The Lamb of Eternity and the hierarchy of centuries

Mathematics of Eternity

Gathered Eternity

A great Common Cause

Our world is created by the vital power of God. This energy comes from the essence of the Holy Trinity, like the sun's rays, and represents the nature of Eternity. In the spiritual world, all that exists represents the individual, soborial and living beings. Similarly, the energy of Eternity is not only some abstract force that exists apart, by itself. The energy of Eternity is God the Word in His external manifestation, in His relationship with Creation. This is Logos in the state of action.

The Lamb of Eternity and the hierarchy of centuries

Before the passage in created being, the energy of Eternity represents, literally speaking, the Divine Lamb. The Lamb is a symbol of Eternity, prepared for edification of Creation. God is infinite by His nature, on the one hand, and humble, on the other hand. Therefore, the divine infinity is represented in the image of the humble Lamb. Thus, Eternity is, simultaneously, a vast ocean of Trinitarian light and humble and gentle Lamb. That is what is before the Creation of our world.

While entering the Creation, the energy of the Lamb, this infinite ocean of Trinitarian light disintegrates, like Niagara Falls, in eons, centuries, historical periods and other periods of time, what is called the years, months, days and hours in the Apocalypse. From the state of Eternity, the energy of being, that is, the force of the Divine Lamb, passes into specific states of different times. Each of these states is a sphere of time, an angelic alive being.

If you refract the Trinitarian light and follow all the metamorphoses that occur with it, we’ll obtain twelve main spheres of time. These dozen centuries is the basis of Creation. Therefore, we have twelve months, twelve hours, twelve signs of zodiac, twelve apostles and twelve pillars of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The metamorphosis of the Trinitarian light will be discussed in separate issue. For the moment, let’s define the general points, the most important. And the most important thing is that the entire structure of Creation is a living system, which consists of the Lamb, and his twelve pillars-men.

“The wall of the city had twelve foundations bearing the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb” (Revelation 21:14).

Mathematics of Eternity

It is very important to understand the principle of division of the energy of Eternity. It is not the same as in our terrestrial world. If we divide the infinity in half, we’ll get not get two halves of the same infinity, but two independent infinities. And no matter how many times we divide, every time we’ll have an integral infinity, that is, by dividing we will not disintegrate an integral world, but create many new integral worlds.

This paradox was shown by Christ in His miracle of the loaves, when He fed five thousand people with five loaves. The loaf is a symbol of the energy of Eternity, the symbol of the Lamb. And when Christ broke loaf, He did not get the two halves of the same loaf, probably, but four entire loaves, four copies plus the original one. Therefore, there were five loaves, in the beginning.

Individual work

Try to solve a problem: take a stream of infinity, break it into two parts. Now, after praying, try to understand why, while dividing the infinity into two parts, we get four infinite currents and not two? What also appeared in result of the division?

Thus, when the energy of the eternal Lamb disintegrates into twelve particles, each particle represents the same integral Christ, and not His twelfth part, therefore, the twelve apostles are the twelve images of Christ, or twelve hypostatic angles of the integral God-Man. This rule is applicable to all who are recorded in the Book of Life. The social organism of the Kingdom of God-Man consists of billions of particles. Each particle is a saint, clothed in integral Christ, therefore, each particle is equal to Christ Himself. Each particle is an Eternity, as Christ Himself is Eternity; the only difference consists in subordination, in hierarchy. Christ is Eternity by His nature, and all those who enter His Kingdom, become Eternity by having clothed themselves with Christ.

Here, the principles are the same as in the being of the Holy Trinity. The hypostasis of the Son is born and the hypostasis of the Holy Spirit proceeds simultaneously, so to speak. However, in hierarchical order, God the Father is in the first place, God the Son - in the second, God the Holy Spirit - in the third. Similarly in the Kingdom of Heaven, all saints will shine like gods, through grace, and will become equal to Christ, but, in hierarchical order, each saint will have his place in the great soborial cube of Eternity in twelve dimensions. As all particles are equal to God, this structure will not be pyramidal, but cubic, although, according to subordination, it’s a pyramid. Such are celestial mathematics. They are determined and known by faith. In other words, we must accept by faith some of its basic assumptions, then comes understanding of the logic of all these extraordinary constructions.

