We will continue our psychotherapeutic practice, or rather spiritual and therapeutic, because it is about spiritual energies.

So, our brain and our heart are currently in an inverted state and we need to put everything in place, so that everything is as it should be, according to the Divine order.

A man is a thinking creature, and mental activity is going on continuously, or almost continuously. The thinking is a natural state, like breathing, blood circulation in the veins. However, how the thinking process is organized, what it is exactly, we don’t think about it, as a rule.

To exit the rabbit hole, we need to think about it. We need to understand the principles of spiritual thought. A man distinguishes from an animal by the presence of the gift of Divine thinking. If it is present, this creature can be called a man. If the Raison of Christ is absent, there is only a well developed ape, not a man, created in the image of God.

What is this divine gift by which a man is defined, in fact, as a man created in the image and likeness of God?

Each biped creature cannot be called a man. A suit, a tie, a bank account, an ability to read and write, all this does not transform, in any way, a humanoid into an intelligent creature.Because there is an animal, ape liked mind and Divine Reason. The difference is very important. The ape liked man has only his own animal mind. The man, in the image of God, is a creature of quite different, cosmic, dimension, he does not think by himself, but through God. By his body he stays on earth, and by his soul - in a space of world history, his heart is rooted in the Lord Almighty.

Thus, man represents a divine-human system. It is a unique spiritual organism, in which God, the Creation and the human personality are connected, through spiritual energies, into a single system.

And these links are exactly what is called spiritual mind, Reason of Christ, Divine Mind. The presence of these links determines the presence of mind as such. If the man has no spiritual ties with God and the world, he is not a man, as such, but an anthropomorphic ape.

So, remember that a full-fledged human creature consists of three main components: God, human personality and sobor. And the term "sobor" includes all Creation. God is such a head, the sobor is a human personality; they represent two parts of the same body, so to speak.

Thus, the godlikeness of human being manifests itself in the likeness of the Holy Trinity. Only in Creation it is made in the form of social divine-human organism. Thus, the Raison of Christ, by means of spiritual links, connects man with all that is, with God, Creation, Heaven, and earth, all the living and the dead. The Reason of Christ is spiritual blood of Christ, which connects all that exists in the same body, the church, and fills the system of unanimity, holiness, love.

Now we have to understand the movement of spiritual flows. The relations of man with God and sobor are established by means of spiritual and mental energies. These links are subject to the will of man, that is to say, we can fully manage these energies. The energies represent the higher angelic forces: Cherubim, Seraphim, and Thrones. And all this system is subject to our will, to our mind. We can rearrange them, change the direction of their movement, and do what we want, actually. The Man is created free and creative. And the angelic higher forces are under his control. Of our thinking depends how the angels create these spiritual and mental links. In what we believe, thereto the angels direct the energy of heart. The Savior has told about it: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

If everyone considers himself as a repository of grace, then the unique Christ, is divided into many fragments, and the brightest light of heavenly grace also disintegrates into many sparks. And instead of the bright Sun, we get a little ray that extinguishes into the darkness of our heart. If we do otherwise, if we give our hearts to God, from all ends of the earth, then the Gate of Eternity will open before the holy people and the brightest sun of the King of Glory, the unique King of Glory will rise.

In the order established by God, the spiritual energies are directed from Creation towards Heaven, towards God. And the King of Glory rises in the crossing of the rays of individual and soborial flow. Therefore, the heart of every man is not within man, but in the space of the New Testament Heaven where the King of Glory lives.

The Lord is entirely subject to the Creation, He gave His whole self to man and Church. If the Church and man do not return the spiritual flow to Heaven, there will be no Coming of Christ. The Gate of Eternity opens outwards, towards Heaven, towards the inside of the altar. And the Coming of the Saviour entirely depends on the will of man. If we do not glorify the name of God, the light of Christ Reason does not illuminate our minds. Here's how things work. Therefore, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord", because the Lord is Coming solely through the sobor and man glorifying the name of God.

The Lord cannot come by Himself, because He organized the spiritual life on other principles that are diametrically opposed.

To close the Gates of Eternity and plunge the world into a state of "day of darkness and gloom", the freemasons have distorted, in an extremely clever and perfidious manner, the Orthodox theology, books, and taught false preaching to the synodal priests. They imperceptibly placed accents so that God turned into the sun, the radiant delta in the consciousness of the people. From the pulpit began to flow the sweetest synodal homilies about the need of acquiring grace in our inner space. That God loves everybody; we are all his little children that He embraces, warms, and wipes tears from the heights of Heaven. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son", that we must rush to the church to receive the Body and Blood the Lord gives us. The speeches like that. These Masonic speeches flow from the pulpit to the present day.

That the heart of man is not inside of man, but in the New Testament space, on the Throne of God where is located the Tabernacle in the altar, nobody talks about it. It's forgotten. Also, it is completely forgotten that the essence of acquisition of grace lies in the establishment of the name of God : "Build thou the walls of Jerusalem. "By acquiring grace, we construct the New Testament Kingdom of Christ where is the Body and Blood of our Lord. It’s for this raison that we acquire grace, and not to accumulate some energy capital inside of us.

And that the name of God resides in the New Testament space, nobody talks about it. In other words, the most important fundamental things that the Saviour spoke about, for example, that Our Father art in Heaven and His Name must be hallowed. And hallow the name means to acquire grace, the Glory of God on the Throne of God, and not in ourselves.

In fact, all the most important things were completely removed from the modern orthodoxy; that is why everything is reversed. Thus, under the noblest pretexts, the recording of mind occurred. The spiritual and mental energies stopped flowing from Creation to God, the mind turned over like a lid of a teapot. The Orthodox people ceased considering themselves as people - patriarch, crown of Creation, royal representative of the whole world in the face of God. And such qualities as responsibility, maturity, courage, became useless. All people were brutally transformed into kids.

The Russian man of Soviet formation became an overgrown child, looking at the world through the eyes of selfish foolish kid. The Freemasons, through the media, began to cultivate this infantilism and fix it, in the mind of people, by introducing the images of soapy cartoon characters.

Our mind is in this inverted state. The grandpa Lenin is still here, he lives quietly in our inversed heart and perfectly feels himself. He poisons our existence, reverses the whole structure of our thinkingso that we always have a consumer attitude towards God and the world around us. We are continually asking God for something. The Lord must have mercy on us all: "Lord, has mercy," the Lord must bless us: "God, bless me." The Lord must always give us something. So, every Orthodox man is today a kind of centre of gravity of all the energies of Creation, a kind of magnet, a black star, thereby all consuming eye of radiant delta.



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Although the Socotri language was remoted, the folklore was not.

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