The secrets of big politics

The “Rider on a White Horse” phenomenon

The premises of the experiment

They know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God

And now we approached the most important things. So, the population of the earth is subject to global events. Events are subject to time, time is subject to history, and history is subject to the global project on a universal scale.

There are only two projects of this level. The first belongs to God, the other to the devil. Both projects have an open source code, that is to say, it’s possible to make changes. Therefore, for we could model certain events, we must make an entry in any of these two projects, that is to say, create the future, literally. Thus is made real big politics.

The secrets of big politics

That’s why, in the system of Masonic power, the politicians go to pay homage to satan. That’s why in private clubs, such as Bohemian Grove, the world elite commit strange rituals of demonic nature. It seems to be a nonsense, how could adult and educated people deal with such a nonsense?! The fact is that power over the fragmented time is in the clutches of the prince of this world. Therefore, the video, which speaks about the goat’s world order, begins by an image of the clawed paw of Lucifer. The hand is a symbol of action, a symbol of energy. Then, we see a collective image of a politician, represented by Bush. He is in a dystrophic condition. His arms are dangling, but man is illuminated, suddenly, by a beam of light, in the form of a five-pointed star, and the puppet instantly comes to life. Light is energy. Lucifer gives his strength, and now, Mr. President can make a big politics. The five-pointed star symbolizes energy of Five Days. Until the Sixth level, time is in a state of disintegration. This area belongs to the prince of this world. The New World Order is built entirely on the energy of disintegrating time. In such a manner is arranged the system of global politics. If you do not come to pay homage to satan, you simply will have no energy to implement political projects. It's that simple. If you finally decide to make a big politics, you’ll inevitably dance to the tune of Lucifer, you’ll work on the project of the devil, because it is possible to create large-scale geopolitical events in the existing world order only trough the force of Draco’s clawed paw.

The system of Masonic governance relies entirely on the energy G. The New World Order is a project of the devil, and to model some event of the geopolitical scale in the format of this system, it is necessary to make changes to the project of the devil. Therefore, all politicians of the New World Order are crypto-satanists. That's the whole secret of big politics. This is what the powerful of this world are doing in private conferences, such as Bilderberg Club. Through occult rituals, they make changes to the project of the devil, then, the required events occur on earth. In such a manner they ruled the world throughout all the period of modern times. Nevertheless, the system, which is built on fragmented centuries, cannot, by definition, exist for Eternity. Masonic world order is on its last legs because there is something stronger than Goethe's “Faust”.

The “Rider on a White Horse” phenomenon

Besides the energy of disintegration, belonging to the devil, there is also energy of the gathering of centuries in whole. The power of this flow is so huge that it cannot even be compared with the energy G. It is about the Eucharist, of course, this extraordinary power of our Lord. It is symbolized by the “Rider on a White Horse”.

The White Horse is four streams of being, gathered in whole. It is energy of all Creation, four angels bound at the great river Euphrates.

What do we need to do on the Sixth Day?

“The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God. 14 It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates” (Откр. 9:13-14). 

The essence of the experiment is to try to release a bit these angels, just a little bit, and see what happens.

Geopolitics, in its essence, is very similar to a game of cards. A deck of cards is time, divided into multiple fragments. The larger is the fragment, the most influential amendment can be made to the project of the devil. Freemasons have shuffled time and distributed it to geopolitical players. Those who hold large fragments of time are G7 countries. They have aces, kings and trumps of the time in their hands. They can bring great changes to the project of the devil. Therefore, they can create favourable events for their economies. Those who received only small cards are third world countries. They cannot inscribe their initiatives in the project of the devil. They do not have enough time for that. Therefore, they are forced to dance to the tune of big international players. Thus, fragmented time is a major challenge in world politics. Whoever wins more, will bring more changes to the project of the devil, and thus obtain more benefits for his country. However, the principle of permanent fragmentation does not provide the opportunity to gather centuries in whole. That is to say, none of the players can ever win the entire deck. It always remains in Draco’s clutches.

In the system of the Project of God, the balance of power is fundamentally different. If we continue the analogy with the cards, God gives the whole deck of cards to each player, that is, the energy of the “Rider on a White Horse” is a force of time, gathered in whole. Therefore, when a new player, able to play with the whole deck, will begin geopolitical game, this will lead to a curtailment of the game as such. The devil will be forced to leave the political scene with its project, and the centuries-old orgy of Freemasons will come to an end.

