How is it possible?

What everything is made of?

Size does not matter

To summarize

Based on the available knowledge base, received both in the atheistic education system and in the synodal education, we perceive the world as a big box, containing many fragmented elements: galaxies, particles, planets, plants, different forms of biological life, human civilizations and many other things. In other words, there is a big universe, which contains many different objects, the size of which is much smaller than the total space. From this follows a conclusion: if we gather all the small parts of the universe, we’ll obtain a large space. Accordingly, if we remove half of the stars from space, we’ll obtain half of the universe. And we remove half of the elements from the periodic table of Mendeleev, the universal matter will be reduced by half. If we add to the universe half of another universe, we’ll obtain a space and a half. And so on, in the same spirit.

Such a method of measurement is proper to rational materialistic thought, based on an inductive method of perception of the world. It is when we measure the universe by the categories of the visible world, as if all things consist exclusively of matter. This order of things has been embedded in our consciousness since childhood, and we do not see any kind of dirty trick here. We are used to thinking in unicellular format. Than the universe can only be a space with a large number of galaxies, stars and planetary systems and it cannot be any other in principle. However, in reality, from the point of view of real natural science, that is, the science that studies the structure of nature, every element, an atom, as well as a bacillus, an elephant or even an entire galaxy, contains the same set of energies of the universe. In other words, each part of the universe represents the whole universe, and not just its small part. The size does not matter.

In the true picture of the world order, the universe consists of many other universes.

How is it possible?

To understand this law of being, quite paradoxical at first sight, we must penetrate into the nature of every phenomenon. We need to trace the entire path of the refraction of the Trinitarian light coming from the Lamb to the studied object. Then we’ll understand the essence of everything and see quite surprising things. We’ll see that each phenomenon, object or event is, by its nature, an individual image of the Trinitarian world. And then we’ll remember the main hypostatic principle that each Hypostasis is a bearer of all the essence of God, and not only one of its parts. Creation is structured in the same way. Each created object, like a Hypostasis, is a bearer of the whole universe, and not only one of its parts. Each particle of the world is an equal universe, and not a small piece of matter or some pathetic trembling beast. This is completely wrong.

By its nature, a stone, as well as a worm, a herd of elephants, planets and stars, are separate and full universes, possessing the energy of the whole world, the whole universe. A molecule, as well as a bacillus, even the smallest particle of matter, contains the energy of the whole universe, and not just of the one of its parts. It is an axiom of the true structure of the universe.

At first glance, such order seems inconceivable. What is there in common between an apple and a galaxy, an insect and a planetary system, a rabbit and the Sirius star? At first sight, it seems that all these things have little connection between them and have a completely different nature. However, if we ask God to give us a little bit of intelligence and try to get a close look at the essence of the nature of each phenomenon, we’ll discover with astonishment the following things: first of all, all created objects, in the proper sense, are created by the same force of Eternity which is the Lamb of God. That is, all things already have involvement in the same nature at the initial level. Secondly, each thing is created through the life-giving Cross, or the Tetramorphs. The Trinitarian light is refracted in the image of the Eucharistic Lamb, and divided into four principal parts, as it is done on Proscomedia. Four parts symbolize four rays of the life-giving Trinitarian Cross.

What everything is made of?

To simplify, it can be compared with four pieces of the universal modelling clay. Through the wisdom of God, our Creator creates all things of the created world from these four pieces: rabbit, May beetle, cobblestone, moon, stars, Sirius, a molecule of water and the universe in its entirety, any phenomenon of the created world is made through the same creative force of God, composed of four parts, and called the live-giving Cross or Tetramorphs.

It should be emphasized that only one piece of these four pieces of the universal modelling clay is an energy of the visible material world. That is, any created object or phenomenon consists only in appearance of the material modelling clay, so to speak. There are still three other layers inside, which consists of a completely different substance and have a metaphysical nature. To deny this fact is equivalent to saying that a chicken consists only of an external feather cover. Atheist science completely ignores the existence of the chicken biological organism that consists of cells, muscles, nervous, circulatory, digestive or other systems. Matter is only an outer envelope. The truth and wisdom consist in the fact that the size and shape of a material object do not matter. A set of modelling paste is always the same, but it is possible to mold an infinite number of completely different objects in appearance. However, inside these objects is the same life-giving Cross.

