«The one who knows the mystery of the cross and the tomb knows the reason of things. And the one who has been initiated into the ineffable power of the Resurrection knows the purpose for which God originally made all things» (Saint Maximus the Confessor).

«Then I heard a voice from heaven say to me, 'Write down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord! Blessed indeed, the Spirit says; now they can rest for ever after their work, since their good deeds go with them» (Apocalypse of Saint John 14:13).

I will try to convey the idea by literary and artistic means. It will be a kind of parabola about God’s being. This is a particularly mysterious and ineffable domain. This is a domain of archetypes.

In principle, it is impossible to describe them correctly, because it’s about an uncreated being, about what precedes the being. Nevertheless, I will try to translate at least what is perceived by heart.

Our God the Father has His main theme; it’s like a story of the greatest love that literally disturbed and astonished Him, left an indelible mark, completely transformed Him…  Without this, God the Father could never become God, as one might say. 

There is something that is interminably surprising and confusing for our Celestial Father. That is why He is willing to share this story with somebody. What has arrived to Him is so huge and incredible that He created the entire Universe with billions reasonable beings because of this.

And He endowed them with a divine reason, so that the billions minds could contain, in themselves, this great and indescribable history of God. And our Celestial Father, from day to day throughout eternity, is peering into the heart of each person and asking always the same question: «Did you understand My history, did you understand why I had created the World?»

It is very important to God to bring understanding to everyone's heart that He did not simply send His beloved Son to death while He remained aside quite indifferent... It is important to God to say that He is not this commander who sends troops into battle while He stays in a safe place.

It is important to God to say that the story of the Crucifixion of His Son is His own story. He knows everything, He has experienced everything. Before the Crucifixion of His Son, God the Father had crucified Himself, as one might say. Thus He gave a beginningless being to His Son and to the Holy Spirit.

It’s very important to God the Father to be heard. «Please hear me!» — says the Creator. «I am not only God Almighty! It is only the external side of My life. It is important to me that you could learn My heart and understand the essence of divine being»…

With all His omnipotence, God the Father is, at the same time, like an absolutely defenseless, humble and meek lamb. In His divine being, He lives not only as Father and Head, but like a small inoffensive child. He trusts completely His Son and the Holy Spirit.

He devotes Himself completely, all His being and all His life and becomes, in a way, a hostage of Son and the Holy Spirit. The Son takes God the Father in His arms, as a small child. And the Holy Spirit takes on His hands, as one might say, a little soul of God the Father.

And in this diminished state, God the Father continues living in all His fullness. The Holy Spirit and the Son cross the arms to bring up God the Father. And He, without the slightest change, rises on His place, as a Patriarch and Father now. And immediately gives Himself into the hands of the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Everything takes place beyond time and space, without being divided and confounded, without beginning or end, without adding or subtracting whatever it is. 

During the Sixth Day of the human history, God the Father comes out to meet the people of the Universe and says: «Do you hear Me? I am absolutely free! I am free as you cannot even imagine. And the best thing that I have, My absolute divine freedom and almightiness, I’m giving entirely, without reserve. I am so humble that nothing remains of Me. I give Myself entirely in the hands of the Son and the Holy Mind. That is why I am God!

It’s because the main quality of God consists in this capacity to overcome His own being and to sacrifice Himself completely. Thanks to this, the divine love is born, as a result of a big sacrifice and a big victory on Oneself.

And what dies on the one hand, rises from the dead on the other one. Raised in the form of divine love and divine glory.

If we succeed in understanding this, a particular way will open to us. The way of the rising sun that elevates on the level of the Celestial Father’s perfection. Only by setting the highest goal, it will be possible to overcome our personal being, to go beyond the format of ourselves, as well as of this doomed world.

The Church is a Kingdom of the gods by divine grace. It is impossible to enter it without learning a great story of God the Father that is a personal story of the One who created the World. It’s also the story of a Man who sacrificed himself completely and kept nothing for Himself.  When He died, His entire universe died.

And God took Him in His arms and carried Him towards His divine Throne. Here, as high as Sion, the Divine Mystery was fulfilled and the World put on a new being. The being of the gods who conquered the world.

The time of existent order approaches to its end. Now, by entering in the epoch of the sixth-seventh day, all calculations are made in the biggest format. Either it is everything or it is nothing. There is no place anymore to insignificant things and half-measures. Now everything is measured on the scale of the entire Universe, the Eternity and God.

We have to experience the extraordinary story of God the Father, this great story of the extinction of thousands worlds. And the birth of the new world.

From now on «blessed are those who die in the Lord!» Because love and divine grace and glory are accumulated not inside the man, but inside the Savior. That's how things work

«The Father loves me, because I lay down my life in order to take it up again» (John 10:17).





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