How do we know the structure of the Universe?

How does God create the World?

The 3, 6, 9 of Nikola Tesla

How do we know the structure of the Universe?

Not only the Trinitarian force can be studied but, on the contrary, it is the major factor in the process of the knowledge of the world, that is, it is not man who study the Divine Light, but rather the Light tells to man about Itself and the world.

The Trinitarian Light is the living energy of the Divine Mind. Therefore, if a man enters in contact with the Holy Spirit, he becomes involved in the Divine Mind. This is how occurs the living process of enlightenment, the process of knowledge and transformation of human nature. In the very process of knowledge, there is no exalted mysticism. This is a purely scientific and cognitive process, based on the ordinary possibilities of human nature. Its essence lies in the ordered activity of our mind. You just need to put things in order in your head, that's all. And then, instead of all sort of nonsense you’ll see the answers to your questions in your morning dreams.

"Contrary to the technical means of study (scientific tools), the natural method of knowledge is based on interaction with the Holy Spirit."

The questions should be asked consistently and systematically, that is, accordingly to a scientific method. And it is necessary to ask these questions not only one time, in case of urgency, but throughout your entire life. Also, the questions should be correct, not about any stupidity such as how to beg something from God (money, car, dacha or vacation).

It is also necessary to consider the received answers as the greatest treasure! They must be put in the treasury of your heart, saved as the greatest value in the world, so that an integral image of the divine world order could be gathered from these puzzles of wisdom. That's how the interaction with the Holy Spirit occurs.

I emphasize, once again, that this is an ordinary scientific process, you need just to stop jumping on your head, and do the most important thing: to study the world in which we all have to go, someone in a few years, and someone just tomorrow.

How does God create the World?

Each artist has his own individual style. Similarly, God has His own creative principles. These principles are present in everything to which touches the hand of God. They provide from different aspects of the being of the Trinitarian Light, that is, these principles have a natural scientific nature. To avoid getting lost and falling into an illusion, we must always keep in mind the creative principles of God. Therefore, before we proceed to describe the various details of the world order, following the same deductive method, we must determine the general principles of the vivification of the universe.

These principles can be compared with an artist's palette or with a musical instrument. The Creator reveals the sketchbook like the rays of the Asterisk, and the white Trinitarian Light unfolds into a rainbow of many colors. The rainbow can consist of 3, 6, 9, 12, 28, 144, and 360 colors. We can take as many colors as we need, according to our objective. It is by these principles that Nikola Tesla was guided in his work.

His famous words: "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe" relate rather to the process of modeling the universe than to the mathematical laws of these figures. This is a principle of an artist, of the Creator who paints the universe with colors of the Trinitarian light.

Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov used similar methods. Each color represents one of the angles of the Trinitarian Light. Here, as well as in the Dogma of the Holy Trinity, God is unique, but in Three Hypostases. The Trinitarian light can have many angles, but their totality must always be equal to the state of the integral Trinitarian light.

You can use a palette with any number of colors, but you must always remember, that, all together, they form the white Tabor Light, the Light of Eternity. Therefore, composing a set of colors from shades of fragmented Trinitarian Light, that is, from time, we must always add one more color, which is a bearer of all the colors, gathered together, in whole. If we have, for example, a palette of 12 base colors, then the 13th color will be a white color. If the palette is composed of 6 colors, then the white color will be the 7th. If it is composed of 7 colors, the white color will become the 8th. Here everything is similar to the mathematical equations. All combinations with fragmented parts must always be equal to some integral number.

Each paint represents one of the fundamental ideas of God. The Divine idea is not just a fiction, but it is a concrete structure of the Trinitarian Light.

In the process of the creation of the world, the Creator changes the state of the Trinitarian flow in various ways. God bends it as in a famous puzzle called "snake". Thus, each paint represents one of the figures of the Trinitarian Light. And through these figures, these structures, the Creator paints our world. From the ontological point of view, every interpretation of the Trinitarian Light is one of the forms of angelic life.

In the human world, the forms of angelic being are denoted by the numbers and symbols of the alphabet. Thus, both the number system and the alphabet represent the same palette with a specific set of colors of the Trinitarian Light.

Accordingly, depending on the assigned task, a particular system of signs is compiled to create a language for some people. For example, the English language is attached to the human hand because the Freemasons created the Anglo-Saxon world in order to build the New World Order, based on the works of the human hand.

The hand is a symbol of creative action.

Well, our Cyrillic alphabet is directly attached to the rainbow of the Trinitarian Light. Seven times seven is a palette of fragmented Trinitarian light, composed of 49 colors of time. If you put them together, you will get the 50th white color of the mid-point of the universe, the color of the Tabor Transfiguration, the color of Eternity.

"The principles of the vivification of the Universe are the artistic processes of God."

A little later, with the help of God, we will disclose the meanings of the various shades of the Trinitarian Light. For now, we have to fix the main techniques of the image, as the artists say: canvas, oil, paper, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, gouache, acrylic, ink, engraving. There are many ways to capture an image or idea. Our Lord uses different techniques and methods in the same way. We’ll call these creative methods the principles of the vivification of the universe. These principles are immutable, like the Artist who creates a work. That is why we must always remember these principles.




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