“A voice cries, 'Prepare in the desert a way for Yahweh. Make a straight highway for our God across the wastelands. Let every valley be filled in, every mountain and hill be levelled, every cliff become a plateau, every escarpment a plain; then the glory of Yahweh will be revealed and all humanity will see it together, for the mouth of Yahweh has spoken.'” (Isaiah 40:3-5).

Our Project has approached the Mystical Gate of Heavenly Kingdom and we need to knock on it right now; but it must be done in a special, soborial, way. The Gate is closed now. There only is a small slot through which passes a little bit of heavenly light, but the world is still in a state of «a day of darkness and gloom, a day of thick clouds and deep blackness».

The communication was broken still 100 years ago. The lamp of Holy Russia was overthrown, thrown from Mount Zion, so the consciousness of the Russian people is upside down nowadays. A system that overturns everything, it's not a miracle, not magic. The matrix of the New World Order is an entirely artificial creation, made by human hands, created by Jewish sages, and it is similar to a computer virus. There is no some murky esoteric here. There is a deep and crystalline understanding of the circulation of the spiritual energies that connects man with God in a single system, a single organism.

The structure of the holy people is like an electronic card. The grace flows like electricity. And if this system, defined by God, is disrupted, the flow of people’s holiness is broken, and the people go out, literally, like a currentless garland.

To reanimate the mystical light, we must gather our New Testament sobor according to rules defined by God. That the Holy Spirit may enter the space of our sobor, we must prepare a way for Lord, make a straight highway for Him. In this consists the ministry of all Melchizedek. The ministry of John the Baptist, Elijah, all the bishops of before synodal period.

The New Testament priest is such an engineer of spiritual circuits. In addition, he develops not only the patterns of electrical and spiritual circuits, that connect people with God, but he is, himself, a conductor of spiritual energies. If the people do not have Melchizedek priest, the prayers of the Church do not reach God.To serve only the rite is not sufficient. It is necessary to keep in mind all the spiritual system of the universe and conceptually send, accompany the energies of prayer on all the main steps of the invisible world: from sobor to God, and from God, through the creation of the world, back to sobor. This is how energy of prayer is sent, literally, like sending mail.

The ritual side of the liturgy reflects and visualizes the same invisible picture of the flow of energy in the universe. The liturgy itself means not only a "common cause", in the sense of the public divine service, but the common cause with God, Angels, and Saints. The Proskomedia is a spiritual package. It must be a postman, able to deliver it to the address. If there is no postman, Angels cannot raise unilaterally prayers to the Throne of God, because Angels are serving spirits, they are subordinate to man. Therefore, the liturgy does not occur. There is no common cause.

The bloodless sacrifice must be done by all Creation. All who are in church, on earth and in heaven, apply literally their hands on the Chalice and Diskos, and raise, by all universal sobor, the energies of prayers to the Throne of the King of Glory; it’s exactly what it is about in the Cherubic Hymn. "Dorinoshima chinmi" is translated as “elevated on the spears”. The spears represent energy of prayers of universal sobor. From earth they ascend to Heaven, and on this flow is enthroned our Lord. That's how things work.

Now the system of spiritual bloodstream is destroyed. We have to literally repair the universe. Return the sun, swallowed by the crocodile of the New World Order. Korney Chukovsky was a Freemason, and he took the inspiration for his fairy tales from the Jewish wisdom.

Thus, we already have a sobor of like-minded people. Now we need to attach to God the path of movement of the energies of grace. Now they are stuck, literally, into the ground. And as soon as we get to hold this pattern in our soborial mind, the blessed sun of our Savior will begin to rise within the circle of our Sobor; then all kind of mystical events, even miracles, will start to happen, as this was the case in ancient times.

The system of circulation of spiritual energies is composed of several basic elements. First point, it is a mystical circle. This is an invisible territory within which stay all members of the Sobor. As the circle is spiritual, it is not subordinate to spatial and temporal laws. People can be dispersed in space and time, but through the New Testament blood stream of our Saviour, they are simultaneously connected to the same soborial system. The second point, it is the Gate of Eternity or the Gate of Heaven. This Gate is a spiritual channel that connects all those who are inside the mystical circle with Christ. The Gate of Eternity can be compared with a switch. Now it is in the OFF position. That is why the sunny Christ hardly penetrates our hearts. The third point is the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek. To prepare the spiritual Proskomedia, we must have eyes, ears and spiritual mind. We need manage all this heavenly cookery.

The New Testament energies are not electric, they are alive. It is a Kingdom of Saints and Angels, we must talk to them, discuss with them. Create all kinds of compositions, by crossing and revitalization of spiritual forces. As a result, we must get a delicious spiritual meal that is the essence of the Good News.

The priests after the order of Melchizedek are like a head cook. This is a special Gift. The Lord Himself chooses Melchizedek. If we only serve the external rite, the grace of the Holy Spirit does not burn, that's why we must prepare the ways for Lord. The fourth point, it is the Cross. The cross is a stream on which flows the energies of holiness. The cross also represents the principle of movement on which is built the dispensation of grace, this force which emanates directly from God the Father.

Thus, the circle, the cross, the Gateway and Melchizedek are elements of the system that prepares the way for Lord. To make a straight highway for Him, for the Lord may come to live in our sobor, we all need to wear the episcopal vestments, to learn to be Melchizedek, that is to say. We must do reborn from the ashes the royal priesthood. It is a goal of our Project. Nobody else do it right now.

Through the royal priesthood, the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek, is restored the power of Christ, which gives the main taste to the Church of Christ; it is what the Savior called the salt of the earth. The synodal church is tasteless. And we need to learn how to cook delicious Heavenly Bread.


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