The Eucharist is a modeling of being

We need to have the fullness of knowledge about the nature of the Eucharist

The key to all doors

The Eucharist is a modeling of being

“My people perish for want of knowledge. Since you yourself have rejected knowledge, so I shall reject you from my priesthood...” (Hosea 4:6).

These prophetic words are fulfilled before our eyes throughout a century already.The Russian people are exterminated by millions because of lack of the knowledge about the nature of the priesthood.

“... since you have forgotten the teaching of your God, I in my turn shall forget your children” (Hosea 4:6).

Forget the children means deprive the people of their future. It is about the time.The law of God, that we have forgotten, is the law of the time, the law of the centuries.This is a rule of construction of being through which the priesthood is realized.If the people do not know the nature of time, they disappear from the future.

The Eucharist is a model of the future. This is the essence of the Sacraments.At the beginning of the liturgy, the priest creates, on the discos, a model of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is a model of being, raised, thereafter, to the Throne of God for blessing, then it returns already in a state of transubstantiation, as the flesh and blood of the Savior.So, the offerings, which were made on Proscomedia, are realized.And people receive what they asked God.

However, this order is now destroyed. The Church does no longer vivify the world of Christ.Nowadays, it's just a ritual, performed without creative understanding of the nature of the process.That is why the Russian people have always uncertainties with their future.

We need to have the fullness of knowledge about the nature of the Eucharist

The Eucharistic rites may be very numerous, in fact.As we have already said, Creation is an open source system. In the first centuries, almost every community had its own ritual of the Sacraments.Even now, the Eucharist rite has significant differences in different local churches. There may be many options as we deal with the universal and creative system.

The Eucharist can be very simple, as was the first time in the Cenacle.Just the broken bread, wine and prayer.The Eucharist can also be complicated, as it is the case in the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.However, the Eucharist cannot be a simulacrum.Some respectful execution of external rite is insufficient; it’s the least thing we can say.This is no longer the Eucharist, but a simulacrum, a theater performance. It's practically an abomination of desolation in the holy place.

We must clearly understand the nature of the Sacraments; understand what it is the Body of the Lord.We must have knowledge about the essence of the Eucharistic energy to know the principles of its being, as well as we know, for example, the essence of electricity.

The Eucharist can be compared with an electronic device, for example, a mobile phone.Let’s imagine that we have a mountain of electronic circuit boards, wires, memory modules, and other electronic components.To assemble a working phone model from all this mess,we must have knowledge about the interaction of electrons with electromagnetic fields,about the principles of the conversion of electromagnetic energy, for example, in radio signal or in image on screen.

If we know little enough about the physics of electromagnetic waves, we can never assemble a working phone.We need to have absolute knowledge. The lack of knowledge is absolutely not acceptable.If at least one element is misplaced, the whole system will not work.Therefore, the Lord warns: “My people perish for want of knowledge” (Ос. 4:6). On the essence of the priesthood.

The similar situation is with the Eucharistic Sacrament.Only here we are dealing not only with living energy, but with the sacred nature of God the Word.Therefore, the responsibility for a mistake is immeasurable. The errors acquire the scale of being.Because of lack of knowledge, the apocalyptic scenarios are triggered, and people fall under the grind of the Day of Judgment.

If we do not have any knowledge about the nature of the Eucharist, if we have not learned this energy,we will not be able to assemble a proper model of the Orthodox being.As a result, the church finds itself in captivity of thosewho know how to create their own models based on hatred of mankind. That's all. That's how the world works. God gave to man the power over humanity.Thus, the world is governed and saved by the priests of Christ the Savior,or by the magicians from Hollywood, initiated in the mystery of the management of humanity, in the royal wisdom.

The key to all doors

The nature of the electromagnetic energy is relatively well studied.Thanks to this knowledge, the magicians-scientists, according to Sterligov,created a technocratic civilization, packed with a variety of electronic devices. This world order is diametrically opposed to the living Kingdom of Christ, based on natural spiritual process, on sacred process.And the artificial being is a dead, materialistic kingdom of the antichrist.

They could realize such a project on a global scale for a simple reason: they have thoroughly studied the nature of matter.Therefore, to revive the Christian project, to start building spiritual world order,we must penetrate the nature of mind to thoroughly know the essence of the energy of God.

Let’s emphasize once more time, the main problem of the synodal theology consists in absence of subject.There is no subject of study.There are a thousand citations, a ton of statements of the Holy Fathers, but they do not give a clear ideanor about the Holy Trinity, nor about the Kingdom of Heaven, nor about the nature of man, nor about the nature of grace.There are no precise formulations. They constantly talk about certain properties of the subject, but never about the subject itself.Spirituality, holiness, Trinitarian light, Tabor light, Easter joy, peace of mind, and so on.However, what is the essence of all these phenomena? This information is missing.It’s because, as we have already mentioned in the previous issue, the question of the essence of Creation is the last question in the system of knowledge.Having come to knowthe nature of the energy of God, we receive a key to every door.




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