The Orthodox people are led by the nose.

And if we open our eyes to read?

A bright future is a matter of faith

The period of the Messianic Kingdom

The Apocalypse is a tool, not a destiny

Regarding the future, our Church is currently working according to a false agenda. People are misinformed, overwhelmed by false promises and hopes. People are forced to struggle, to be afraid, to hate what it makes no sense to fight, because it is already defeated. It’s defeated by time. Public figures spend time and resources on empty projects.

We must present correct reference points and put order in our heads. This is how our Church could unlock Christian mysticism. If the idea, that people have about their future, does not correspond to the Project of God, the mystical link between earth and heaven is broken, the power of God does not come in our world, and the Orthodox Church cannot create events that people need. It’s because of great confusion in our heads.

The Orthodox people are led by the nose

The information space is bubbling with all sorts of phobias, most of which are without any foundation. This situation is maintained artificially. All major Orthodox sites are deserved by malicious people, intentionally spreading all kind of nonsense and horror stories. This is done for the consciousness of the Church couldn’t gather in mystical vertical and understand what an iron sceptre is. The Orthodox people are led by the nose. People are frightened by non existing threats and forced to fight, almost, with emptiness.

Nowadays, to say that there will be no third world war, nor global economic crisis, nor antichrist with chipping, is generally considered as “mauvais ton”. The fighters of the information space are literally destabilized. Against what to fight if all these topics are withdrawn from the agenda? From what to save Holy Russia, if the Chinese invasion, nuclear Apocalypse and the Judeo-Masonic yoke have no connection with the real future of the Church? An Orthodox blogger will lose the sense of his existence.

The seal of the antichrist is put, firstly, on the mind of people and it is done by these same domestic strategists, familiar neither with the Scriptures nor with the power of God, because there is no antichrist at the beginning of the Sixth Day. In the beginning of the Sixth Day, there is a collapse of the reign of the first beast. The first beast is an existing New World Order. Sure, it is an antichristian world order, but it is not yet a historical antichrist. The real Antichrist will be at the time of the second beast. Therefore, no one will push the Church into an electronic concentration camp today. Moreover, everything will be vice versa. It is the Church that will release a mystical sickle and organize such a harvest on the earth that nothing will remain of the Masonic world order.

We have a fantastic weapon in our hands, but we don’t use it. We can generate any event on the planet, but, instead, we are afraid to be trapped into an electronic concentration camp and deprived of the last penny.

The Lord blesses us to build universal Christian Kingdom, and not some kind of Third Rome. Now we need to gather people in the Holy Sobor of Exodus. God has prepared a vast ocean of the invincible power of the Cross for this purpose. And the energy of the best minds of our Church should be directed to the assimilation of this resource. That's what should be on the agenda at this moment. Here are the topics should be in the headlines of the Orthodox sites. That's what our priests should preach from the pulpit.

And if we open our eyes to read?

I was always interested to understand the nature of the apologists of the nightmarish future. The question is not where they get their topics? There is enough of darkness in our lives. The question is: “Why do they project all these nightmares on the Church and its future?” Have they ever read the Scriptures? On what are based all these horror stories? All these terrible predictions about the imminent arrival of the worldwide reign of the antichrist? Where it is said about the chipping of Christians? In what verse of the Apocalypse is it said that the holy people are enclosed in an electronic concentration camp?

The fact that for the Church of Christ is reserved a completely different history in the Scriptures. It is understandable that the nightmare scenario of the future is inscribed in the project of the devil. We can understand that the Illuminati act in the interests of satan. But it is completely incomprehensible why those, who believe in Christ, participate in the works of devil? It is absolutely incomprehensible why the Orthodox personalities serve, so assiduously, the nightmares to people? Are there the CIA agents on the leadership positions in our Church? Or the Orthodox public figures have forgotten how to read? Or they simply do not believe in God, in the prophecies of Jesus Christ? Do they believe in the mark of the beast? I did not understand their position.

