need the Project of God, the Plan of the Creator for the salvation of mankind. They do not need the people in general.

As we know, the effectiveness of the mission of the Russian Orthodox Church, during the last thirty years, is equal to zero.A tree is known by its fruit... The Soviet church and the Jewish state are the same system. Comrade Gref told us, in detail, the needs of the ruling class. The structures of power, ecclesiastical as well as secular, are occupied not by humans but by reptilians, cold modules of the Matrix, ruthless predators. They are the creatures of another universe. It is impossible to negotiate with them. They have diametrically opposed objectives. It is not soboriality in Christ, nor the restoration of the truth of God on earth they need, but final destruction of the Church and total chipping of the population. Therefore, there will be no negotiation with them. There's nothing to discuss. Thus, the words which the Lord addresses to Moses are equally applicable to our times.

« I am well aware that the king of Egypt will not let you go unless he is compelled by a mighty hand; he will not let you go until I have stretched out my arm and struck Egypt with all the wonders I intend to work there » (Exodus 3:19-20).

The Lord reveals to Moses His particular Name, as well to perform miracles. A great power is contained in understanding of the Name. Therefore, to bring down plagues of Egypt on the head of the Bishops' oligarchic symbiosis, we must contain, in our soborial mind, the great mystery of the Name of the Eternal. Thus, as stated in a movie, torture first and then negotiations, it's always better that way. Then we can talk about Love.

The story of Moses

The era of the first beast ends. The Holy Church is defeated, devastated, almost trampled. We have no tsars, no intercessors. The chiefs dare not raise their heads. They receive their wages, paid by the Jews, and turned the state against their own people. Everything is treachery, cowardice and deception. Exactly as at the time of Egyptian captivity. The people groan under many centuries-old yoke, and there is no one to intercede for his brother. And if anyone intercedes, his own compatriots will condemn and surrender him to Pharaoh. Moses was not a lukewarm sea calf; he didn’t lull his conscience by the words of the synodal priests, such as: “Who are we? And what can we do? We need to be humble, gentle, our business a little!..”

In a desperate situation, when the whole world was against the people of Israel, Moses did not wait, but searched out and did what he could do. As an example, he interceded for his brother and killed an Egyptian. And he did it while everyone around him did not care about injustice. In two centuries of the slave existence, from the national consciousness of the ancient Israelites remained only the name. Exactly as it is now.

To save the people from final dissolution and assimilation is needed a national center, a chief, a national leader. In fact, every man should be a national leader at his level, then a hierarchical vertical is built up, a rod around which is structured the whole nation. But in all Israel, in all the twelve tribes, there was no one such person. Slave mentality is incrusted in the subcortex. The Israelites were in a state of constant hostility with each other. Any quarrel was instantly transformed into a fight and could end by a murder.

And when Moses tried to stop the process of the degradation of his people, and tried to do what every man should do, his people said to him: « And who appointed you', the man retorted, 'to be prince over us and judge? Do you intend to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?'» (Exodus 2:14). And they denounced Moses to Pharaoh. Just as it is now.

Such is the reaction of the relatives to the initiative of those who begin to do evident and necessary things in such a situation. Such a person is perceived as a mortal enemy. The Russian people can’t unite, not because somebody does not allow them to do so, but because of the inversed perception of the world order, because of his own spiritual blindness and hostility towards the Divine order.

Over the past decades many different leaders and national liberation movements arose in Russia but our fellow citizens, as well as the ancient Israelites, did not recognize their leader, because a single good intention is not enough. Man has not such strength to solve all historical problems, accumulated over several centuries. Only God has such strength, and Moses understood it. Therefore, after the first failed attempt, he simply left the country and did not undertake anything. Living far from his people, Moses internally matured up to the seventh level. And when it was time, the Lord gave him the retribution weapon, that is to say, and revealed the mystery of His Name. Through this mystery, Moses coud realize the mission of exodus in the promised land of seven names which was a prototype of the messianic kingdom.

Similar processes are happening today and it’s in our Project. As soon as we matured to the seventh level and began to see the structure of the earthly universe, which represents a bush, the Lord immediately revealed to us the mystery of His Name. Then begins the story of the exodus of true Israel, which is composed of the Orthodox sobor of all the peoples, to the seventh-level universe. All this is happening in our time, in full view of everyone, right here and now.



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