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The factor of time and space.

What is Hypostasis?

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The main difference between the Dogma of the Holy Trinity and the Dogma of the Kingdom of the Holy Trinity which is the God-Man Jesus Christ, consists in the fact that the essence of God-Man, in contrast to the essence of God, is knowable. Thischangeseverything.

In Creation, we are dealing with open source, so to speak. The Kingdom of Truth is a creative system, completely open to changes. Here the Lord gives in our hands the essence as well as the very life of the universe. That's why those called by Savior the synagogue of Satan, could took advantage of this extraordinary trust of God towards man. They took advantage of this in their dirty and criminal purposes. And they managed to re-encode the essence of the very universe. They cut the world in half, poisoned the life of the whole earth, and changed the time.

And now, to restore everything, we need to have a clear picture of the beginning of all beginnings: of the essence of created being. What is it? What constitutes the nature of Creation?

God created our world in His image and likeness, so we just need to project the structure of the Dogma of the Holy Trinity on the structure of Creation, with the difference that instead of the Father, we have the God-Man Jesus Christ.

«For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son also to have life in himself» (John 5:26).

Thus, we get a rhombic structure where unique Christ is in four states.

First, it is in a state of the Lamb slain from the creation of the world. Here is the beginning of Creation. Second, there is Christ in a state of Heaven. Third, there is Christ is in a state of the earth. And finally: Christ is a state of the Kings of Glory. Now, we have a correct structure of Creation and can continue to move forward.

The factor of time and space.

It should be noted that the rhombic structure of the Dogma of the Holy Trinity is conventional. This scheme is intended to show the principle of the cross-resurrection being of God. In reality, all Hypostases are One inside the Other without mixing and there is no distance between them. Because the distance refers to the time factor. If the points are dissociated from each other, then it takes time to overcome the way from one place to another.

The Holy Trinity lives outside of time and space, which is why the being of God is beyond the speculative models. Thus, it is impossible to create an appropriate graphical model. No matter two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Because it is impossible to measure what is uncreated by created categories. And no matter our effort, our thoughts will always slip into the field of Creation. And, as a result, we’ll fall into deception, into a trap of error, into spiritual illusion. Because we’ll create a simulacrum of the Trinity. We’ll get a false idea that we solved the mystery of God, but, in reality, we only invented another matrix, another model of pseudo Trinity. Another thing is the field of Creation. Here, the Dogma of the Holy Trinity gets a specific embodiment. The very Creation is a living model of the main Dogma. This model is vivified by uncreated Trinitarian light. Before entering the field of Creation, the uncreated light fully reflects the being of the Holy Trinity and stays in an indivisible state. Here, the centers of three hypostases are in each other, and there is neither time nor space.

However, in the beginning of the world being, the Creator splits and refracts the Trinitarian light. As a result, the hypostatic centers come away from each other. Then appears a distance, and with it the time and space. Now, in order to overcome the way between hypostatic centers we need time. In addition, the Trinitarian light creates, in an unfolded state, four hypostatic centres instead of three. If, in the Holy Trinity, the hypostasis of God the Father, in a state of the beginning of the cycle of being, as well as in a state of its end, is in the same place, so to speak, thus, in Creation, the situation is quite different.

Here, the beginning is separated from the end, so that the Trinitarian light forms a rhombic structure with four hypostatic centers.

What is the Hypostasis?

The Hypostasis is a key concept of Orthodox theology. It has an essential significance not only for the understanding of the being of God, but also for daily spiritual life. Because all creatures live in hypostatic manner, in the Kingdom of Heaven. Our salvation is not possible if our lifestyle is not hypostatic.

The Hypostasis is the essence of the soboriality. This is why the synod theology does not speak a word about it. This is done in order to plunge the church into a state of artificial disintegration. Here the Masonic "rodents" worked with might and main. The essence of the issue is completely removed. In addition, the accents are placed in a way that the reader has a false understanding that the Hypostasis is a personality, in some way.bIt is also claimed that the ancient world had no understanding of Personality. And Christianity brought something completely new. Then follows a wagon and a small truck of all kinds of reasoning of the synodal theologians on the matter, which did not bring us closer to the understanding of the essence of this issue.

And the essence is very simple: the Hypostasis is a personality in relation with other Hypostases. If there are no relationships, there is no hypostasis. No hypostasis, no Christian understanding of personality. The Hypostasis is a soborial personality. This is a man whose being is based on the relationship with God and his family. It is exactly this understanding that was absent in ancient philosophy. Before the New Testament, the human personality was perceived only as an individual. Christianity has actually brought something new. It was argued that a man is not at all a man, if he lives in an individual, not soborial way, if his lifestyle is not hypostatic.

In this consists the essence of understanding of the Hypostasis in relation to the Holy Trinity. Thus, all three Persons of God are hypostatic personalities because Their being is defined by the relationship with each other. God the Father gives himself entirely to the Son and to the Holy Spirit and thus determines their being.

Similarly, the Son and the Holy Spirit wholly and entirely give Themselves to the Father. Thus, they determine the hypostatic being of the Father.

If we imagine, conditionally, a separate Hypostasis, apart from Two Others, then, Hypostasis cease to be a personality. This will already be an individual. God the Father, for example, out of touch with the Son and the Holy Spirit, is not a Hypostasis or person. That's all. The synodal theology does not speak a word about it. We have a misunderstanding that three Hypostases are a kind of three personalities who are simply connected together. That's all.

And we project this false understanding of the fundamentals of being in our daily live. We believe, in subconscious level, that every man is a personality only because of his existence. This is what the synodal theologians have taught us.

However, the truth is that if a person does not live in soborial way, he is not a personality.

Thus, the Hypostasis is a soboriality, and Hypostasis is a soborial personality.


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