The cruciform connections

Another important principle we need to constantly keep in mind, is the principle of the interconnection of all that exists. In patristic theology, the binding energies of the universe are called logos and tropos. They have a cruciform nature similar to four DNA molecules or four cherubs. From each object come binding pairs, both vertically and horizontally. On the vertical, the connection has two ends. One end is the logoses. They connect with God the Word. The other end is the troposes. They connect with the universe of each thing.

The logos are located in the domain of eternal light, the troposes - in the days of Creation. The horizontal logoses are energies of form, coming from God the Son. The horizontal troposes are energies of the content, coming from the Holy Spirit; it’s like a channel and water flowing in the channel. Simply speaking, all connections can be simply called logos according to their original meaning, because all things appear, first of all, through the Son. “Through Him all things came into being, not one thing come into being except through Him” (John 1:3).

Through the logoses each thing acquires its own being, its place in the system of the universe, and, ultimately, through the Church finds its place in the system of the Heavenly Kingdom under construction. That is, through the logoses all things of the world both receive their being from the Logos, and are connected at the end of times into the One Logos, the King of Glory. "For having the logoses of the creations dwelling [in Himself] before the ages, He, by [His] good will, passed His creatures, visible and invisible, from nothingness into being by word and wisdom ... "(St. Maximus the Confessor).

The first type of connections: cruciform

There are four main types of connections: the first type of connections creates an essence of objects in the form of an individual universe. If the individual universe is compared with a light bulb, then the first type of connection would be a power wire with the difference that the essence of the object will appear in the crosshairs of the four fluxes, and not two. Each object is brought from nothingness into being not only together with the whole world, but also separately. Each object is a universe in itself; therefore it has its own cycle which consists of four days of creation.

The universe is an ocean of light of Eternity, divided on seas of time, rivers of gravitation, drops of ether and snowflakes of material particles. At the level of the visible world, the energy of time is as it were in a frozen state. However, each object is in constant communication with all four levels. The energies of Creation constantly circulate like electricity. The light coming from the light bulb is a realm of the visible world. The wires and streams, going to the accumulator or without it, belong to the realm of the invisible world and one without the other does not exist.

The material projection of each object exists because of the cruciform rotation of four kinds of light. On the one hand, they circulate on the four horizontal floors of the four days of Creation. That is, each object is constantly connected to each of the four universes. On the other hand, on the vertical, the material objects are connected with the days of Creation in a hierarchical order. In total, we get a system similar to four wheels nested inside each other. These are the same wheels that the prophet Ezekiel saw with the Tetramorfs.

“Now, as I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel touching the ground beside each of the four-faced living creatures” (Ezekiel 1:15).

These living creatures represent a structure of the refracted Trinitarian light, which forms the Life-Giving Cross. This Cross is a universal creative tool through which the Creator vivifies universes. The wheels are on the ground, because the final task of this circulatory device is to reveal the material world.

“The appearance and structure of the wheels were like glittering chrysolite. All four looked alike, and their appearance and structure were such that each wheel seemed to have another wheel inside it” (Ezekiel 1:16).

The glittering chrysolite is a transparent stone of yellow color. He is a symbol of refracted Trinitarian light. Four circular rotations are similar to each other, since the Trinitarian light, while refracted, inherits all the hypostatic properties of the Divine being. Each Hypostasis is a carrier of the whole holistic Divine world, and not just some part of it. Therefore, all four wheels are four different angles to one universe of the Life-Giving Cross. The same type and structure of the wheels are four levels of rotation. On the horizontal, there is constant connection with each of the four days of the universe, with each of the four levels. On the vertical, from the invisible energies is consistently created a visible material appearance of all objects.

“In whichever of the four directions they moved, they did not need to turn as they moved” (Ezekiel 1:17).

This is an important principle of the world order. The energies of the Trinitarian light constantly diverge from each other. That is, the universe is constantly expanding with the speed of the refracted Eternity. Even when the Tetramorphs return to the common center, the universe continues to expand. As the world expands entirely, there is no such object as to which this extension could be somehow defined.

