What is the bearer of the energy of God?

The bearer of the energy of God is time

The structural nature of Creation

The substantial essence of Creation

What is the bearer of the energy of God?

In created world, all the energies is attached to some format, therefore, it is possible to measure or to do something with them. For example, the electron is a bearer of the electromagnetic energy. If there was no discovery of the electron, there would be no possibility of modelling of electromagnetic phenomena.

As the electron is a stable particle, its discovery enabled to penetrate the nature of the material energy. As soon as the scientists manage to stabilize a phenomenon, a scientific discovery follows. The reproducibility of the experiment is very important here, because it allows having a clear idea of the nature of the phenomenon.

The situation is similar with the energy of God. As soon as we will stabilize our understanding of the nature of spiritual energy, we’ll understand what we're dealing with, and we’ll see what is hidden behind all these numerous words about the holiness and spiritual ties. And we'll immediately get a support point. Thus, it will be possible to reverse the Russian world, turn it on its head. We can deploy a new system of spiritual world from only one point. After all, the materialistic world deployed its technocratic civilization in the same way, from a single point of knowledge about the electron, about the nature of the material energy.

The bearer of the energy of God is time

The bearer of the grace of the Holy Spirit is time, but not a simple time, but the time in a state of the future century world, in a state of eternal peace that is the Ancient of Days.

In Scripture and theology before the synod, the nature of God's energy was measured by the term "century" or "centuries." This concept has many meanings, but everything is reduced to the following. The century is a kind of spiritual electron that is a carrier of the energy of the Holy Spirit. Here is the same story as with electricity, with electromagnetic radiation. If the scientists have not discovered the electron, they would never manage to simulate electromagnetic waves, and there would be no phones, no TV, no radio, nothing.

The same thing occurs in the church. If we do not understand that time is a carrier of the energy of the Holy Spirit, we lose the main subject on which is based the entire liturgical structure of the Church. If the connexion between time and the Spirit of God is withdrawn from the orthodox theology, it is equivalent to the withdrawal of one Hypostasis from the Dogma of the Holy Trinity. Can you imagine how important it is?

The entire lifestyle of the Church: worship, prayer, iconography, symbolism, as well as clothes and utensils - the notion of time is paramount in all this, because time is a carrier of grace. All rites performed trough the energy of God are also performed through time. Time is the main instrument of not only creative prayer, but also of the power by which the Lord works miracles through His Church.

The structural nature of Creation

So we arrived at the resolution of the main issue: what is the power of God? What its nature is?

It is known that Creation passes from nothing into being through the Trinitarian light. We also know that Trinitarian light is energy of the single action of Three Hypostases of the Holy Trinity. It is also known that grace is this Trinitarian light. However in Creation, the energy of the Holy Spirit does not act in the same way as we have always imagined. That the Trinitarian light emanates from the essence of God, like from the sun, which creates all created being and directs the world history to the formation of the Heavenly Jerusalem. That is to say, the Lord Almighty performs everything, while the mankind remains somewhere away from this process.

In reality, the Trinitarian light, in limited scale, in the scale of the whole being represents the same Trinitarian structure, only together with Creation now. And Creation, as we have already defined, is measured by centuries, time and eternity. Thus, if we consider the structure of being from the point of view of nature, then, there will be time, at the one hand, and the Trinitarian light, at the other hand.

In this scheme, it is important to understand the Trinitarian principle on which is structured the nature of being. The Trinitarian uncreated light, as well as the created energy of centuries, doesn’t exist without each other. In addition, they do not exist without the third hypostatic state, Who is the Ancient of Days, dressed in the light of Tabor. The white light of the Transfiguration originates from the connection of created centuries with the uncreated eternity, from which is born grace. Here's how everything works.

Here, everything is exactly as in the hypostatic relationship of the Holy Trinity, with the difference that it is the energy of the centuries that is the bearer of the Trinitarian light. And from their intersection is born the grace.

The Trinitarian light rests in the centuries, as well as the Holy Spirit rests in the Son. Together, they rise to the Ancient of Days. Here's how things work in reality.

Thus, it is necessary to distinguish between the created time, the Trinitarian light and grace. The Trinitarian light is energy of God in a state of eternity. The grace is the Glory of God in a state of connection of created being with the uncreated being. The time is energy of created being which the Lord has completely subordinated to man. Therefore, we can change the state of the Universe by means of time. Time is an open source of being. Man is an equal and worthy hypostasis in the Divine-Human sobor of the Holy Trinity. Here resides the strength and the key to a wonderful new history of Holy Russia. Therefore, the blessing is performed by means of time. By means of the instrument that God has entrusted to man. And through the synergy of the power of God, we build the Kingdom of grace, in fact.

The substantial essence of Creation

Therefore, we examined the essence of Creation from the perspective of its structure. Let’s now see what the energy of being is. Roughly speaking, from which, finally, everything created.

It is impossible to localize energy of time, as we can localize a material particle, and observe it under a microscope, sitting somewhere in a laboratory. The energy of time is energy of being. It passes Creation from nothingness into being. It is that from which is woven the whole world, the whole history of all times and all mankind. And we exist through this force now. All our thoughts, all the most subtle movements of our heart, all this is created through the energy of time. However, we are only talking about the energy of created time, not about eternity.

We are now in an unstructured condition, because we have not yet passed to the state of the hypostatic being. To know the essence of being, we must pass to the Holy Trinitarian way of being. It is necessary to tie ourselves with the hypostatic relations, with the Saint Trinitarian power of God, as well as with the Kingdom of grace. And only after entering the Holy Trinitarian way of being, we’ll be able to know the nature of being as such.

That is what represents energy that is in the basis of all that exists. This is energy of the Love of Christ. And this energy cannot be touched because it is the very energy of being. To know it, we must surrender completely to the power of God, to His holy will. It’s on the one hand. On the other hand, we must completely devote ourselves to the Kingdom of God, to our Father Who art in Heaven. It is only then that we will acquire an integral being as such. We will become like our Lord. And we’ll know the nature of all things from the beginning.

To summarize

Thus, the Nature of Being is a hypostatic Trinitarian way of being, it’s the same system that ontologically represents the Love of Christ. And, in this system, man is an equal and worthy Hypostasis of the Divine-Human Kingdom of the Holy Trinity. As the Hypostases of the Holy Trinity possess the whole essence of God the Father, the soborial hypostasis of the Holy people, by its nature, is called to possess all the Kingdom of God the Father. So, everything is in our hands and in the hands of God.

We have finally defined a concrete formula of nature, of Creation, of time, of man and holiness. We now have a point of support. According to this formula were built the traditional Christian world orders in ancient times. The new Holy Russia, human and universal, will be built according to this formula. It will be built by force of the Trinitarian light, by knowledge about the nature of time, and all this will be done for the Glory of the name of God.



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