There is, in Creation, some special space which is a mystical territory, an invisible holy land where is located the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a New Testament space, an access to which was opened to mankind by our Saviour. Even living on earth, in our bodies, it became possible for us to live, with our soul, in this high space representing the "world of the future century" or Mount Zion. When we hear on the Liturgy: "Let's have burning hearts", that means to move, in our mind, in that mystical space of the New Testament, the Kingdom of the Saviour, which is not from this world.

However, the method of entering the reality of the Kingdom of the Holy Trinity is now completely lost. Because of this, the Russian people are in a state of great spiritual decline, for over a hundred years now. The Holy Russia is above the level of the place of the skull, where Adam was. It is a territory of Paradise, an area of grace, a field of solar oranges, defined so by the Judeo-Masonic creators. The Russian people have dropped to the level of action of the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse. This is a level of action of the energy of disintegration leading to death (to the Fourth Horseman whose name is "Death"). Therefore, the Russian people disintegrate, for a whole century, die and are in a state of hell. The creature with big ears is a symbol of the fall of Russia. Its prototype is Adam's skull; Golgotha. Therefore, the Jews chose him a suitable friend - a crocodile. A sharp-toothed predator with a pipe is a symbol of destruction,chaos andintoxication.

All that is below the red line is an area of the matrix. While in this environment, the people are deprived of the spiritual vision, mind and hearing. Man loses divine qualities and becomes, in fact, a highly developed ape. Jews call these creatures by a despicable word "goyim" and they are not far from the truth.

In such poor condition are our once great Russian people. And the blame for the retreat of the Holy Covenant is essentially on our bishops, because they areblind leaders ofblind people.They themselves are not in a proper condition and do not know where to lead the people.

Our project fulfils a Mission of the Chosen One, the mission of the national leader who performs the exodus of the sixth day. The Chosen One is the first who will release himself from the clutches of the Illuminati Matrix. The release and rehabilitation of the spiritual vision occur through the construction of a special soborial structure which is identical to the relations of persons in the Holy Trinity. The Chosen One is not only a person, but especially a soborial process. The proper organization of sobor opens a mystical gate of Heaven. We will discuss this theme, in more detail, in our next issue. Now let’s focus on the subject.

What is this land, the territory in the space of which the exodus is carried out? From all that is created by God, this area is located at the highest level. It is at the level of God the Father. Therefore, in Bible, it is often called "the height of the north." For example: "I have raised him from the north and he has come, from the east he has been summoned by name. He tramples on rulers like mud, like a potter treading clay"(Isaiah 41:25). Coming from the North and from the Orient is an image of the Chosen One, an image of the King who represents simultaneously all elected people, all the army of Christ, based on energy of the Eucharistic ascension. It is in this very high field that the process of formation of Holy Russia originates; it is precisely what we are doing now.

On the famous cover, dedicated to our project, the mystical space of Holy Russia is represented in the guise of the heavenly land towards which is launching a flying phone wrapped in a red cape. Thus, the Rothschild illustrated here an offering of the Eucharistic sacrifice on the throne of the heavenly earth. Communication with this New Testament mystical space was blocked for a century. Because the full Eucharistic sacrifice has not been done for a long time. Only the outer rite was performed.

Now we started to restore the Ministry of Melchizedek. Therefore, the connection with God will be restored and the energy of the New Testament will begin to flow into the space of our sobor. Then, a spiritual dome will be formed for us, within which the Lord will accomplish all that we ask Him. As it’s said in Scriptures. Gradually, the dome will grow, spread, and absorb more and more people, according to the Bible prophecies. And towards the beginning of the seventh day, it will cover the whole world. That's whenthe earth will connect with Heaven and the dead will rise. It will be the firstresurrection of the dead.

Meanwhile, we need, like the early Christians, learn to be kings - Melchizedek within our sobor. To learn the principles of action of grace, the Kingdom of Heaven. To learn to overcome all that is perishable, to hunt all kinds of deprivation, including illness and death. Remember that the energy of the decay will be completely blocked during the time of the Messianic Kingdom. It is to thishigher purpose, we need to strive.

The glass cover on the flying saucer is a mystical dome of our sobor. It is a territory of New Testament space that will surround the members of the Project of God. The man with a briefcase is an image of Zorobabel, the image of a holder of the Project of God and a builder of the holy temple of the universe. Our goal is to conquer the whole universe, the whole world.

The victory will be ensured by a Eucharistic ascension. The flying disc represents the diskos. A portion of noodles, the map of the South China Sea and three ships + the fourth are all symbols of Creation, symbols of the Eucharist supreme power by which Creation goes from nothingness to being; by understanding what represents this energy, its essence and principles of action, we will pass the Messianic Kingdom from nothingness to being, by means of divine power.

China is an oriental theme, the arrow with a ball on the dome - a theme of the height ofthe North. The 13 light bulbs represent a sobor of the Church of Christ: 12 apostles + Christ. The noodles are, respectively, the heavenly bread. The yellow collar is an internal energy of the prophet that initiates the events of the sixth-seventh day. The Prophet has already reached a height of the seventh day, which is why his internal clothing is yellow. Seven triangles and two compartments at the edge of the flying saucer symbolize a period of the sixth-seventh day, when the events on the establishment of the Messianic Kingdom occur.

The brain, conserved in a jar, is a symbol of knowledge of the Project of God in relation to the construction of the Kingdom of God-man or the Messianic Kingdom. The knowledge is an internal content of Eucharistic Sacrament which is currently in frozen and blocked state.

The exodus is achieved through the knowledge of God's Wisdom. The more we learn, the more we rise. Ultimately, we need to master all the Project of God in its integrity. And so we will erect, in spiritual and mental space, a temple of the Holy universe in which the Lord will enter. To build this extraordinary temple, it is necessary for us to understand, first, the principle of being of the future epoch in which "God is all in all." And when we raise the fruit of our knowledge to the Throne of God, during the Liturgy, then the Lord will download a new version of being of Creation. Thus He will enter our reality. Then, a reign of the Messianic Kingdom will begin. This is a mission of our Project.

In Orthodox Church, the symbol of the territory of Mount Zion is a Tabernacle. Thus it is called "Zion". The Orthodox Zions are the most sacred place in a temple. It is a Holy of Holies. The priesthood after the order of Melchizedek is connected, first, with an understanding of the ultimate objective of the liturgical movement of energy. Why we go to church and pray, why we all come into this world?

The main purpose of human life consists in acquiring of divine grace.The dispensation of grace does not occur in man himself, but in the King of Glory. Man and God represent a unique system in which man is completely moving into God, and God - into man. And no one keeps anything for himself.

The glory is transported from the earth to the summit of Mount Zion and is inserted into erected walls of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Thus, by glorifying the Saviour, we are constructing the Kingdom of God. This process is reflected in the symbolism of the Tabernacle. The reliquary containing the Holy Sacraments represents the results of the Church's activity, the glory on with is built the Kingdom of God-man.

Thus, the King of Glory, seated at the right of God the Father, is a personification of the mystical space of Holy Russia. The body of the Saviour is the New Testament Earth. The soul of the Saviour is the New Testament Heaven. And, in intersection of the spiritual flow of the new earth and new Heaven is created the nucleus of Holy Russia which is the King of Glory, Jesus Christ, always walking ahead of His holy people. It is exactly in this space that the exodus from Matrix of the New World Order will occur.



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