We are getting to the final stage of our research: «The Rider on the White Horse». It is the most complicated path which we have to raise and to reveal to the world. It’s complicated because it consists in revealing the Project of God, the plan of further development of humanity, literally speaking…

To date, all spiritual and ideological resources are exhausted. The world is exhausted. The intellectuals, the philosophers, even the starets — nobody can offer something worthwhile, a concrete plan of action that can meet all challenges of our great apocalyptic time.

The world is frozen in expectation of something new, some revelation from Heaven. This revelation directly concerns the questions on our future orthodox King, as well as further development of human history.

It is about revealing the mystery of Revelation of Saint John the Theologian. Before we will proceed directly to decoding the symbolism of the Apocalypse, let’s summarize the essence of mystery of «The Rider on the White Horse» in literary and artistic common language.

The mystery of The Rider on the White Horse is a mystery of the Project of God which consists in creation of a new Christian people. Now the Church is destroyed. The will of God is to restore the holiness of Christian people and to raise it to an extraordinary power.

The cultivation of holy ethnicity is the private Project of God. And Lord Almighty is invisibly engaged into it since already a very long time ...

There is a specific plan according to which is implemented the formation of Holy Russia. This plan includes four main stages. We will examine every stage, later, in detail. Now, we present, in general, the essence of each stage.

In a first stage, thanks to the prophetic capacities of well-known Angel, saint lad Viacheslav from Tchebarkoul, grandiose pictures of future were injected into the Russian people. This was made to form a socium of particular people who are able to accommodate the most incredible and grandiose things.

A fantastic epoch is waiting for us and God needs people with huge hearts, capable to contain the most incredible things, literally, the whole World, whole God and whole Holy Trinity. Such mission needs especially elected representatives, people with supersensible hearts.

There is nothing more complicated than to believe in what is aggressively rejected by whole world. Against the prophecies of this little boy was thrown the full power of ecclesiastical bureaucracy. What can be worse and more difficult? It is necessary to have a superhuman faith in order to resist to such pressure.

It is impossible to resist here without a living connection with God. The possessors of such vivid mystical faith constitute a core of future people of God, mentioned in the Apocalypse as «the Kings from the East».

So, the first stage is a stage of spontaneous reanimation of living faith. It is a stage of wild development of mystical internal territories. We must open the way to the Holy Land. The Kingdom of God is within us.

And Russian people did not venture into these domains for already more than a century. The road became overgrown, nobody knows the way. It is in that way, with the aid of extraordinary prophecies, that Russian people began restoring the way towards the mystical world of the Kingdom of God.

Even if the young soldiers of Christ cannot yet theologically accurately articulate their spiritual experiences, it does not matter. It is important that Russia has many living and hot hearts, which are capable of hearing the voice of the living God, right in the middle of madness and cacophony of this world. This is the most important thing…

The second stage is already a strengthening of living faith, passage from the wild state into civilized state of God’s knowledge. The second stage is represented by the phenomenon of Tchebarkoul meteorite. We’ll discuss it with more details later.

The highest degree of God’s knowledge is the thinking by faith. That is why, at a second stage, the living faith is enveloped in God’s Wisdom. The Holy Russia is a Project of God. To build the Holy Russia, it is necessary to create the people, capable of thinking on divine level.

In order to think on divine level, it is necessary to contain in oneself the very big things.

To contain the mystery of «The Rider on the White Horse» in oneself means to contain the whole Project of God. And the Project of God is the whole Divine Wisdom. This means to acquire chastity and wisdom in its entirety.

That is why, to learn divine Wisdom means to comprehend the plan of Creator and to be ready, as a result, to pass to practical actions, from sublime words to sublime divine cause.

When people will mature to realize a common historical creativity, then the King will manifest. The practical formation of Holy Kingdom represents already the third period. God is a King. The kings create spiritual and ethnic reigns.

That is why, the sublime essence of divine cause consists in formation of a new sacred and royal people. It will be the last messianic people of eschatological period which are destined to glorious mission.

This people will destroy «the great prostitute», make a judgement and accomplish the last prediction of the Gospels of the Kingdom. This prediction will be already made during the fourth period. At this moment, the formation of holy people will be already accomplished in the scale of all Universe.

It will be an incredible time, because The Good News will be preached, literally, all around the world, outside time and space, to living people, as well as to those who have already gone aloft, who will be resurrected and came back to earth.

Saint Seraphim of Sarov will resurrect and many other saints. It will be the last eschatological epoch of seventh day.

Such extraordinary and amazing things must be assimilated by all participants of this grandiose plan authored by Lord Almighty. Despite enormous resistance, the Project of God is going on according to plan.

The first stage already passed, the history of formation of God’s eschatologyсal people is approaching the second stage. There are reserved areas already, an invisible centre of Mount of Zion. And everything occurs according to the plan drawn by God in the Revelation of Saint John the Theologian.

On one hand, The Holy Russia has already begun meeting, on the other hand — the civilization of the great prostitute is already corrode by forces of chaos.

So, the first stage is a resurrection of living faith. The second stage is a vestment in divine wisdom. The third is a formation of Kingdom. And the fourth is the universal prediction of the Gospel of the Kingdom.


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