The film «The Gospel of the Kingdom» was released in the spring 2011. It was the first attempt to go beyond the visible world. It was preceded by a whole decade of fruitless attempts to find a common point which would allow uniting people as a part of existing system of civilization.

However, all these researches failed because the system is Masonic, anti Christian, designed to splithuman beings. It is vital to create a new system from zero.

All ways lead to the metaphysics, to the throne of God. The Holy Fathers like Sergius of Radonezh or Seraphim of Sarov are nonexistent nowadays. There is nobody to whom we can turn for assistance, nobody capable of uniting people around him.

The only way out was to contact God directly, in the hope that our Eternal Father will not send a snake and throw stones on somebody who humbly addresses Him. So, our metaphysical adventure proved fruitful, we succeeded in establishing a communication with Heaven.

Certainly, we did not receive all answers because we were not capable to understand everything at that time. It was necessary to us to grow spiritually in order to grab some things, to learn how to think globally.

Then, we put another three and a half years learning travel in spiritual domains and assemble all elements into one system. When all was said and done, we succeeded to find the greatest treasure: entire Dogma of the Holy Trinity.

From this instant, a whole year was put to study the Holy Writings in such a way that all history of the world could be inserted into the structure of the entire Dogma of the Holy Trinity, including the future events which are mentioned in biblical prophecies.

When all was said and done, we got the complete vision of the Plan of God called «Creation», containing all answers including the response to the question: «How to revive the Russian people?»

So, our plan has all necessary assets, as one might say today. Firstly, we have a Plan of God, in its entirety, containing the teachings of Christ and His apostles. What is taught on the official level, nowadays, represents only the half of truth, the external side of all that is.

Initially, there was also the second part of the teaching of God-man, dedicated to the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. It was established in the special language of orthodox symbolism, all Christian theology being initially symbolic, because the link between the invisible and visible world is only established by means of a symbol. Unfortunately, because of different historical cataclysms periods where books were rewritten and libraries burned, the knowledge of orthodox symbolism had been entirely lost, very kind guys contributed to it, so our people found themselves cut by divine knowledge what had been the cause of collapse of Russian civilization.

Secondly, we have deciphered biblical prophecies, in touch with the eschatological period, that is to say, in direct relation to the times we currently live. All these prophecies are made according to the same diagram and we obtained numerous crossed confirmations.

All biblical prophets described, in their revelations, the same picture of future, and this picture differs seriously from what is currently related at the official level, as well as at the level of popular art.

The future will be deeply spiritual. In order to understand and be able to foresee it, it is necessary to know the spiritual language in which are written all biblical prophecies.

Thirdly and principally: we succeeded in passing from theory to practice. We succeeded in restoring the system of knowledge allowing us to create a Christian social model which is governed by divine grace, as it was the case in apostolic times.

The system is founded on the entire understanding of the Plan of God. It is necessary to understand why Jesus Christ came on Earth, why God created the World, what God expects from each of us and how the life in the Kingdom of Heaven will be.

When the people have a correct and entire understanding of these notions, the social model starts to be filled by the particular divine grace, traditionally called «World of Christ» or «Kingdom of God» which is within us. Inside this invisible synodal space it’s already possible to undertake a mystical co-creation with God. God speaks about it in the following verse: «Truly, truly, I say to you, if you ask the Father for anything in My name, He will give it to you. Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be made» (John 16:23-24).

So, our studies have moved to the implementation stage. To the extent that the information about the Plan of God has been published, we’ll define the principles of construction of this mystical space. The synodal dome will be regenerated by divine grace, and will cover people marked by the seal of God, those who are able to cognize the essence of the Plan of God. These people will represent, by themselves, the Christ's world and the Christ's world will be this invisible territory of Holy Russia, the Holy Russia which represents the mountain of Sion, where God lives, which is inside and all around the God's Chosen People. So it will be performed exit from the modern Babylonian captivity.

History develops in a spiral way, the future is symbolically registered in the events of the past. After the Babylonian captivity, there will be the exit from the system of the Great Prostitute, followed by the destruction of Babylon the Great. Nowadays, God begins gathering the people of the earth in this newly created synod (sobor) of the messianic prophets, judges and the «kings from the East». What the future holds is the collapse of Babylon the Great and the phenomenon of the King predestined by God. The future King will manifest as a result of co-creation of people with God.

First of all, the people must unite in Our Lady Sobor and carry so much expected King, as well as his spiritual essence, and bring this process to its completion, so that all accumulated grace inside the people could spread out. And then the King will manifest.


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