“The people will repent and turn to faith. Something will happen that nobody expects. Russia will rise from the dead and the world will be surprised. The Orthodoxy will revive and prevail. The Orthodoxy, as it was before, will no longer exist” (Archbishop Theofan of Poltava).

Let's look a little bit at the age of the integral time. As the world is on the threshold of the Sixth-Seventh Day, our soborial mind begins to contain some things. In fact, the information on the eschatological period was concealed. It was ordered to all the prophets to seal this layer of information until the last days. This was done to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. The mystery of the integral time could be pierced only by saints.

The integral time is impossible to be explained, because it is a state of being. Only when man matures up to the seventh level, he can understand what kind of world is it. The holy fathers have reached the seventh level, so they understood what they were talking about. The iconography is a proof.

The integral century is when the beginnings are connected with the ends and the ends with the beginnings. Therefore, it is impossible to explain this paradox by rational reasoning. We are accustomed to consider every process in linear perspective. Each event has a beginning and an end. However, the integral time is when the end is at the beginning and the beginning is at the end.

We are accustomed to expect the Last Judgment at the End of the World, but from the perspective of the integral century, all events are arranged on a hierarchical vertical. In the first place stays what is the most important. For example, it was said to the prophet Ezra :« And before the present years were reckoned, and or ever the inventions of them that now sin were turned, before they were sealed that have gathered faith for a treasure: Then did I planned these things, and they were all made through ME alone, and not through another: just as the end shall come through ME and not through another » (4th Book of Ezra, 6-5:6).

If we look at the Creation from the point of view of God, from the space of eternity, so to speak, in the first place, it is the very Creation of the world, its beginning and end.And in the second place, there is the purpose of Creation.In other words, the separation of the righteous from the wicked. Then Ezra asked: “What shall be the dividing of the times? Or when shall be the end of the first age, and the beginning of the age that follows? ... from Abraham to Yitschaq, when Yacob and Esau were born of him, for Yacob's hand held first the heel of Esau. For Esau is the end of this age, and Yacob is the beginning of the age that follows. For the beginning of a man is his hand, and the end of a man is his heel, between the heel and the hand seek for nothing else, Ezra!” (4th Book of Ezra, 6-7:10).

Compared to our fragmented age, in which also lived the prophet Ezra, the future seems extremely paradoxical.

The birth of the integral time will occur on the Sixth Day and will be accompanied by enormous changes in the entire universe. “And, behold, suddenly she made a great cry very fearful: so that the earth shook at the sound of the woman. And I looked, and, behold, the woman appeared to me no more, but there was a city built, and a large place shown itself from the foundations...” (4th Book of Ezra, 10-26:27). The woman represents the Church, it’s Zion. The foundations are Christians of the twenty-first century that managed to contain the categories of the integral being. Our thinking should be wide enough to contain the entire Project of God.

With our feet, we stay in the current century, while our head is sprout into an integral century. As soon as we gather an integral being in our mind, the Lord will come with saints and angels.

The Sixth Day, the Orthodoxy, as it was for 2000 years, will cease to exist. Now, the Church will appear in the form of the Messianic Kingdom.The earth of the New Testament will open and the Kingdom of the Saints will reveal. It’s also told about in the famous prophecy of Theophan of Poltava: “People will turn to repentance, to faith. There will be something that no one expects.Russia will rise from the dead and the world will be surprised.The Orthodoxy will revive and prevail.But the Orthodoxy, as it was before, will no longer exist” (Archbishop Theophan of Poltava).

The beginning of the liturgy is a determination of the location of God.We need to know in what place we raise our prayers.Similarly, in the Lord's Prayer, it is primarily determined the location of God.First, He is in Heaven. Secondly, He lives in the form of His Name.If we glorify the Name of the Lord, then the gates of the Kingdom of the New Testament open to us.And the Holy Spirit descends into our heart.

We need to understand that God dwells in the space of an integral century.The Mount Zion represents an integral century.And it is located in a parallel being, not in the universe in which we now find ourselves.

Our goal consists in gathering the fragmented being of our century into an integral mountain,and then the Lord will lay the bridge from an integral century into our being.This is a very important point, and the Holy Fathers perfectly understood it and emphasized in the iconography, that God does not live in our fragmented being, the Kingdom of God is not of this world,and our goal is to build a spiritual bridge, to make connection with the so-called “world of the future century”.For example, the green tower. We have already noted that it symbolizes the dispensation of grace.Here is shown a miraculous process of building of Zion cut without hands. The construction is made through the knowledge of the Project of God.

The white building is the messianic kingdom; this is the Project of God at the stage of its construction. As soon as we contain the Project of God, in its entirety, in our mind, our world will connect with an integral being. The suspended red drapery is a flow of an integral energy of the Savior on which we rise in the heavenly world.

When the prayer is properly constructed, when the effect of the so-called concrete wall disappears, it means that our heart was able to establish a connection with the parallel being, with an integral century, inhabited by saints, where on the Mount Zion dwells the King of Glory.

And the yellow tower, located behind the wall, represents the Kingdom of God that will appear after the End of the World.

Two floors represent earth and heaven of the New Testament. It is to the knowledge of these things that was directed the thought of the Holy Fathers at the time of the early Christians. Integral time is solid food. The bolsheviks were not able to completely destroy the Church. From the Holy Fathers remain icons. And now we have opportunity to touch the greatest mystery, to penetrate into the very depths of the patristic thought. For the grace of the Holy Spirit could be poured out on us as it was the case of ancient Christians, we must think in the same way that the Holy Fathers.



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