We are getting to the final stage of our research: «The Rider on the White Horse». It is the most complicated path which we have to raise and to reveal to the world. It’s complicated because it consists in revealing the Project of God, the plan of further development of humanity, literally speaking…

The Creator has placed man above angels. This means that the angelic forces or Divine minds, as they are called by St. John of Damascus, obey to man, as to commander in chief. The spiritual energies of the whole world, including those of which consists man himself, are gathering at a point of our heart; and where they will move further depends on our will.

Now let us considerthe meaning of the sign of the cross in the liturgical movement of energy. As you know, in our churches, there is a pious tradition of doing, all the time, a sign of the cross during the Divine Office. This is usually done by tradition, not by understanding why this is necessary, what significance it has in the process of movement of holy energies. This is very bad, because the sign of the cross is an act of the vivification of our inner kingdom, the act of fixation of holy words of prayer during the construction of our inner temple.

 How and by what processes does the dispensation of grace occur? How did the Christians pray in the ancient church? From where did they get such an extraordinary holiness? How did they manage to grow, from strength to strength, and reach the Celestial Kingdom? How, by the power of the Life-Giving Cross, were demons hunted and miracles happened? All these questions will be discussed in the next issues of our investigations. They concern the practical side of the Orthodox faith in connection with the Orthodox mysticism.

Dear brothers and sisters, the Day of Commemoration (17 July) of our Tsar Nicolas II, saint martyr and redeemer, we managed to understand the Project of God that will lead us to the resurrection of the Holy Russia. This Russian project had been written 2,000 years ago.