The section is devoted to the main areas of our research activity.
The Project «The Creation» was written by God as a computer program. This is a sacred, symbolic and spiritual language, the original code of the Universe, so to speak. In this living language of the Word of God is recorded the fundamental system of the World which consists of highest angelic forces. In fact, the book of Revelation is study documentation about the structure of Creation. And the Lord has asked us to study this great science: «Blessed is anyone who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed those who hear them, if they treasure the content, because the Time is near» (Apocalypse of Saint John 1:3).
During the Synodal period, the orthodox doctrine was replaced by an «ersatz-orthodoxy» which is a substitute, artfully designed and fully compatible, in appearance, with the teaching of Christ and His apostles, but, inside, it has very little to do with. The Russian people has suspected anything, he did not notice the substitute. This was the cause of the disaster of the twentieth century. The section is devoted to multiple problems of our Church whose generator is a so-called «synodal system» (SS).
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Heresy Trojans are pernicious spiritual installation, preserving the outer form, but replacing the inner meaning. They are not listed anywhere, and not fixed. They are invisibly present in mass consciousness and produce their destructive effect like a true heresy. As a result, the system of the orthodox doctrine of meaning comes into chaos.

Our religious life is polluted by the poison, like a computer that worked for a hundred years without antivirus. The antivirus against these heresies was formerly the symbolic sacred theology. It contained the spiritual meaning of dogmatic formulas, fixed by means of symbols. These formulas explained, with precision, all aspects of the structure of the Church. Without the symbolic theology, it is impossible to protect ourselves against heretical virus, because no one is able to explain in a methodical, integral and specific way "what is correct and why this is so...»

Having lost the knowledge of the symbolic theology, the orthodox people have also lost contact with the Holy Spirit predicting the future. The huge volumes of knowledge about the eschatological time were blocked. In mass consciousness, the ideas about the future are always vague, contradictory and distorted by different assumptions and fantasies. However, it’s time to «hidden to be disclosed»...

Here we will restore the original system of the symbolism of the Orthodox iconography. Since apostolic times, the icon is the main way of preaching the mysterious wisdom of Heavenly Kingdom. The Orthodox iconography is a holder of the supreme truths of the Orthodox Church. Theology and iconography are developed on the basis of a common system of symbols described in the works of St. Dionysius. To date, this system of fundamental knowledge of the Church is completely lost.

« I want you to be quite certain, brothers, of this mystery, to save you from congratulating yourselves on your own good sense: part of Israel had its mind hardened, but only until the gentiles have wholly come in; and this is how all Israel will be saved. As scripture says: From Zion will come the Redeemer, he will remove godlessness from Jacob» (Romans 11:25-26).

The publication of new and old well forgotten information concerning the Creation of the World and the principles of homebuilding of the Kingdom of God-Man.

Here we decipher symbolic rebus of «the powerful of this world». Under the guise of well-known politicians is presented the state and the balance of spiritual forces of Creation (at a precise moment of history). The world is run by means of the deep knowledge of the Scriptures, the Bible prophecy and the mirrored version of the original Orthodox theology (which is stolen now)...