The Programming of the Future

“I long for your deliverance, Yahweh!”

Judgment, Blood and Technology

The third step

The epoch, which has just begun, is characterized by the energy of the integral time. Its symbol is the "Rider on a White Horse". It is a force of God passing our universe from nothingness to being. And that is also a force of information. It holds information about everything that exists in the universe, including the future. And now the situation on the planet is changing fundamentally. Previously, only a small group of Jewish initiates possessed access to the codes of being, which allowed them to create events on the planet. Now, the power over the world becomes open to large masses. It is on this aspect that elites are betting now. They have all of the options envisaged, so to speak. If our Project had not matured to the understanding of the codes of being, Hilary Clinton would have won and the world would have developed according to the old scheme. Now, everything changes, as you can see.

The Programming of the Future

Thank God, we managed, at the last moment, to gnaw, practically with our teeth, these damned power supply cables of the Matrix. Therefore, events will develop in an unpredictable way now. And the elite opted, at the last minute, for the unpredictable Trump. It's normal. He is the person that is best suited to the new realities.

The programming of the future is not as easy as it seems at first sight. You must have a mind for that. Suppose you have a magic wand. You can wish for anything you want. However, this is not so easy in reality. Because there is one condition: our desire should not be idiotic. Our proposals must be inscribed in general historical canvas of the past, as well as of the future. They must be justified from the point of view of the world’s history. Our proposal must not look stupid in general historical canvas. Only then it will generate necessary events on the planet. We must think like patriarchs, kings, gods, like our Heavenly Father. We must take into account not only the interests of all the inhabitants of the earth, but also of those who have moved into the afterlife. These are the challenges we are facing.

The essence of the coming epoch consists in the possibility to insert required projects in the canvas of the future, so that the required events could be triggered on earth. However, if we do not know a general historical canvas, nothing will happen. Therefore, we must have a good understanding of the structure of historical flows. For example, if we’ll inscribe a stupid story at the beginning of the Messianic period, a purchasing of a jeep, for example, it will be an absolute idiocy. Well, can you imagine that you open the Holy Scriptures, begin to read a prophecy, and it is about a jeep? It’s nonsense ! Our proposals must naturally fit into the format of the sacred history.

The history is created by two peoples: Jewish and Christian. To be more precise, it is not a Jewish people, but the tribe of Judah, the tribe of Dan and the Christians. The blessing of God is revealed in man's ability to create global spheres of time, to understand this cookery. Such people determine the direction the development of history. The tribe of Dan possesses the most powerful blessing. The strength of this blessing is greater than the blessing of the tribe of Judah and the gifts of all Christians. God has endowed man with capacities, each person decides for himself how to use them. One can build the Kingdom of Christ or the kingdom of the antichrist.

“I long for your deliverance, Yahweh!”

“Dan will govern his people like any other of the tribes of Israel. May Dan be a snake on the road, a viper on the path, who bites the horse on the hock so that its rider falls off backwards!” (Genesis 49:16-17).

This is one of the most interesting prophecies. The Jews are most afraid that the blood of Dan will mix with a prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, they introduced , in the mass consciousness, an emphatically negative interpretation of Dan as an incarnate devil, an incarnation of the antichrist and a sly snake, pushing the Orthodox people into an electronic concentration camp. If God does not protect us, this will be our end. People firmly believe that the Dan tribe is a personification of the antichrist. The Dainites built the Khazar khanate, Masonic Great Britain, and Bolshevik Russia. In addition, the tribe of Dan is absent from the list of saved peoples in the Revelation of Saint John. The picture is composed quite definite. You can easily low down your thumb and pass. In reality, it is about the same needle of Kochchei, which contains the life and death of the whole New World Order system. It is about the judgment over Babylon, carried out through the energy of Dan. Only Dan is able to fight the New World Order. He acts at the beginning of the Sixth Day, appears at the bottom of the social system. Therefore, it is a snake. He is endowed with the knowledge and is capable to understand Jewish wisdom. Therefore, he is a snake. And he has nothing but the technologies of iron, that is to say, Internet and a simple computer. That's all. However, he is forced to fight barehanded Goliath of the New World Order, like David. And it’s really frightening, because he has nothing but faith in the triumph of the Divine Truth. Therefore it is said, “I long for your deliverance, Yahweh!” (Genesis 49:18).

It is about all Christians of our time fighting the Matrix in informational space. Dan is a collective image of an Orthodox blogger. We are, like snakes, at the bottom of the pyramid of the New World Order, but we are pursuing the powerful of this world. We condemn their crimes and reveal their plans, we inflict informational blows on the projects of the Illuminati, and bite the heels of the Matrix, so that the powerful of this world, enthroned above the whole civilization, fall backwards and change their plans to 180 degrees. And instead of Clinton is elected Trump! That's what it's all about here!

