Russia is trying to understand, for over 100 years, what happened to people? Why the Orthodox civilization collapsed, why our life continues to fragment and disintegrate? Why the Russian people are not able to meet in Sobor? Why most of our priests are, in fact, neither fish nor fowl? Why there is nobody able to intercede for the people and explain clearly the cause of countless evils that affect our country over the last century, and what we have to do now?

Here, we will prepare ourselves for the full liturgy and restore the missing part of the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek. Everything is more or less correct with the ritual side of liturgy; practically anytemple of Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church is appropriate. It is necessary to restore the traditional essence of the Prothesis (liturgy of preparation) which consists of preparation of the Eucharistic sacrifice at the level of the fundamental energies of being.

«The one who knows the mystery of the cross and the tomb knows the reason of things. And the one who has been initiated into the ineffable power of the Resurrection knows the purpose for which God originally made all things» (Saint Maximus the Confessor).

The era of the sixth day, that the world is entering, represents the Philadelphia period of the church which is the period of Church and fraternal love. It is an era of co-creation, the time of appearance of the messianic people. The sixth day is also the subject of the most terrible biblical prophecies.

The film «The Gospel of the Kingdom» was released in the spring 2011. It was the first attempt to go beyond the visible world. It was preceded by a whole decade of fruitless attempts to find a common point which would allow uniting people as a part of existing system of civilization.