About the nature of sacred art

About the nature of the ritual

The mystical component of the ritual dance

About the nature of sacred art

I would like to once again remind the principle of multiplicity. Universes can have any form, shape and scale. A show, a book, a dance, a film, a divine service are examples of different universes. The universe of the Lamb, created on the Diskos, possesses exactly the same spiritual force as the entire universe, including heaven and earth's space with galaxies, countless stars and planets. And even more, since the Eucharistic Lamb is a bearer of the world of the next century.

At first glance, such an order seems impossible and even absurd. However, if you follow the process in which the object of the ritual is connected to the energy of Eternity, everything will become clear. There is no need to try to manually place into a small piece of bread the whole space with galaxies, temples and bodies of all saints. The Lamb is not a box in which material objects of the universe are embedded. The Lamb is small bread which, through the sacrament of breaking bread, is connected with the primary energy through which everything that exists receives its being. This is how it works! Matter is connected not on the side of the lower ends, that is, on the side of the tropos in which it receives three-dimensional properties, but on the side of the logos which have an immaterial nature. It is impossible to place the entire galaxy in a cube of 60 cm3, it is absurd. However, if you connect a material object to the original energies of the logos, through which everything is created, then the little piece of bread will become a bearer of the whole world in the direct sense of the term, because original energy of eternity and time has a spiritual speculative nature.

Logos do not have any spatial dimensions. One ray of the logos permeates the entire material realm entirely and simultaneously. Thus, for an object or an action to become a symbol, it is necessary to connect its tropos to the logos which correspond to the fixed objective. Connections of the supernatural type are created through blessing and special prayers. Suppose that we must first bless the bread for the Eucharistic sacrament and connect it, through prayer, with the energy of divine eternity, which is a domain of the Name of God, located in the integral eternal century. Then, there is no longer just a piece of bread, but a carrier of uncreated Trinitarian light, through which God created the world. Next, we proceed to the refraction of Eternity, and receive a Life-Giving Cross with four streams of time. Now we have a complete set of energies of Creation and can build integral universes with the desired characteristics on the Diskos. Then this project is presented to God. That's how the supernatural connections operate. Any object, gesture or action of the visible world, absolutely everything can be connected to some energies of invisible reality where are located spiritual forces. You simply have to connect the tropos of an object to any logos so that this object becomes a symbol of the required force. A symbol means "a bearer".

Then the priest receives a steering wheel in his hands, through which is realized a co-direction of time and eternity. On one side, the steering wheel is in the hands of the priest-man, and on other side - in the hands of God. That's how the universe is managed.

The first part of the work of managing the world belongs to man, the other part - to God. The Church takes the initiative and makes proposals. God studies them and finds an original way of realization. This is how synergy works. “When that day comes, you will not ask me any questions. In all truth I tell you, anything you ask from the Father he will grant in my name” (John 16:23).

Where it comes to the principles of sacred action, Christ almost always opens the sentence with the words: "Verily, verily, I say unto you" because the sacred rite is composed of two parts. The first part of the action is made by man, the second part - by God. By introducing the Eucharistic sacrament in the form of breaking bread, Christ called His disciples to manage the world, to vivify the future and to create the New Testament world order.

“Peace I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you, a peace which the world cannot give, this is my gift to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid” (John 14:27).

“However, when the Spirit of truth comes he will lead you to the complete truth, since he will not be speaking of his own accord, but will say only what he has been told; and he will reveal to you the things to come” (John 16:13).

This is what Christ was talking about at the Last Supper. The Eucharistic sacrament must necessarily be directed towards the future. The nature of the Eucharistic rite is broken bread. That is, the priesthood should be conducted with the same force through which the worlds are built. The Church, as long as it had knowledge of the essence of the sacred art of Melchizedek, could manage history through the modeling of the Eucharistic worlds of the future.