Why Orthodox intellectuals do not promote the Project of God, but the project of devil? Why our archpriests and theologians do not tell the truth about the fate of Babylon? Why do they do the opposite and bend under the project of the prince of this world? Why do they talk about the inevitability of chipping in Russia, the impossibility of resistance to the kingdom of the beast? Why do they advise people to be humble before the global evil? Is because of its big size? What is problem? Our bishops are scared by great and terrible Goliath! Why do they inspire fear of the enemy to faithful people? Why do they undermine our will to win? Why synodal authorities do not believe in the power of the Seal of the Holy Spirit, but overemphasize the power of the seal of the beast? Why they do not admit the possibility of the destruction of the foundations of the satanic power?

In their consciousness, the order of the Masonic world is such an immovable rock, which will remain until the End of the World; there is nothing to do with it. They claim, as Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov and Professor Alexei Osipov, that “it will be even worse; it is technological progress and natural course of history!” This is such “good news” they feed us!

The synodal priests do not even admit the idea of a light alternative, that the project of Illuminati will not be realized, and all the existing New World Order is a house of cards, that Babylon is not a historical regularity, but an ordinary scam. I would ask them: “Dear bishops, do you believe more in the electronic concentration camp than in Christ? Dou you believe in “United Russia” or in Invigorating Cross? On which side are you? "

Why it happens like that? Why the eschatology isn’t studied in the higher hierarchical circles? After all, the prophetic books tell about a completely different version of the future. Everything happens on the contrary. Instead of the total chipping, there is a total victory of the Church on the seal of the beast. Instead of the global electronic concentration camp, there is a global defeat of Babylon. Instead of the universal triumph of satanists, Holy Church wins all around the world and is enthroned above the whole universe.

“I seemed to be looking at a sea of crystal suffused with fire, and standing by the lake of glass, those who had fought against the beast and won, and against his statue and the number which is his name. They all had harps from God, and they were singing the hymn of Moses, the servant of God, and the hymn of the Lamb: How great and wonderful are all your works, Lord God Almighty; upright and true are all your ways, King of nations. Who does not revere and glorify your name, O Lord? For you alone are holy, and all nations will come and adore you for the many acts of saving justice you have shown” (Откр. 15:2-4).

The victory, the greatest glory and the triumph of the Christian faith - such is the future predestined for the Church, according to the plans of God.

“Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and voices could be heard shouting in heaven, calling, 'The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever” (Révélation 11:15).

The future, in which the Orthodox people are hiding in the corners, trembling at the slightest noise, is inscribed in the project of the devil. And it is absolutely not our way.

A bright future is a matter of faith

A bright future is a matter of faith. The Kingdom of Heaven is a voluntary matter. No one will be drug by the rope to join the Sobor of Exodus. The Lord outlined the essence of His proposal in the prophetic texts of the Bible. Then, everyone decides to believe God or not. Everyone chooses future for himself.

The hour of terrible trials will definitely come on earth and countless horror stories, from different prophecies, will be fulfilled. However, all this blackness has nothing to do with the Church. God, and the one who follows Him, built a completely different future. If someone is going to live not according to the project of God, but according to the project of the devil, he must prepare for terrible things, indeed. In this case, he must leave cities, hide in the wilderness, arm, make food reserves, turn into animals and prepare to survive in the conditions of the post-apocalyptic reality.

However, for those who follow the path of the Project of God is provided an alternative solution. During the terrible events, the Lord will carefully protect His beloved Church, so that the apocalyptic plagues will not concern people of God. The Lord will stop the movement of the Euphrates River, the movement of this flow which forms the material world. The space of the universe will be divided, as was divided the sea during the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. And the sobor of the Church of Christ will pass into a new sacred place, into a new universe, a new promised land, into a parallel being. Then, the Bride, hidden today by the earth, will reveal, that is to say, the Eighth Day will become visible. The holy people will take refuge for the period of cleaning the earth from Babylon.

So, think twice, take a right decision. You can dig a dugout, fill it by provision, and try to take refuge for the period of the universal cataclysms. You can also act in a smarter way. It is a question of faith that the Lord will look when He will return to earth.