The live-giving Cross is a universal creative instrument of God. The Tetramorphs is a universal brush of the Creator, through which the Holy Trinity paints the universe and all that it contains. And the main characteristic of this instrument is that each element of Creation is created not as a part of the whole universe; this separate part is a complete universe, at the same time, because the big universe, as well all its parts, is created from the same four pieces of the universal Trinitarian modelling clay.

Size does not matter

It is only at the fourth level that the energy of the modified Trinitarian light takes the form of a three-dimensional world, measured in meters, weight, light-years. However, the internal heavenly-earthly metaphysical structure of each object, galaxy or scarab beetle, possesses a structure of the integral universe, of the whole space in its entirety. In the material world, this structure is just dressed in different clothes. As a result we have galaxies, trees, butterflies, and rabbits. This process can be compared with a costume show. Suppose, on a children's morning performance, the whole group is dressed up in different costumes. Some kids play the role of stars, other - atoms, third - insects, fourth - birds, fifth - seasons of the year, and so on. All costumes represent very different and disparate phenomena of the material world. But it’s the same boys and girls who wear them.

Thus, both the wisdom of God and the essence of the spiritual vision on the world consist in the fact, that behind an external facade, which has incommensurable sizes and forms, we always see the single essence of all created objects. It consists in the fact that the outer envelope, both of the sun and scarab, is material clothes, put on an invisible inner structure of the individual universes. And, at the invisible level, through special ties, all diversity of local universes gathers in one system of global universe, in a unique universe.

Similarly, but only through the wisdom of man, are created different worlds in computer technology. The virtual universes, which appear on the monitor, may represent work program, document, movie, music or game. The world of electronic files and programs is extremely diverse and it seems, at first glance, that all objects have nothing in common. In fact, what is there in common between a text file and a three-dimensional reality of a game? However, this variety of computer worlds is created only by means of two power wires and two values of the program code. And from this peculiar similarity of the energy of the earth and heaven, similarity of the Asterisk, is created such a diverse computer world. Thus, all things in computer world have the same nature at the original level. All programs, movies and games are assembled from the same four pieces of computer modelling clay.

To summarize

The principle of multiple universes is fundamental in understanding the real structure of the universe. It is very important for us to move away from the fragmented vision imposed by the Matrix. Many people still cannot solve the mystery of Grebennikov's anti-gravitational platform. More than fifteen years have already passed. It’s because of the erroneous way of thinking that is imposed at initial level.

Researchers are trying to create a device, while it’s necessary to model the universe. Both Tesla and Grebennikov thought precisely by categories of integral worlds. When they created their ingenious inventions, they did not build machines that resembled electric cars or anti-gravitational platforms. From four pieces of the universal modelling clay, they modelled their own original universe. In the end, it dressed in some visible form, which was not particularly important. In particular, Grebennikov originally intended to make a triangular platform. What is important, it’s that the main instrument of any true creator, both of God and man, is a derivative of the crossing of the Trinitarian lights rays, that is, the life-giving Cross. In other words, these same numbers 3, 6, and 9 that Tesla talked about. These are the structures of the Trinitarian light which represent a creative instrument of God.

Thus, the Trinitarian life-giving Cross is a creative instrument, conceived by God to model different types of universes and there are no other ways to build something really new, big and important. It’s because even the smallest object is a universe by its very nature.

On this map is shown the correct structure of the universe. The 3D printer is an allegory of Trinitarian light. Four small houses, going out the 3D printer, show the principle of modeling the universe. Each universe is created through four rays of Trinitarian light. Four creative energies, gathered together, represent an instrument of Creation, through which are created extraordinary integral universes, things, beginning with ingenious inventions and ending with miracles and healings. To heal means to gather the nature of human universe in an integral state. And it concerns everything that exists. To build a gravitational platform means to gather in whole and in right order the nature of four energies of Creation. We need to think in this deductive way in order to understand the true structure of Creation. We must think by categories of the universes and see a universe in each object.

Absolutely everything, poem or dug field, must be an integral and complete world. That is why Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov called his book "My World". For this reason he built a spherorame, which is a model of the local universe. Similarly, the gravitational platform is a form of localized universe. Through four Tetramorphic forces the platform creates its own time, space and gravity field.




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