We cannot call the Name of God being on sinful earth, in the open, not isolated space...

We cannot call the Name of God being on sinful earth, in the open, not isolated space... So, the first key is a mystery of love and wisdom. We have already discussed it. The Father’s Love is revealed through the knowledge of integral being, and we're not talking about the earthly world here, but about the parallel century where is located the Kingdom of Christ that is not of this world. That's where all our attention and aspirations should be directed.

The next key unlocks the mystery of creativity. The prayer is a creative process. The prayer is build in a contemplative way. The tradition has preserved the echoes of this practice. The Holy Fathers have talked a lot about intelligent prayer. However, in modern understanding, to pray simply means to pronounce some words aloud or in mind. The moment of creativity is completely absent if we proceed in this way.

In fact, before praying, no matter how, in mind or by prayer book, we must previously do at least two things: firstly, create an invisible temple, a space within which will operate the mysticism of the New Testament. Secondly, establish a Trinitarian connection between the earthly world and the Kingdom of Saviour. Only after that we can proceed to prayer.

The prayer always begins by space localization. If we are in the world, we must create a spiritual and soborial dome. In fact, the very monastic tradition, tradition of hesychast seclusion, grew out of the practice of space localization. Before praying, we must create a cell, enter it and close the door behind us. In other words, localize a space. “But when you pray, go to your private room, shut yourself in” – tell the Saviour.

It is necessary to isolate ourselves from the outside world, on the one hand, and to establish connection with the heavenly world, on the other hand. To do so, we need to have a key to the mystery of the construction of the mystical circle and a key to the mystery of the mystical connection, based on sacred Trinitarian structures.

The energy of prayer only operates within the New Testament space. If we do not localize a part of being around us, our prayer will be fruitless. Angels will not pour out the light of grace in an unprepared site, into the void, in the system that is not connected to the New Testament being.

The intelligent prayer, as it is preformed today, often leads to the opposite result. It does not transfigure the mind, but rather deprives human mind, because we cannot call the Name of God, being on the sinful earth, in the open, not isolated space. Thus, the flows of spiritual forces are inversed, as in the radiant delta system. The energy is inversed and man begins to create a false image of his own Christ in his heart.

It is possible to focus attention and energy of prayer in our heart only if our heart is first raised to the height of Zion and placed on the Throne of God. “My child, pay attention to me, let your eyes take pleasure in my way” (Proverbs 23:26). We must first give our heart to God, not vice versa. Do not attract God into the centre of our ego.

In order to maximize the degree of localization, the early Christians went into the desert, became hermits. Thus was born the hesychast tradition. Only after the monks completely gave their heart to God, they could call the Name of God in their heart. The Holy Spirit comes into the heart only if it has previously been raised to the height of the Mountain of the Lord. Otherwise, it is not the Spirit of Truth that comes, but the spirit of error and spiritual delusion.

In general, the mystery of action of the Christian mysticism is that the Holy Spirit communicates with man in particular way, that is predictable and not spontaneous. The essence of this system consists in modeling of the sacred Trinitarian being. When, in the framework of our sobor, we build a system of godlike being, the Holy Spirit descends in this space, as it was the case in the Cenacle.

Let's consider now the basic principles of construction of the Temple made without hands. The preparation to prayer begins with something very simple. It is necessary to draw an imaginary circle, just like it was done by the seminarian Khoma Brutus in the famous story of Gogol. The word "church" also originates from the Latin word “circus”, which means – “circle”. Circus, circle, circular are all cognate words. In the original biblical texts this word was absent. The meeting of believers was called "ecclesia" which means "community". The word "church" was introduced in New Testament times, because the New Testament divine service begins with the construction of the mystic circle. Thus, the essence of the priesthood consists in modeling of local New Testament being. After drawing a circle in our imagination, we begin to create an invisible mystical dome in the space of our world. Within this territory will be poured out the energy of the Holy Spirit while praying. And it will be poured out from the domain of integral century which is located at the top of the Mountain of the Lord. It is very important to know where everything is located, because it’s thanks to this knowledge that the priesthood is performed.

The Ministry of Melchizedek can be compared with the work of crane operator, of tower crane, which consists in delivering of building materials to the height of Zion where is built the Heavenly Jerusalem. Man must see where things are located and control all movements.

God dwells in the height of Zion and in a state of the Name of God, not just anyhow. On the icon "The Second Coming" is well illustrated where everything is located. The archangel with a spear is a symbol of the power grace. It comes from the circle in the background. This is an integral century, the territory of the New Testament earth, the New Testament heaven. Here is located Zion and the Heavenly Kingdom of the Holy Trinity. This is where Christ is enthroned at the right hand of God the Father. This is the highest point of all that exists.

In the foreground we see another circle with the Saviour. This is a middle area. This is a place of the Church of Christ. The Saviour is the mediator between the worlds. He creates a mystical bridge between the visible world and the area of integral century, which is hidden from us now.

The third circle shows the area of action of the antichrist. This is a matrix of «Through the Looking-Glass» where we live now. This area is separated from the Church; the spare of the archangel is directed to this area. The spare represents the action of the force of grace emanating from integral being. It is this energy that destroys the power of satan. As long as we do not establish a bridge towards the integral century, we cannot receive the strength of God. We’ll remain in this black spot, in the Matrix of the antichrist.

Thus, before starting to pray, we have to isolate ourselves from the world, to build a local space and fill it with the energy of the future century world. It is necessary to enter the system of being of our Savior, to rise to His Throne. And only here the prayer begins, in fact. The Lord is glorified in the highest heaven, at the height of Zion. Only in this order the world of Christ will come to earth. In other words, the Holy Spirit will descend into our soborial dome. “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests”.

So, we have learned about the three keys of the Kingdom of Heaven: love and wisdom, creativity and mystical circle. For the mystic works in our sobor, we must gather the whole bunch of keys. The next key will be of the mystery of the Name of God.



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