About the extent of the thought of the New Testament humanity

“Then his son said, "Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I no longer deserve to be called your son." But the father said to his servants, "Quick! Bring out the best robe and put it on him; put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet” (Luke 15:21-22).

The ring represents the royal dignity.Christ restored to man the greatest and extraordinary gift: the opportunity to be children of God, and the kings of the world.The real opportunity, not metaphorical.

However, our Church was robbed still in the eighteenth century.And now we have neither royal ring nor science on the royal priesthood.

The hierarchs are not interested by this problem. They removed it from the agenda and passed under silence.For example, in the dictionary "ABC of faith" this section does not exist. Nevertheless, it is not an insignificant thing.The royal priesthood is a concept of being of the Orthodox people.The Apostle Peter speaks about the royal priesthood in these terms: “But you are a chosen race, a kingdom of priests, a holy nation, a people to be a personal possession to sing the praises of God who called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9). It’s about an extremely important thing; it’s a cornerstone of the Orthodox Faith.Without the royal priesthood there is no chosen people, neither holiness nor grace nor church.The royal priesthood is a practical aspect of Orthodoxy, the principle of being of the New Testament humanity, through which the grace is poured into the the sobor.

In the old church all Christians were saints.The grace is a supreme power of God, through which the Creation passes from nothingness to being.Therefore, to perceive the holiness we need to possess an appropriate state of mind.The holiness is inseparable from the universal level of thinking.We have to think like the kings of the world, the sons of God, and the gods by grace.And live by our heart in the area of the integral century, in the dwelling place of God, in the royal palaces.

The place where the saints will return is a parallel realm. This is where Christ lives.In this area can penetrate only those who passed the midpoint.First we will penetrate it by our mind, and, after passing the midpoint, by our body.This is where the Lord will shelter His chosen people at the time of the Day of Judgment.This is a territory of the Messianic Kingdom.God does not gather His chosen people to simply live in beautiful places and eat clean food.The Lord gathers us to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, the Divine Wisdom for salvation.To go down to the lower world and sow the grain of truth there.

This place can be compared to Hogwarts, a kind of wizard school, located in parallel reality.In fact, JK Rowling borrowed this idea to Christianity, the true Christianity, only known by freemasons at present time. The real wizard school is a school of the saints.It is located in a parallel century of God, in Zion, at the height of the Lord’s mountain.This is an area of thrones. The field of those who have rose above the world.Here is taught the science of the royal priesthood.From that point of north are supervised all areas of Creation, all ages and nations.That's where this place. This is a concrete place in Creation.And the royal priest is a master of being; in fact, the one who has rose above Creation and stands now before the face of God.

The image of the midpoint is a kind of scheme objects of universal economy.The more detailed scheme is an icon the "Last Judgment."God put man above all being and all times.It is like a business manager of the president.Therefore, we must know every corner of Creation, all the areas, literally, as our fingertips. Especially, because they are the model of Creation.You have to know where everything is situated, how it works, what the purpose of existence is and how all these systems interact.

It is very important to know and understand that all the objects of Creation do not exist by themselves.The Creation is entirely linked to man, and man - to Creation.And all this system lives simultaneously here and now.The human soul is like a rudder of the huge universal cruiser. The spiritual energies of the world gather at the point of our heart.However, to possess the world, we must raise our heart to the height of the Seventh Day and give it to God.Then the heart activates its hidden potential, so to speak.This potential is literally of the Divine level.The man gets the throne in the Kingdom of Heaven and, together with the Savior, is enthroned above Creation.In this consists the goal of the Christian life.

Our earthly being is different from the celestial: our soul is able to move through all the levels of being only when we are in our body.After the Communion, let’s suppose that we rise in the area of the Lord’s mountain and remain with Christ and all the saints.The next day, we can plunge into some trash, get drunk and en up the head dipped in manure.And now the soul falls down into the depths of hell, and the spirits of darkness undertake their work, begin to compress our heart, depriving us of the vital forces.The next day will be repentance. We’ll get rid of the manure saying: "Oh, my God, how it’s horrible! How could I did it?! "And now, our soul leaves the field of the underworld.And like a beaten dog, it will crawl to the gates of Paradise, scratching and whining at the door; and the Lord will forgive, as usual, and let us enter.Because He is merciful and all our sins are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

Thus, all these extraordinary spiritual journeys are possible thanks to our material nature.As long as the soul is attached to the body, it can change its spiritual and spatial position.After death, the soul, detached from the material body, begins to float through levels of Creation, like an oil stain. If the oil is clean, it rises to the surface of being, at the level of Seventh Day.If it contains heavy impurities, it settles to the very bottom of Creation, in the area of hell, and now the state of the soul is fixed for all eternity.The soul is not able to move independently any more.

Thus, the "Last Judgment," the "Mid-Pentecost," the "Christ in Majesty" and all the other icons, frescoes, wherever represented different areas of Creation - all this was used, in ancient times, for practical purposes of daily life.It is only nowadays that the synodal sages dispersed the meanings of the iconography between the past and the future.In reality, this is a common spiritual space.These images are such spiritual and topographical maps,according to which the Christians could determine in what spiritual realm was their soul at the precise moment of time.

The Last Judgment happens continuously.This is a fundamental law of the spiritual life: the soul is always condemned and plunges into hell, if man commits a sin.Or rises in Paradise when he begins to live in a state of the messianic kingdom.While we are in our body, we have the opportunity to rectify the situation.

Such was the thinking of Christians in period before synod.They do not separate themselves from the past nor the future, nor, especially, from God and His Project.In general, mankind has never concerned about the problems of societal organization in traditional time.The sobs of intellectuals such as: “How develop Russia?” were absurd.Because we must develop the whole Creation in its entirety.It must be the children of God and take care of the great royal affairs throughout all Creation.

At ancient times, the church sets a fairly simple goal to the people:to always keep the heart above the midpoint, on the territory of the Messianic kingdom.And, together with the Lord, achieve the goals of the Divine level here. The tasks of managing the Creation. We most grow, in our mind, to the highest domains, to the eternal Heavenly Jerusalem,to rise to the level of Christ, seated at the right hand of God, and be perfect as our Heavenly Father.That's not all. It’s only half of the goals that our Lord fixes to His Church.

In the new era of the Six-Seventh Day which has already happened, God sets even more ambitious goal:we must not only learn to think like kings, like the sons of God. Not only intellectually explore all areas of Creation, but also to bring order in the universal economy, together with the Lord, both in the visible and invisible worlds.In all areas, at all levels, at all times.To this goal will be devoted the era of the universal preaching and the First Judgment.

By the way, contrary to the pseudo synodal theologians, our holy fathers have always professed two Judgments and, respectively, two resurrections. On most icons, dedicated to the Second Coming, are represented two Judgments. For the first Judgment, Christ sits with His assistants and is alone for the second.

The era of the Judgment Day and divine punishment for all harm caused on earth, was deliberately and completely withdrawn by the Freemasons from the synodal teachings. This subversion has been made for the Orthodox people be discouraged and believe in triumph of evil and the helplessnessof God. For the future is considered only in dark tones, for the people do not nourish hope in the rebirth of the Orthodox kingdom.

Nevertheless, the time of the synodal lies reaches its logical and deeply shameful end.



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