“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation” (Psalm 91).

We follow the wayspecified by God in prayer "Our Father".

The prayer "Our Father".

Our Father, Who art in heaven — Determining the place of God's presence

Hallowed be Thy Name; — Definition of the principle of building a relationship with God

Thy kingdom come, — Setting a goal of addressing God

Thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven. — Establishment of communication between man and God.

We must first determine the location of God the Father. Then understand what the Name of God, that we must glorify, is. We have already determined that the Lord is located in a parallel being, from which comes His holy integral force. Now we must have a clear idea about the parameters of this force, and understand Who and What is God. This mystery is contained in the key called "The Name of God."

The knowledge of the Name of God can be compared with the knowledge of blood type or DNA. Once we’ll delineate a mystical circle and go into soborial space we will pass under the intercession of the Mother of God and will find ourselves in a state of a baby in the womb of his mother, so to speak. The baby is already within the New Testament space, but he is not yet connected, by spiritual umbilical cord, with the main source of grace which is God.

To be rooted in the spiritual bloodstream of the God-man, for our Sobor and Christ become one body, it is necessary to know the parameters of the Name of God, otherwise it will be a rejection. In other words, the DNA code of our sobor must match the DNA code of the God-man. That's how it is important to know what the Name of God is. In fact, this is a password to access Heavenly Kingdom. Therefore the Lord Himself, after determining the location of His presence, calls us to glorify the Name of God. This is why the Freemasons have worked with particular zeal on the subject, so that the essence of the matteris completely eradicated from the memory of the Church. They even sent an army to this end, on Mount Athos, in the early twentieth century.

Thus, if we do not know what the Name of God is, we cannot enter the New Testament being of our Saviour. The Heavenly Kingdom will be blocked for us. Thus, in this ingenuousway, the Jews took power over the Christian peoples. They simply removed the information about the Name of God.

What is the Name?

What is so incredibly important in this hidden mystery? First, we must understand that there is a name in the general sense, as such.

The name is the name of file or file folder; it can also be the name of the hard disk, that contain all the information about the Heavenly Kingdom. The name always refers to the objects of created nature. All that is created has a name. The process of assigning a name consists of two aspects: you must first create something, then assign a name to this created object. Only God has no name. Because He always exists. Therefore, the names of the Hypostases of the Holy Trinity are not names at all, in fact. Three hypostases of God represent three angles of the being of the One Being. There are three functions that have always been. Nobody has ever assigned names to Hypostases of God. The name is something that you can localize, grasp by all sides and hold in your mind; conceive, that is to say.

The process of knowledge is comparable with the wrapping in a rag. Here, for example, we have an image of the king of the world, Melchizedek. His name is Cosmos. This means that he knew the entire universe, gathered all its parts, and wrapped in a rag, then covered with the cover of his mind. When the priest covers the model of Creation which is the Asterisk on Diskos with the Offerings, in ancient times it meant that Melchizedek managed to conceive, in his mind, the latest version of Creation, and now he bring it to the Throne of God to plead that the Lord makes changes in the world being. This is how it worked before.

We can know only what has a beginning and an end. The Holy Trinity has neither beginning nor end; thus, we cannot know the Holy Trinity. We have nothing to grasp by our mind. However, God the Father, in His endless love and wisdom, invented something absolutely incredible. He created a parallel being, in the image and likeness of the uncreated being of the Holy Trinity. The being where we cannot penetrate. That is to say, God created such a living self-portrait of Himself. This living portrait or face of God the Father is God-man Jesus Christ. It is only thanks to our Saviour that we can rise to the level of the Holy Trinity being, that is to say, be born from above and become the children of God the Father.

The son is the one who has the same blood with his father. To be consanguineouswith God the Father, it is necessary to know the Name of His beloved Son, because the Son of God has the same code DNA of the spiritual blood of God the Father, so to speak, to which we commune, in fact. The blood of God the Father is a grace; it is the Holy Spirit poured out.

The Name of God is a separate being.

Under the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is presupposed not only some historical figure, who lived on earth 2,000 years ago and now continues to live somewhere in Heaven. This is a misunderstanding. The Name of God is not only a man but also a being, a separate world with new earth and new heaven.

On the icon "Christ in Majesty" the holy fathers represented all the major parameters of the Name of God. All that is represented here is related to the parallel being, not to the universe in which we live now, to which we are linked by our body. To know the Name of God, we must know the integral century being, from the beginning to the end. We can know the Name of God-man, because Christ, from the perspective of human nature, has a beginning, as the Lamb of God, and an endless end, as the King of Glory. Therefore, we have to what to hold on. There are two ends which we can grasp by our mind and wrap all centuries in an integral state. Thus, we learn the Name of the God-man. Under this Name we learn the image of the Holy Trinity being. Then we can get into the love of God the Father and inherit eternal life, that is to say, achieve the main goal, the main purpose of human existence.