About the nature of the ritual

On these principles are built both divine services and occult rituals. The difference resides in spiritual energies to which the ritual is connected. First, objects or actions are presented as symbols of certain forces, then they become carriers of these energies. Finally, some manipulations are carried out with these objects, a story is told, so that an image of the world, as integral as possible, either holy or infernal, anti-Christian, would be obtained. This obtained image is like a program code, loaded into the operating system of the universe. Thus, the changes, necessary to the organizers of the sacred rite and accordingly to God, occur on earth. Or, on the contrary, the Illuminati organize every year a costumed show in the grove of Bohemia, for example. In appearance, it looks like a theatrical performance, but in reality it is an ordinary ritual, through which the history of humanity is directed in a certain direction. Each character carries energy from the arsenal of Mephistopheles, but also from the side of light, to some extent. This technology is presented on the covers of The Economist. We have already examined it in detail. Every politician is a bearer of some spiritual force. Someone plays the role of the financial system, the other - a role of the church, a war or a virus. There are characters who symbolize a revival of the Church, as well as the process of Exodus, others interpret the Illuminati. Thus is interpreted the image of the future on the scene of the grove of Bohemia, those events that are scheduled to take place next year.

Since the Church does not provide the universe and God with its own projects of the future, then the history develops according to the plans of the Freemasons. It is quite probable that in 2015 some characters, interpreting the famous meeting in Havana, were jumping on the scene of the Bohemian grove. Only the Illuminati were informed about what will happen in February 2016 at this moment. Are there still people not yet aware that the synodal church is a project of the Illuminati and it has a master, the invisible Karabas Barabas who pulls the strings of the puppets diligently playing the role of the Orthodox bishops? Obviously, they receive no gift from God, no apostolic, neither prophetic, nor miraculous, provided in this case. But they hardly care about the Savior's commandments and His apostles, or the canons of the holy Fathers, or the naive people who drink each their word, because the synodal church, like capitalist America and socialist Russia, is a great theater of the Rothschild.

The mystical component of the ritual dance

Orthodoxy has undergone tectonic changes. Before the schism, the future was always designed by the Church. The Orthodox Church was universal not only by its name, but by the realized mission, which consisted in managing the whole universe. The divine services preserved not only tradition, but were constantly renewed by new proposals presented to God. Can you imagine how interesting was life in Russia?! The Orthodox people lived in co-creation with Christ, with the Creator of the universe! Every Christian fulfilled the mission of the king of world and the priest of God, the mission of Melchizedek. Life was built on communion with the greatest mysteries of the divine power. And the power of holiness was an everyday reality, not a story from books.

Every object of the household, elements of clothes, everything was connected to the threads of time going to eternity. On the base of the connections of the tropos-logos were created the worlds of ritual songs and dances. If the song is connected to the Name of God, then it becomes a prayer, a mystical form in which the divine grace is poured. Therefore, spiritual light is so felt in Russian folk songs. Angelic forces are always guided by man, because man is the last link in the structure of the world. All the actions of man are rituals by their nature, that is to say, permeated with a profound symbolism. The angels submit to the behavior of man, even if this man is an absolute ignorant. They read the language of ritual images and movements. For example, a woman with covered head means the energy of form. If her head is not covered, it means the energy of content.

If you create a fashion for a certain style of music or dance, then a crowd of profane will perform a role of the blind priests, leading the world, literally, to the devil. Suppose that the tropos of the Rock'n Roll are connected to the antilogos of the name of the beast, to the energies of hell. Through a joyous twist, the crowds of idiots around the world began to create images of disintegrating universes. The rebellious styles of music that appeared in the sixties are ritual projects of the Illuminati. Everything has been done for humanity to create, through its own hands and feet, a future which represents stones rolling on an inclined scale. As a result, the remnants of the traditional world order were completely destroyed.

Thus, all the elements of the human body have a symbolic nature, that is, there are tropos, connected to some energy of time and eternity. Therefore, every gesture and every movement have a meaning. On this basis, ritual dances are created. Gestures and movements create a story. The angelic forces, these same eyes on the wheel rims of the Tetramorphs, read the program and implement appropriate scenarios. And images of the future become reality.

When a priest raises his hands to heaven, this is a signal for the Cherubs to organize the connection between the earth and the domain of the eternal day, because the hand is a symbol of action. The hands, raised and arranged in the image of the open rays of the Asterisk is a symbol of the eternal day. It’s an action directed towards eternity. When the priest raises his hands, the Cherubim transmits the threads of the centuries to the Queen of integral time, to the Mother of God who binds them in whole and transmits to the Savior as a new dress, woven from the Light of fresh centuries, of fresh time. The Saviour dresses in this light and enthrone; then He roses to God the Father. Here the Holy Trinity examines the presented project. Thus, prayer must necessarily have a format of the universe. This format is the same language in which the Church conversed with God before and God heard it.




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