Russia is trying to understand, for over 100 years, what happened to people? Why the Orthodox civilization collapsed, why our life continues to fragment and disintegrate? Why the Russian people are not able to meet in Sobor? Why most of our priests are, in fact, neither fish nor fowl? Why there is nobody able to intercede for the people and explain clearly the cause of countless evils that affect our country over the last century, and what we have to do now?

These are difficult questions. However, there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest. Sooner or later, the Lord reveals all the secrets. "Knock, and the door will be opened to you". And if we talk specifically, the cause of the Orthodox world collapse is a lack of episcopate able to perform priesthood after the order of Melchizedek in our Church. Nowadays, anypriestnora theologian does not knowwhat it is exactly.

There is general information that the Old Testament priesthood was Aaronic and Christ established a new priesthood, known as the Melchizedek Priesthood. But what’s the essence of internal spiritual rite (mysterious component, not external ritual) this information does not exist anywhere. Towards the middle of the nineteenth century, all the information was completely destroyed by the Freemasons, by the Illuminati.

The Orthodox Divine Office is performed in two planes: visible and invisible. In the contemplative plane, we worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. And all the rest, all our external rites, are only a reflection of the internal ministry of Melchizedek, who is a primate in the face of God for the whole world.

Thus, the bishop's mitre symbolizes man's capacity to hold, in his mind, the whole universe and his ability to lead a liturgical ceremony at the level of spiritual forces of the universe, the same energies which are represented on the icon "Christ in Majesty". If the bishops do not involve spiritual energies, the essence of the New Testament priesthood is lost, and the church is transformed into theater, so to speak.

By the mere repetition of the external rite, the community does not unite in sobor of like-minded people, because the work on the spiritual plane is not completed. And Russia will never resurrect by our prayers only. In the churchmust necessarily be a priestable to connect, in his mind, human souls into a single sobor of the Body of Christ. He should be initiated into the mystery of invigoration; he must see an invisible movement of the highest angelic forces. He must be familiar with the Heavenly Kingdom and be able to embed, in its structure, the spiritual energies of the church members. All this Wisdom of Zorobabel, which is a science of the Heavenly City construction is entirely absent from the synodal system. There is no specialist in this field. And if the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek is not performed, then the energy of prayer of millions Orthodox people goes into the void. It is for this reason that God does not hear the prayers of the Russian people for over a century already.

So our Church, in fact, is not a New Testament Church, because it does not contain the New Testament priesthood. And this is not just a problem, this is a scandal. Moreover, it is a condemnation of the entire administration, both ecclesiastical and secular. These structures, ecclesiastical and secular, are not legitimate. They are outside the space of the Divine Law, that is to say, they are criminal by nature. They are constructed by perfidious alteration of the laws of Creation, the rules of life, established by our Lord.

The Soviet system, state and ecclesiastical, is a Jewish project from the beginning. And it was created originally as a mockery on God, on Christian people, as a mockery and derision on the Church, as a spit on Whom they have previously crucified. The main problem is that our priests are blind. They do not see they are manipulated by the Jews, that all synodal system is a project of the Illuminati. They do not understand that the spiritual scenarios of disintegration are launched by the hands of our own Russian Orthodox priests. This happens every time when a distorted Eucharistic sacrifice is prepared on the Proskomedia. So, in order to free ourselves from a so-called Jewish yoke, we must, first of all, restore the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek in our churches.

For several centuries, it was the main mystery of the Illuminati. Knowledge of the royal priesthood represents a mortal danger to the anti-Christian world order. Through the priesthood after this order, the Christians ruled the world in ancient times. They were able to model future events. The ancient bishops were, in fact, the moderators of being. And when the technique of the New Testament priesthood has reached certain perfection, the Christians modeled an Orthodox Christian Kingdom, so that cruel pagan Roman civilization was transformed into a Christian kingdom.

At the heart of being is a stream of Eucharistic force. It can be compared with DNA code. This energy is managed through the main Sacrament of the Orthodox Church. Each time, when the Holy Gifts are prepared on the Proskomedia, it happens, so to speak, a re-recording of the source code of being. The Eucharistic Lamb is Christ. The being of the world occurs through the Lamb. And what changes the priest introduces in the Eucharistic sacrifice, so will be the world. All that is on the prothesis is transferred then on the Throne, and thus the Lord makes changes in the source code of Creation. For all this system could work, the bishop must properly conceive, in his mind, all the inner movement of the highest angelic forces. In this consists the ministry of Melchizedek, because the Lord enlivens our world and passes it from nothing into being, each time together with man.

The world is ruled by the earthly church, not only by the heavenly church. All that the priest binds on earth is bound in Heaven. And the Lord arranged everything in a way that He had put Himselfat the mercy ofthe earthlychurch. During the Proskomedia, the priest sacrifices, every time, the true Creator of the world. This is not a game or some abstract ritual. On diskos is the true Lamb Who passes Creation from nothingness to being. Therefore, if the Proskomedia is changed, if absolutely different content is integrated in the Eucharistic sacrifice, it will hack a natural order of being, in the literal sense. This is how the Jews realized their anti-Christian project. They infiltrated the church and changed the liturgical rite. And for over 100 years, our priests, with their own hands, are blocking the dispensation of grace. They hidefrom the peoplethe light of Heaven, this Russianheroicvirtue, which Rus was renowned for. And thus provides unlimited freedom of action for the infernal forces. Therefore, the Russian world faded, disintegrated and frozen, and it has simply stopped.

Thus, the rule of the Illuminati, all this bloody twentieth century, all monstrous modern anti-Christian system, all this rests exclusively on stupidity and ignorance of our bishops. The priesthood of the Russian Orthodox Church is not that of the New Testament, because it has no idea about the mystical component of liturgical rites.

A powerful bomb was placed on synodal system, and to activate it, the Rothschild have organized a meeting with the Patriarch and the Pope. Now when the public attention is focused on questioning whether the actions of our religious leaders are canonical or not, all the historical context of the synodal system origin will inevitably reveal. And respectable audience will discover, quite surprised, that the Russian Orthodox Church, in this format, is a Jewish project. That our priesthood is not that of the New Testament and the Church is in a state of the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place.

And the Lord, in such a situation, recommends to withdraw, to go to the mountains. Because synodal house of cards, built on the void, is already about to fall back on itself; the controlled undermining work has already been done.

Our project follows the instructions, contained in the biblical prophecies. The Lord highly recommend us to go to the mountains, this mystical space of the New Testament that is His own home, in fact. We leave to proceed to a great edification, a construction of the Messianic Kingdom, an erection of the mystical temple of the saint universe. This is a temple in which our Lord will suddenly enter the great Day of Wrath, the Day of Judgment and the Day of Glory.

Thus, the time of so expected resurrection of Holy Russia has already begun. The world is on the threshold of mystical events and signs that our Lord has promised to give at the beginning of the sixth day. However, if we want to resurrect the Russian people, we must restore, first of all, the New Testament priesthood after the order of Melchizedek.


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