The Dainites are all these modern Orthodox people leading information warfare by the wisdom of the north, that is to say, electronic technologies and computer equipment.

Judgment, Blood and Technology

The tribe of Dan is neither better nor worse than all the other tribes. For example, from the tribe of Judah originated the greatest righteous, the Messiah Himself, our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as the greatest sinner, the traitor Judas Iscariot.

Dan, Patriarch of the Old Testament, is also honoured by the Church with all the other sons of Jacob. And the fact that the tribe of Dan is absent from the list of the Apocalypse does not mean that the Patriarch Dan or the builder of the tabernacle, for example, Goliath and Samson and millions of other righteous, who have this blood, will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is simply absurd. It’s about symbolic meaning here, of course. The tribe of Dan represents energy of artificial technologies, energy of judgment and energy of retribution. This is this same red garment, in which the collective image of the Christ Church envelops itself at the beginning of the Messianic period. Now is the time of the Judgment over the injustices of the Great Prostitute, and this judgment has already begun. It is carried out through the revelation of information about the crimes of the Elders of Zion, and this information becomes more and more numerous every day. The revelation is carried out by means of computer technologies, so that this process symbolizes the tribe of Dan. Dan is a symbol of ingenuity, a symbol of technology.

Here is applied a usual traditional approach which is proper to the narration of the Holy Scriptures, when Christ is represented from different angles. In our case, it is the Church of Christ, the people of God condemning the Babylonian prostitute. And this process is shown from the point of view of Christ, because we are the Church of Christ. Now our Christ, by His component on earth, is walking on earth through centuries and history, by this earthly component Christ is now dressed in information technologies. Then the process will pass to the retribution stage and Christ will dress a red garment.

« Who is this coming from Edom, from Bozrah in crimson garments, so magnificently dressed, marching so full of strength? - It is I, whose word is saving justice, whose power is to save. Why are your garments reds, your clothes like someone treading the winepress? I have trodden the winepress alone; of my people, not one was with me. So I trod them down in my anger, I trampled on them in my wrath. Their blood squirted over my garments and all my clothes are stained. For I have decided on a day of vengeance, my year of retribution has come (Isaiah 63:1-4).

Politics, as stated, is an art the possible. And the Church of Christ, at certain periods, uses the means that are available and lives in the conditions in which it is placed. However, there is no room for the energy of artificial technologies, as well as for the energy of retribution in the Kingdom of Heaven. There are no atomic bombs and humanoid cyborgs in Paradise. The Church dresses in these means temporarily, and then it removes the mantle of Dan's electronic technologies. The tribe of Dan is absent from the list of saved peoples, because Dan, in this case, represents the technologies of the Sixth Day.

Similarly, the bloody garment, in which the Church of Christ dresses on the Sixth Day, is absent from the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no room for violence in Paradise. Therefore, the blood on the garment of the Lord, being in a state of retribution, is removed after the completion of His mission.

“Now Joshua was dressed in dirty clothes as he stood before the angel. The latter then spoke as follows to those who were standing before him, 'Take off his dirty clothes and dress him in splendid robes” (Zechariah 3:3-4).

The third step

As for the antichrist, he will actually come from the tribe of Dan, in the sense that he will be a completely artificial creature with an artificial body, an artificial heart, an artificial intelligence and without any connection with God. It will be a kind of an absolute simulacrum.

Now, there will be no antichrist, because the world has entered an epoch of the destruction of the New World Order project. I congratulate everyone on this occasion! Now, everything will change in the most radical way.

At the end of September, we launched, for the Glory of God, a new sphere of time, generating a peaceful development on the planet. Look how things have changed since! The change occurred at 180 degrees. The forecasts of the experts have become useless. The establishment has replaced rhetoric and began to talk about cessation of the wars on the planet. The next agenda will be the return of humanity to traditional Christian mysticism. Notice, all the channels will soon talk about it. They will talk about the potential inherent in Christianity, miracles, saints, potential of natural way of the development of human nature, priorities change, transition from the consumer to traditional values, and so on. It is impossible to imagine it for the moment, as it was impossible to imagine last September that only in a month, America will decide to withdraw from the project of the world war.

Today came the news that Trump is going to withdraw the United States from NATO. But, what happens in the world?! It's quite some unreal things!

There is no future defined in advance. Everything is in our hands and in the hands of God. To God be Glory forever!



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