A little later, if God wills, we will consider this important aspect in more details. In this consists the mystery of the golden section, revealed while the Eternity is divided into parts of time. Well, for clarity, we can give an example with waves that diverge from some oscillating source.

Creation is created in the structure of constantly diverging waves of eternal light. And the waves of eternal light are waves of the Name of God. That's where everything is. If you interrupt the wave of eternal light, then a perpendicular wave, the wave of time, will arise. And it will move according to the law of the golden section. If we continue to modify and interrupt the wave of time, then a perpendicular wave of gravity arises, and so on, until the appearance of perpendicular ether-electric fields, known as electromagnetic fields.

“Their circumference was of awe-inspiring size, and the rims of all four sparkled all the way round” (Ezekiel 1:18).

The rims are the external forms by which are held the four energies of Creation. These are like channels through which move forces, passing the world from nothingness into being. These energies have tremendous power. They dominate the whole Creation.

It’s about the forces that keep, on all sides, the ether-electric energy within the universes of elementary particles. However, if you break the shell of these rims, there will be a powerful energy splash, known as a nuclear explosion. Therefore, Ezekiel says that the metaphysical rims are of awe-inspiring size, that is, dominate over everything, and terrifying, that is, possessing colossal power.

The principle of gravitational displacements is also based on the impact on dominant forms, maintaining gravitational flows; the impact must just be directed to the higher level, that is, to the rim of the wheel of time.

The eyes on the rims are like semi-automatic sensors that follow everything that happens in the universe. The laws of the universe have a program nature. There are scenarios that regulate the behavior of the energies of Creation. These forces are subordinated to everything that happens on the visible level. Suppose, if you turn on a disk, then the scenario of the First Day is triggered, and the elements of the world begin to build the universe according to the surface of rotation. Then, the spinning disk acquire, literally, its own coordinate system and stable position in space in some magic and inexplicable way,

If the rotating object has displaced center of gravity, it triggers, immediately and automatically, the Second Day of Creation and a gravitational sphere with its own gravitational center is built around the rotating object, that is, the object become to have its own universe, which has real physical parameters. For this reason, Thompson's spinning top turns over, and Janibekov's lamb makes cobbles, which the academic science cannot explain. There is no force of universal gravitation. Newton joked. Gravitational force acts in an individual manner, according to the behavior of each object. And this force has a metaphysical nature. Therefore the size also does not matter here. It’s a hierarchy of scenarios that has value. The scenario of the first days of Creation immediately covers any downstream force, therefore the gravitational field of the tiny top of Thompson immediately covers the gravitational field of the giant Earth. It is on this principle that the nature of antigravity displacements is based.

“When the living creatures moved, the wheels moved beside them; and when the living creatures left the ground, the wheels too left the ground” (Ezekiel 1: 19).

Here are shown both the principle of the multiple universes, and the principle of antigravity displacements. Like every object, the earth itself is a universe, gathered from the four energies of the Life-Giving Cross. However, besides the earth, the prophet shows us another set of four energies; it’s about a localized universe with its own gravitational field and an individual motion vector. If we act on the level of the beginnings, that is, on the level of the being of living creatures, at the level of the surface of the First Day of Creation, then these forces pull the rims of all four rotating energies behind them. So, they model the local universe according to some material object, that is, the object, which contains all four wheels in it. Therefore further it is said, that the life of living creatures consisted in these wheels. That is, on the one hand, the material object is subject to four wheels and living creatures, which pull them behind, and on the other hand, there is a feedback, so that even the life of the living creatures is subject to the behaviour of the material object.

«They moved in whichever direction the spirit chose to go, and the wheels rose with them, since the wheels shared the spirit of the animals. When the living creatures moved on, they moved on; when the former halted, the latter halted; when the former left the ground, the wheels too left the ground, since the wheels shared the spirit of the animals» (Ezekiel 1:20-21).





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