We examined the movie title with respect to its outer side. Let us remember that the foundation of wisdom is always considered from two sides, from the outside and from the inside, that is why the authors of this movie, who own practically all the wisdom, all the knowledge, include a foundation of wisdom in the title of the movie, and the foundation always acts in two ways, on the outside and on the inside; therefore in the title of the movie «I pet goat II», it is necessary to distinguish two directions.

First, what the authors want to tell to the outside world, to the audience, and the second, perhaps even the most important thing is what they want to say to themselves. The authors of this movie are smart people, and this movie is not an attempt to mislead anyone. It is a confession, absolutely sincere of these reptilians, as we call them, or Judeo-Masons, or Illuminati, all these monsters of the human race who stay behind the most horrible atrocities; and they come to us through this cartoon, funny in some sort, but on the other hand, the movie tells a tragic story; they address to all of us, in fact, it’s a sort of request for salvation.

The initiated understand one simple thing that humanity is a single organism where everything is interconnected; can you understand that there is this image, revealed in the movie, the image of the dragon, the image of devil? And they understand, perhaps more than others, they are just more aware than ordinary, not initiated, Orthodox people who come simply to church, commune, live in their illusions and believe they will all be saved, but Christ spoke of a very unpleasant thing, when people come to Him after death, shouting: "Lord, Lord, we have always prayed," then Christ answers: "I do not know you."

This movie is focused on eternity, in principle, on the fate of every human being, on this moment when the perspective of each person will be decided with respect to eternity, and all these initiated people who run history, in fact,they also have their own story, you know, their own tragedy, they are also human beings and victims of the situation.There are some laws of the development of our world, according to which everyone, at this historical point, must open his cards.

And the sense of this story, the deep sense of story, lies in the fact that everyone was in different situations, and everyone tried to do something in his own way. Everyone wanted to do well, in his own way, as best as he could, but the result is very bad. And it so happened that everybody failed. The Rockefellers failed, as well as the Rothschild, and the Russian Orthodox Church, which is the Body of Christ on earth, also failed. And it turned out that only the devil won.

And this movie tells, in fact, an extraordinary story of how humanity turned tricked by the devil, and how is built the whole system, this malicious system with no exit ; in fact, it is built on the most basic energies of being, that is why it's so hard to escape it.

Indeed, these same initiated people, the Judeo-Masons, as we call them, the reptilians,are also the hostages of the situation. This movie is, in fact, a kind of repentance. Perhaps unconscious, perhaps forced, but you know, such a crook, a swindler who cheated all his life, when he is caught by the hand and the situation becomes urgent, has not interest to deny. If the man is clever, he confesses everything honestly.

And this movie is, in fact, a kind of confession, all these leaders of our world, these powerful people, the rulers who lived like gods for almost the entire 20th century and until the present time, they interpreted, in their own way, the words of Holy Scripture. They asked God to fulfil their human will, but God, when he came to earth, brought with Him something completely different. They did not like it, so they decided to arrange everything on earth in their own way, to build the world as they wanted, and they could realize it, but it turned out, eventually, that they did not build what they wanted.

The result is too horrible, they were themselves shuddered by what they had made, and this movie is a kind of confession about the past but also the future. They say: “whatever happened, happened”, they cannot do anything. They cannot correct the situation, it's a trap. That's what the movie is all about. It is a trap with no exit, so they open their cards, they leave the game, there is no sense to continue the game, because it’s the devil that plays farther. And it is already a game where nothing depends on man, neither on elite nor all these fortunes, neither Rockefeller nor Rothschild. The devil led everyone by the nose, that's what the film is about.

And this movie is also about a small, tiny, hope on Russia, on Russian Orthodox people, on you and me. That's all, there is no other hope. That's what this movie speaks about.


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