After the passage of contused zombies which symbolizes the beginning of the Sixth Day,in the premises of the improvised theater enters the first railway platform.It does not enter by itself, but it is pushed.At the beginning of the platform, we can see a worker in yellow helmet, and at the end – in white helmet.Yellow is the Seventh Day, white – the Eighth Day.Therefore, we have before our eyes, energy of the Seventh-Eighth Day,trough which is driven the chariot.

According to the idea of the scriptwriters, the platform symbolizes an integral state of time.It is designed like a model of the weeks of Daniel.The vertical restraints, located on the sides, form seven spans.Each restraint is divided into five levels.Thus, we get a model with five levels of Creationin which the seven components of the time are gathered in whole.

In the system of this theatrical performance, the chariots, pushed by the workers,symbolize the content of the new times, poured out on the earth.The earth is a floor; it’s an entire surface of the hangar, transformed into a large scenic area.It mostly refers to the visible world. What happens on platforms is related to the invisible world; this is heaven, an integral century.This is Zion and dwelling place of God, the Heavenly Church.Or, this is hell, at other hand. It depends on the situation.

The platform, which dominates the scene,represents spiritual reality in which are formed the premises of the future.It is an area of the Eucharistic celebration or Cabalistic manipulations.The freemasons cheat with spiritual energies of the being,create projects in a spiritual and symbolic format,and develop a program for a computer of the universe, so to speak.Then, they download the program, through rituals and other occult techniques,and the history of mankind becomes shaped in the way that suits them.

Similarly, the Christian church acted in the period before synod,when the divine offices were celebrated according to the order of Melchizedek. Through Proskomedia, the Project was presented to God with amendments,this is what is called "the Offering".The Lord God Almighty considered the Offering and blessed a new cycle of time,which entered to our world like pushed platform.And together with new time within the New Testament mystical space, all the requests of the Church were realized according to the principle:“ You did not choose me, no, I chose you; and I commissioned you to go out and to bear fruit, fruit that will last; so that the Father will give you anything you ask him in my name” (John 15:16).

Thus, the platform symbolizes, in fact, the Proscomedia, as well as the Grand Entry.Here is prepared energy of modern times that will be poured out on earth.

Besides the very construction of the platform which represents a separate part of time,a separate week of Daniel, is also presented, in the show, the time in integral format.When the story of the Messianic Kingdom unfolds on the stage, a period of time when the time gathers in whole,we see an entire train instead of separate platforms.And now, with the locomotive, the whole structure is composed of seven parts assembled together.In other words, there are seven weeks of Daniel -the formula of integral time, gathered in an integral Messianic kingdom.

Apart from the meaning of the Sixth Day, the action is happening indoorsalso symbolizes a state of being before the End of the World.The exodus of the procession from an area of hangar into external environment,symbolizes the transition into a state of eternity, a state of eternal rest.Here begins a culminating part, and we see two trains that meet.

Six platforms, headed by the yellow locomotive represent seven times, gathered in whole through the Logos.The yellow locomotive represents Christ, while seven white cars represent the Seventh-Eighth Day of integral being, the state of eternal rest.

Let’s look now at all the pictures, presented in the show, as a whole.They perfectly reflect the true structure of Creation thatwe have previously defined in our studies.There are five levels of fragmented timeto which correspond five chariots, pushed by the workers.Then, there is a passage of the midpoint of being and a beginning of the Sixth-Seventh Day.The time gathers in whole, therefore, in the sixth scene with the platforms,we can already see an entire train, which consists of six cars.First, it goes in one direction, we hear the sounds of construction tools.Something is drilled and cut.This is an image of the Sixth Day when will occur a dismantling of the existing world order.

In the next scene, the train returns. All platforms are now filled with jubilant people.This is an image of the Messianic kingdom that will happen on the Seventh Day.In such a scale is the reasoning of the "initiated" people, those who run the New World Order!

All projects must be previously registered in the history of the world and go beyond the End of the World.To do this, it is necessary to have spiritual mind.All projects are initially written in the symbolic and spiritual language, in the same semantic system in what God the Creator has designed the Project of Creation.This system constituted the basis of theological science in period before synod,and allowed our Church to think Godlike.

The unprecedented collapse of the Christian project happened for one reason:the Church has lost the knowledge of the principles of Divine thought, the science, called the "Wisdom of God".

However, at the beginning of the Sixth Day, the energy of the resurrection of the Church matures among the people. In Scripture, it is represented in the image of the young man, the Chosen One, the Branch (the Shoot) or the Rider on a white horse.The Orthodox faith will revive from the popular environment, from the bottom of the social system, from earth.It will push through the synodal asphalt, will destroy it, will restore all the lost positions and will rise to unprecedented heights.It will establish a Kingdom that will never end and will raise the King of Glory, our Lord Jesus Christ, on its Throne.

Actually, the idea of modeling the future, through ritual processions, was copied to the Church.At ancient times, such processions were the ordinary processions of the Church.The gonfalons symbolized what is happening on the platform of the Freemasons.This is the Heavenly Jerusalem.Prayers, choir, priests, people, all these components of the procession were modeling the future life of Creation, in general.Throughout the procession, the church lived a story of the future from present historical moment until the passage to the Eighth Day.Thus, it provided a program of the Orthodox future to the angelic world.

Well, we digested global things and can pass to details now,to the detailed description of future events and mechanisms of their formation.We'll talk about in our next issue.



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