A mass of people, present at the divine service, is not a sobor, but just a mass of people. If 1000 people approach the same Chalice, at the same place at the same time, they do not become a spiritual monolith, united by the unanimity and love.

The sobor is a social system based on spiritual links and embedded in the structure of the Kingdom of Heaven. In soborial Church, each person knows his place and his predestination, so that he becomes a living cell of the common organization of the church.

Today our Church is soborial only by name, in most cases. In reality, the people are divided. We cannot organize ourselves because the knowledge about the sacral and symbolic structure of the church organism is lost. The attempts to form parish communities, by administrative methods, do not give results. The church is not a kolkhoz. The core of the parish community must be rooted directly in the vineyard of Christ. This requires understanding of the sacral and symbolic structure of the social organism.