Gathered Eternity

We’ve just examined the Kingdom of Heaven in a state of absolute realization of the Project of God. In reality, the so-called process of building the walls of Jerusalem, "built the walls of Jerusalem," as it is said in Psalm, occurs gradually, in fact, throughout the whole history of the being of world. If we consider the situation of formation, we’ll get such an image: аirst, the Lamb of Eternity is divided into twelve principal centuries, or twelve spheres of time, then, all ages are ascended to Zion and gathered there into the King of Glory, or into the Heavenly Jerusalem. And when, at the height of Zion, the divine-human system will gather in whole, it will pass into a state of eternal being. It will be a gathered integral Eternity. Thus, the Lamb is a unique and integral Eternity, and the King of Glory is also an Eternity, but unified, gathered from centuries. And it is gathered, literally, as with bricks, except that each element is an angle of an integral Eternity, and not one of its parts. It is important to understand this point, this difference. In the spiritual world, everything is considered quite differently.

The point of assembly of the entire Project of God is located at the level of the Holy Trinity. This is the moment when Christ is enthroned at the right hand of God. He is not enthroned alone, and that’s all.

Our Lord is quite normal; He is not like the citizens of the Russian Federation, learned, from the early age, to fight body and soul to the place under the sun. Therefore, our Lord enthrones all Creation with Him, all those whom are inscribed in His Book of Life.

We can say that the Kingdom of Eternity consists of twelve spheres of time which ascend to Heaven and enthrone at the right hand of the Father. It’s if we consider this situation from the perspective of the spiritual process. If we consider this process in whole, this is the Unique God-Man Jesus Christ, containing the twelve main soborial Hypostases, symbolized by an Apostle.

Each soborial Hypostasis is a sphere of time, it’s an integral world in which lives the entire Kingdom of Heaven as a whole. If we consider the system of the Kingdom of Heaven more broadly, not on the scale of the twelve Apostles, but on the scale of billions of people, of all those who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we’ll get the same picture, by the way. Every saint is one of several billions of angles of Christ. In his turn, he is also a soborial hypostasis and receives all God and all the other billions of saints in himself, in his own world. Thus, each soborial hypostasis is not a part of the entire Logos, not its twelfth or billionth part, each soborial hypostasis is an integral Logos, an angle of Logos. Here, everything is exactly as in the Holy Trinity. God does not consist of three parts, but of three integral Gods constituting the One God. Similarly, the Holy City, the Heavenly Jerusalem, consists of twelve integral Logos that are the One God the Word, or of billions of Logos, each of which is an integral angle of the One God the Word.

A great Common Cause

It's in this amazing and extraordinary way that the Project of God is designed, and, in the future, we must understand all these nuances of Celestial mathematics, because the Lord set a goal to us, to His church, to the Sobor of the faithful, the sobor of the confessors of the faith, the Sobor of those who are really ready and not afraid to follow Him to the end. Thus, the Lord sets us an absolutely fantastic goal, at first sight: we must design a Project of the normal Creation. We need to create a normal world in which it would be good to live to God and angels, to animals, and the whole nature with forests, fields, seas, and to all nations, of course. In this consists the essence of the entire eschatological epoch.

We’ll build not only a social system, a model of Russian Empire, we’ll design and build the Great Kingdom of Eternity together with God, this very Heavenly Jerusalem that is unique and has no end. That's why we need to know the language of celestial mathematics.

At first glance, the goal seems fantastic and unreal, of course; it is difficult to understand how it could be done. However, we are not pioneers here, because the cunning Jews have created, in the Middle Ages yet, their own version of the truncated creation. And by the middle of the XIX-th century, Masonic project has been brought to the mathematical perfection. Thanks to the formulas of time, they have built an artificial Zion, those seven hills on which sits the whore of Babylon. And to this Zion they attached a structure of artificial people called International. Jews have also recorded history, mirrored one part of the flows of time, and advanced other part in one step of being, so that in the sphere of artificial time they created, inside the dome of the New World Order, will be launched the scenarios of the Day of Judgment. And they arranged that the sickles and threshing of Apocalypse's Horsemen devastated the church. And so far, we live in this matrix, in fact, in a simulacrum of the universe, in an artificial civilization, cut off from the Lord Almighty. And nothing in the world will change for the better, as long as we do not offer to God a further plan of the development of history, stated in the appropriate language of Eternity.



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