The principle of the «programming code»

The principle of the Life-Giving Cross

The principle of the image and likeness

The principle of the «programming code»

“In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God” (John 1:1).

The world was created by God by pronouncing special divine words. Ontologically they represent Trinitarian light passing from the state of eternal rest into the state of creative action. The essence of this process is represented by the Asterisk. When the rays are folded, Creation has not yet revealed. When God says: “Let there be light”, the Asterisk opens its wings and the light of the First endless Day appears.

Ontologically, this light is the pronounced word “God”. If we consider the first word from the point of view of the structure of the Trinitarian light, we’ll get a crossed nimbus. The imperishable light of the First Day of Creation is a surface on which the whole universe is built. This surface is a foundation of the universe; therefore the architecture of the universe reproduces the structure of the First Day of Creation. Therefore, the outlines of God are traced throughout the whole universe.

The original plane of the Trinitarian light concentrates all the basic laws of the world order. The whole force consists in this. The Eternity passes into the state of time here. Here are born the numbers, the golden section, the circular line, the square, the concept of the square and much more, including the energy of grace, or Divine love. We need study very carefully this very important question. But we’ll proceed to it later. And now we will remember that, at the level of the beginnings, the nature of the universe represent a program, consisting of special Trinitarian words, that is, of the programming language. This code is modified each new day of Creation, is complicated, but the essence remains the same. The universe is a program written in the language of the Trinitarian code. Therefore, when the whole universe was completely created till the Seventh Day, it represented a book: “God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on that day he rested after all his work of creating. Such was the story of heaven and earth as they were created. At the time when Yahweh God made earth and heaven” (Genesis 2:3-4).

The principle of the Life-Giving Cross

Another principle, which we need to constantly keep in mind, is a principle of the Life-Giving Cross, the symbolic model of which is the Asterisk. The universe is created and exists by means of the cruciform separation and the subsequent connection of the Trinitarian light. At the beginning of each day of Сreation, the Asterisk opens its wings and the Trinitarian light is fragmented. Next, the wings fold, and the light gathers into some new state. In total, there are six basic steps of Asterisk. On the Seventh Day, creative force is transmitted to man. The result of the Seventh Day is the Messianic kingdom. The whole history of mankind from the beginning till the expecting midpoint is only the first half step of the Asterisk on the Seventh Day. After the midpoint, the Asterisk will make the second and final half step, and then the Seventh Day will be gathered entirely.

The Seventh Day is passing into the Eighth Day. The universe of the Seventh Day is connected with the universe of the Eighth. In other words, on the Seventh Day, the bride of Christ performs a marriage with her Heavenly Bridegroom, located in the domain of the Eternal Eighth Day, which is simultaneously at the level of the First Day.

On each day of Creation, God creates a self-sufficient world,

and not just some part of the universe. The universe itself, created in six days, consists of six major worlds, or universes, and each universe possesses its proper cross-shaped structure, which is the skeleton of this world. By the structure of the Cross begins the description of the process of the world’s creation in the first chapter of the Book of Being. “In the beginning God created heaven and earth (we draw a vertical line). Now the earth was a formless void, (that is, it had no form, no content, no width, and no depth. It represented nothing) there was darkness over the deep (that is, we pass to the description of the earthly vertical, and see, that the earth had also nothing in the top nor bottom; it was a darkness over the abyss) with a divine wind sweeping over the waters (it’s about the horizontal, and by this horizontal ends the description of the state of the world before the appearance of light)” (Genesis 1: 1-2).

Thus, from the very first words in the Bible, we see the structure of the Cross. It’s the basis of all the sacred texts of the Bible, especially the prophetic ones. Therefore, we must constantly keep in mind the image of the Сross, this invisible structure. Only in this way we can gather in whole the picture of the universe.

On every day of Creation, God creates separate types of cruciform structures, having specific verticals and horizontals, depths and latitudes, shapes and contents, lights and darkness. These phenomena are measured in metric categories only in the universe of the Fourth Day of Creation, in the visible world. In previous worlds all these things have an entirely different nature. In previous worlds latitudes and heights are measured not in kilometers or miles, but in the number of divisions of the Trinitarian light, or in the number of steps of the Asterisk. It’s by these measurements of the invisible world that are determined all the laws of the being of the visible world, that is, the laws of physics, in particular. Therefore, with the help of God, we must measure at least four suns, four moons, four heights, four depths, and so on.

