The Creator has placed man above angels. This means that the angelic forces or Divine minds, as they are called by St. John of Damascus, obey to man, as to commander in chief. The spiritual energies of the whole world, including those of which consists man himself, are gathering at a point of our heart; and where they will move further depends on our will.

If we devote our lives to God, the angelic forces pull us toward Heaven. If we live only for ourselves, the forces of Creation rush into the abyss and drag behind our souls, and everything starts to roll down an inclined plane. This is how the wrong side of the spiritual lifeis functioning.

The Lord Almighty directs earthly affairs through man: " No indeed, Lord Yahweh does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets " (Amos 3: 7).

The Lord arranged so that it is man who leads. The supreme power of Creation is in the hands of God and also in the hands of man. From His right hand, God releases seven Divine spirits on earth; they create our world and gather in humans. But what happens afterwards depends on our will; and with all our piety and diligence, if we do not actively participate in the management of our own hearts, the wings of our prayers will not grow.

The prayer is a bird of paradise that our spirit raises to the Heavenly world, but it is an angelic bird, subjected to man. The prayer is created by God for our souls could ascend to the Heavenly Jerusalem, nevertheless, it will not rise by itself; we must direct the angelic forces, talk to them, such as: "The Holy Angels, for the Glory of Holy Trinity, please raise my heart to the Throne of our Lord". We can address directly to Angels, we can also ask God, the Saints, the Mother of God, but it is necessary to consciously direct the process.

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of prayer is to rise very high to the Throne of God, and there, in the highest level, to serve the Lord Almighty, like 24 elders in the Highest Heaven and not to mumble something, somewhere in the darkness of the earth, and go to bed with an empty stomach. The fasting is not for a special calendar date but for the high flights. When we eat too much, we have a big problem with that.

"Praise the Lord from the Heavens, praise Him in the heights (Ps. 148: 1)" The man, in his royal sacred life, does not read the prayer books, but soars on the wings of angelsto the Throne of the King of kings and serve there a divine liturgy, staying, in his heart, before the face of God, not in front of the concrete wall.


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