In the Scriptures it is written, black on white, about the exodus of the Sixth Day. However, most of the people have no faith. They do not believe the words of God. Most of the people prefer not to think at all or believe in nuclear Apocalypse and millions of corpses. Most of the people cannot simply understand that our Lord is the loving and caring Heavenly Father.

The period of the Messianic Kingdom

After the Day of Judgment, it will be time of peace. It will be the Golden Age of the Messianic Kingdom. The Celestial Church will connect with earth. Evil will be bound during this period. Evil will also leave to another parallel reality, to the space of the abyss, and will begin to build an artificial universe there. It will become the kingdom of the antichrist. The image of this system is “a he-goat from the west, encroaching over the entire surface of the world though never touching the ground”. This is from the prophecy of Daniel.

“This is what I observed: a he-goat from the west, encroaching over the entire surface of the world though never touching the ground, and between its eyes the goat had one majestic horn” (Daniel 8:5).

It is about an artificial, virtual, world, a kind of a death star. Therefore, this reality is suspended above the earth. The antichrist will arrive as if from outer space, from the wrong side of being, from the area that is called hell. He will arrive as a magician in the blue helicopter and will show such a movie! It will be beyond any imagination!

After passing the midpoint, the world will change. The being will become multidimensional. It will be possible to move not only in the format of three-dimensional material world, but also in the depth of Creation on spiritual levels. It will be time of such miracles that is useless to talk about for a moment. The fact is that the boundary between heaven and earth will disappear and Creation will become unique again. It will be possible to pass, in transfigured physical body, to the spiritual domains, as well as from spiritual to physical domains. It will be possible to take a knapsack and make a trip to the Throne of God, or to descend into hell. Well, can you imagine what kind of life it would be? Now it is hard to imagine it.

The Messianic Kingdom is a realization of the brightest hopes. We’ll meet again those we lost because of death. The saints of all times and nations will gather into a single nation and will live together with God as one big family. During this wonderful period, we will build the Kingdom of Eternity. All the people will be occupied by a national Project, that is to say.

In parallel, there will be permanent wars with an artificial world of the second beast. Only lower levels of the Messianic Kingdom will be implied in war. Then the antichrist will reach the higher levels, but not all of them. The Messianic Kingdom will be divided. The top part will pass into Eternity, in the Eighth Day, bypassing the End of the World, and the lower part will fall on earth and will be compelled to endure the last antichrist period.

“From one of these, the small one, sprang a horn which grew to great size towards south and east and towards the Land of Splendour. It grew right up to the armies of heaven and flung armies and stars to the ground, and trampled them underfoot” (Daniel 8:9-10).

It will be a period of great tribulations. It’s at this period that the “son of perdition” will come to power, not right now.

It is expressly stated in Scriptures that the antichrist will be after the collapse of Babylon, the Day of Judgment, the worldwide preaching and Messianic Kingdom.

The Apocalypse is a tool, not a destiny

What is written in the Apocalypse is not a finished story of the future, like a composed music score. The Book of the Apocalypse - is an instruction of the universal symphony orchestra. The future is in the hands of the man with a baton, in the hands of the prophet. And we can compose and perform any symphony of the future. The Lord arranged everything in an unexpected and clever way. He created an instrument to shape future, not the very history of future.

The period of the antichrist is one of the spiritual scenarios. It was repeated several times, in different interpretations, throughout history of humanity. Therefore, the Apostles spoke of the Antichrist in the plural. For example, Russia experienced its time of the antichrist during the revolution. However, there will be the final antichrist, the son of perdition. He will concentrate all the evil of the world. And he will appear at the end of the Messianic period, after the universal preaching, not right now.

Briefly here is what awaits us in the future, according to the texts of Scripture. We will examine the texts next time and will pass to the results of the experiment afterwards.

We must first get a clear idea about the ways of development of the Church according to the plans of God. Then we will understand what words to say to direct the flow of time in the required direction. So the events of the Messianic Kingdom period, which has already begun, will occur on the earth.


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