Here, the holy fathers clearly illustrated all these important moments. Above the system of the integral century, we see a symbol of the time which has a beginning and an end; it is this ribbon with the moon and the sun. The contemplative angelic forces hold its ends in their hands. Similarly, we must also bear in our mind the ends of the God-man century, and then it will gather in whole. Thus, we can localize, in our mind, the living Project of God which bears the Name of the Son of God. And knowing the Name of the Son of God, we know God the Father. As stated in the Gospel: "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father!" (John 14:9).

The Name of God is the Kingdom of the Holy Trinity

When, at the beginning of the liturgy, we hear: "Blessed be the Kingdom of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit", it is about building connection between the community, gathered at this moment in the church, and the area of the integral century, this domain where is located the Kingdom of the Holy Trinity. The Kingdom of the Most Holy Trinity is not the inner world of God. In this area, the access is closed to created beings. The Kingdom of the Most Holy Trinity is, in fact, a parallel being, this same integral century that bears the Name of the Son of God.

Thus, the image of the formation of the Heavenly Jerusalem is a parallel being for the Holy Trinity, as well as for us, sinners. That's where is located the Kingdom of Jesus Christ which is not of this world. The nature of the divine-human being is in quite a different state. The matter is in a transfigured state here, in a state of the light of Tabor. The integral century is woven from created energies, coupled with the uncreated light without mixing or division, according to the principle of Chalcedon. This sacred, created and transfigured Kingdom of the Most Holy Trinity is precisely the Name of God.

The bridge to the Kingdom of the Name of God

Thus, the Name of God allows us to understand the essential truth that God is the Holy Heavenly Kingdom, separated from our earthly being. However, through the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek, we can pass a bridge into the realm of the world of saints. This area is called "the world of the future century" but in reality, in relation to our time, it is a parallel being. This is what the Freemasons hid from us. If we do not know this truth, if we do not understand that God exists as a distinct integral being all our prayers will simply fall into the void, disappearing into nothingness.

A real New Testament priest is primarily a mystic. The liturgy is celebrated through the priest, who really enters the space of the future century world. Each New Testament office, whether it is a liturgy or a prayer at home, must necessarily take placein the space of the future century world, in the space of the Name of God, in the space of the Heavenly Kingdom of the Holy Trinity, not on this sinful earth.

The Kingdom of the Saviour is not of this world, and the flow of the Holy Spirit grace are poured out and operate exclusively in the field of the New Testament system. To do this, we must create a local being, here on earth, to build a temple made without hands, where our Lord comes with His Holy force. Such was Christianity in the period before the synod.


It is impossible to love God without knowing His Name. It is impossible to love something abstract that we cannot grasp with our mind. Grace is energy of the integral divine love, acting between God and man. Love is always mutual. It is impossible to love someone you've never seen, who always hides from you. We need to know Who is our Lord Jesus Christ. We need to understand that the Saviour lives only as sacred integral being. That is what Creator should be addressed our heart. That is Whom we need accept in our heart, in our mind.

God is not small. God is the entire being. To love God, we must contain in ourselves a living model of the Holy Trinity being, that is God-man Jesus Christ. Here's Who and What is the object of our love. Everything is clear and precise.

We need also to know that the sacred love of God-man does not live on this sinful earth. It is pure, innocent and does not touch the darkness. Therefore, God hears and opens only to those who entered under the New Testament dome, who entered into a state of union between man and God. To know the Name of God means to find a way to the parallel realm, to the realm of the World of Christ. This being is absolutely different. It is filled with an atmosphere of light and grace. And when we hear in church: "Peace be with you", in this case, we are talking about the outpouring, in the space of our sobor, the atmosphere of the parallel world of Christ, the spiritual atmosphere. There is a connection of two worlds into one holy organism. A localized space appears on earth where the mysticism of the Heavenly Kingdom began to manifest. The real force of God begins to manifest.

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation” (Psalm 91).

This is how miracles happen. We begin to build such a dome in the format of our sobor.

In first place, we must isolate ourselves from this world, delineate space of mystical circle and enter under the intercession of the Mother of God. In second place, we must raise our heart to the height of Zion, in parallel being, in the system of the Name of God.

Our name must be inscribed in the system of the Name of God, not in the system of the name of beast. In third place, we must learn how to properly build sacred Trinitarian soborial structures. They are a kind of rails on which is moving the energy of the Holy Spirit. Through the construction of these structure between our soborial dome and the Kingdom of the Name of God will be laid mystical channel, and the fluxes of heavenly light will finally pour out in our world.



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