The premises of the experiment

The experiment was conducted with the aim of unfolding geopolitical situation to a peaceful course. We must counter the global trend of recent times. Since the explosion of the twin towers, humanity is gradually pushed to a big massacre. The Illuminati are trying, with the tenacity of a maniac, to make this project a year after another. It's not a secret. The main problem is not here. There is nothing surprising that satanists are working for the devil. The most surprising thing in this situation is the behaviour of the Orthodox public figures and Orthodox elders. Instead to offer an orthodox alternative to the world, inscribed in Scriptures, they grist to the mill of Draco’s Project, as hypnotized. Freemasons own the minds of humanity for over a century. They manipulate everyone, including Orthodox elders trying to go against the system of beast, which is not at all easy.

The Illuminati create very powerful agenda, introducing such large-scaled spheres of time, that almost nobody can resist them. The energy is so powerful that everybody bends beneath it, including our famous starets on whose opinions are oriented orthodox people. Freemasons impose their agenda and elders start thinking in a predetermined direction. Everyone expects a nuclear war, antichrist, the total chipping, removal children’s organs and other horrors. The future is perceived only through war and apocalyptic disasters. If nobody creates an alternative solution, the events, programmed by the devil, will undoubtedly be realized. And this is a real problem, because the world is pushed to war not only by satanists, but also by the church, by its inaction or by shocking the audience by apocalyptic horrors.

Do you understand, dear brothers and sisters, there is no future?! The future is a blank sheet. The future is composed. In the future happens what we are talking about right now. We need to generate light topics, and then we will have a bright future. To do this, we must know the Scriptures and the power of God.

“But Jesus replied to them, “You are all wrong because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God” (Matthew 22:29).

And what are doing our modern Orthodox leaders? Let’s take as an example a well-known internet site “Moscow - the Third Rome”. What is the spirit that undermines the basic materials, the main content of this site? It is easy to verify. You can watch the well-known Illuminati’s concept on the reign of the antichrist, presented in video “I, II pet goat” or you can read the so-called orthodox site, where is the difference? There is no difference. All popular subjects come from the same source. These are the same ideas of the Illuminati, the same dark thoughts. It’s the same heavy spirit of despair and discouragement. “Brothers and sisters, it’s time to rejoice, the darkness is ahead us!” I don’t understand this preaching! Even so large and bright event as the advent of the Orthodox Tsar, is presented under the slogan “Towards the monarchy through the war”. How this could ever be?! The Orthodox people is already programmed to the main future event, to global war, and a little bit of Tsar afterwards.

Can you imagine John the Baptist preaching not as it should be? “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near”, “Rejoice, the liberation of our people from centuries of oppression approach!” With these sentiments people expected the coming of the Messiah. And our future tsar phenomenon is an event of the same scale as the Advent of the Son of God. So, imagine John the Baptist come and say something like: “Brothers and sisters, repent, because you will burn in the fire of a nuclear Apocalypse! Soon it will be our party on earth, but you will not live up to it!”

They know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God

Well, they know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God! In fact, the Bible speaks of a quite different future, but this is a subject of another issue.

Let's imagine what would happen if all the horrors are removed from the “Third Rome”? The internet site will cease to be interesting; it will be nothing to read. Internet site will lose its strength, energy of attraction, because it's a dark force. This is the force that the devil gives to those who are involved in his project. Here, everything is as in politics: “If you want be popular, you must worship satan, and grist to the mill of the project of darkness”. Such a situation is not only in the “Third Rome”, of course. Almost all the active patriotic public is sitting on dark energy and contributes to the spread of nightmares. This happens because people are melded into the sphere of time of the project of the beast, and nothing in the world resist the time. Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, we need to urgently reprogram the time. We need to create a bright future for the Holy Russia. This is the goal of our experiment.

Well, we had to do another issue, and we have not got yet to the results of experiment. Well, thank God!

We have to change the world. We still have to talk about many things for everyone could understand how to manage this planet. Everything will change very soon. What a large Sun will rise soon! And it will be bigger than Heaven!



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