The principle of the image and likeness

While creating the universe, the Creator put the principles of His own being in it. In fact, the Creation is a spiritually-symbolic self-portrait of God. Therefore, if we gather all the puzzles of the world order, we’ll get an image of the Most Holy Trinity, revealed in the God-man Jesus Christ. The principle of image and likeness consists in the creative interpretation of the image of God. Step by step, with each day of Creation, the image of God becomes technically more complex and more remote from the original. There is a kind of a step-by-step abstraction of the original image. And if, on the First Day of Creation, the picture is created from the rays of the refracted Trinitarian light, from the higher angelic forces, on the Second Day of Creation the image of God is composed of a mosaic of spiritual beasts and birds, which are described in the book of Enoch. On the Third Day of Creation, the image of God is already pictured by means of special plants, and even insects, most likely. Well, and so on.

The image of God consists also of birds and fishes, animals, everything that exists in the universe, and, ultimately, of man. The following picture is obtained: on every day of Creation the image of God is paint not from the original, but from the previous picture. Man is created in the end. By his nature, he is so far away from the original portrait of God, woven from the Trinitarian light, that, at first glance, it seems there is nothing in common between us and God. However, if we trace, step by step, all six interpretations of the image of God, then we’ll understand that in man all the days of Creation are connected in an integral picture of the Creator accordingly to the principle of likeness. Therefore, man is an image and likeness of God.

This principle of likeness underlies the world order. Any phenomenon has at least seven similarities or seven creative interpretations. Let's say there are seven kinds of light. Each light is similar to another in meaning. However, one kind of light may be visible, and the other refers to the invisible world. And by nature these are completely different phenomena. Sunlight is only an illustration of the Trinitarian light. The situation is similar with human biological nature. By its properties, it is infinitely distanced from the nature of the Divine Light. God, in its external nature, is an immaterial, uncreated spirit. He does not have a biological body. But He has special uncreated energies called the Trinitarian Light. These energies are the likeness of our hands and feet. Therefore, human hands are the symbol of action, and legs – the symbol of movements. The Trinitarian light combines both of these properties. He is both the creative energy of God, and the driving power of life, passing from the nothingness into being both the universe, and all living beings. Thus, the principle of likeness is visible in all details of the universe.

Our incredible God, through His wisdom, creatively interprets one phenomenon into another. In general, the Creation represents a multistory temple, which consists of several floors, each of which is a day of Creation. And all this multistory architecture is gathered into the Temple of the Seventh Day. And the First Day of Creation is the foundation of the Temple. Then, all other floors repeat the outline of the basement. Therefore, the universe of each superposed day is similar to each other. This is if you look at the world from a common point of view. However, from a private perspective, the situation is similar. Imagine that our eyes, by which we are looking at the world, represent a symbolic model of the world. There is an invisible universe that projects, creates our visible world. And it is arranged exactly like our eyes. We’ll consider this issue later. Such examples are very numerous. Let’s consider the fingers of our hands: each finger consists of three parts. Accordingly, each finger is a symbol of the Trinitarian ray of light. On the one hand this is one finger, and on the other hand it consists of three parts. In this way the similarities of the Trinitarian light are reflected in the biological nature of man.

Let’s resume now

So, at all times with the development of the human intelligence, the holy church gathered the image of God from the fragments of scientific and cognitive activity. Therefore, from ancient times, monumental images on the walls of temples were made from small pieces of colored smalt. This technique was not only durable, but also carried the deepest meaning, introduced by God Himself both in the Creation, and in the relationship between the Creator and man. Actually, even nowadays nothing has changed. Only the church officials lost contact both with the Creation, God, and reality. The priests lead nowhere the people of God, for they are themselves in a blinded state. However, nobody cancelled the main strategic task that God set to the Church at all times, despite the apostasy. Nothing will happen nowadays. The expectations and hopes of the Russian people about the tsar and the resurrection of Holy Russia will not realize. All these things can be expected indefinitely, because the Church will not move from the dead point, as long as the Orthodox people will not present to God His own image, which correspond to the current level of knowledge.




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