Foreword about the Mind and Matter

The seal of the beast
The Project of God is a concept of a large family

Foreword about the Mind and Matter

The Dogma of the Divine-Human Kingdom of the Holy Trinityis the second missing part of the orthodox doctrine. The entire doctrine is composed of two main components: the first part is a Dogma of the Holy Trinity. Here, we get basic knowledge about the basic principles of thinking. In this consists practical significance of the Dogma of the Holy Trinity. It is very important to practice it correctly without distortion. This is not some abstract religious Dogma, but a foundation of human thought, the basis that precedes the birth of thought. If the beliefs which people have about the existence of God mismatches reality, people literally lose their mind,cease to distinguish black from white, lose awareness of their historical mission.In other words, people lose what is called national consciousness. Everybody is looking for this consciousness for quite a long time. But it’s still without result. It’s because national consciousness consists in correct practice of the Dogma of the Holy Trinity. But, as long as it’s not the case, people are in a state of confusion.People don’t understand what this world is, what the people’s place in this world is. In this state, the Russian people stay for over a century already. This is because the Holy Synod instils false beliefs about the Holy Trinity. This is the first thing. This is the first goal, the goal of the first main part of the orthodox doctrine. The goal is to straighten the brain, to present a correct system of thinking.

The second part is the main part of the orthodox doctrine that directs the affairs of our hands in the right direction: towards building of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Any action is directed in a particular direction: we build the kingdom of Christ or the kingdom of the antichrist. We cannot live in a neutral position. It is not possible. And it is not possible to contribute to the implementation of the Project of God without having a clear idea of what it represents. Of course, there is a certain probability that while pointing a finger to heaven, we’ll get, once in a million, to the right place.There are some quite insignificant number of believers, in this world, who manages to maintain themselves in the system of God,but they have no impact on a global scale. In general, the Church has lost its historical spiritual struggle, ceded all its positions. In reality, the entire population of the planet is now under the rule of the antichrist forces.And none professor of theology, no authoritative priest such as father Dmitry Smirnov,with all his charisma, and even some of the Old Testament patriarchy, this is one of the few, so to speak, the alpha males of our church, a sort of father-macho,however, father Dimitri has no idea what to do with this planet, how to restore the former power of the church.It’s because of the lack of the system of knowledge about the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The spiritual practice is based, in synodal system, on a blind faith in the Kingdom of God, on the method of trial and error: we must perform the commandments, live in love, do not sin; we must do this and that...

"Work harder panda, and someday you will have the ears, as I have ..."

What is the purpose of all these efforts, what we build concretely? All this information is completely absent. If we do not have specific plans about the divine-human life, it is impossible to build the Heavenly Jerusalem. It is impossible to assemble a car just going through thousands of pieces. We need to have a plan that allows us to organize production. If there is no plan, there is no assembled car. The Orthodox people are in a disassembled state, because there is no plan how to assemble the divine-human system.

The seal of the beast

Thus, the entire system of being of the old church was based on two pillars: first, the Church, through the preaching of the truth about the being of God, restored the structure of sacred trinity thought. Secondly, through the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom, or as we say in a modern way, through the preaching of the Project of God about the structure of divine-human system, Church directed people’s energy towards the creation of a true way of life, which was incorruptible, directed to eternity, with eternal guarantee of God. Therefore in the system of the traditional Christian world, there was no need to seek neither national ideas nor models of social order, because the concept of the human being was reflected in the Dogma of Heavenly Kingdom. Not only has this concept belongs to God, which makes it very reputable, but also makes pointless any modern project.It’s because the realization of the Project of God resides in the heart of human nature. There is nothing to invent, no need to create an artificial being.

There is nothing more natural for a man than to live in the image and likeness of the Heavenly Kingdom. This is the most harmonious system, because the earthly, as well as eternal life, passes through the same principles, the same laws, the same knowledge system. As we are living at the end of the period of the first beast’s reign, only now is revealed to us the true extend of the experiment, conducted over humanity during the so-called era of modern times.

The seal of the beast was put on the minds and hearts of billions of people still a hundred years ago. However, the power of the first beast, coming out of the sea, extends only on the mental field. Thus, the nature of humanity is spoiled only at a half. Therefore, we have a possibility to outsmart the situation. To do so, it is necessary to remove from the minds and actions of our hands the seal of the first beast. Our mind and all our activities, everything must be registered in the system of the Kingdom of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Project of God is a concept of a large family.

The essence of the Project consists in the concept of a large family. Each person, entire nations, together with the apostles, the saints, the angelic forces in the Kingdom of Truth, everybody become close. Everybody is children of God the Father. There are no strangers here. And people become close here on earth, not somewhere in the world of so-called future century, not after death when we know nothing about our fate in eternity. Whether we’ll be condemned or acquitted.As long as we are still in our body, everything can be solved right now.

The divine-human system is based on a vibrant energy of love, not on the energy of dead capital. Therefore, there is no need in some incredible resources; everything is contained in human nature, we only need to know how to reveal this potential.

Such was life before the theomachists have grabbed power over the planet.This unprecedented historical crime had been performed in a very primitive way: from the system of knowledge of Christian peoples had been withdrawn at a half the information about the Dogma of the Holy Trinity.




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