Another theme has been suggested by the free masons. Definitely, they don’t let us live in peace. The opening ceremony of the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland was accompanied by a very strange show which plunged many people into a state of shock and confusion. It is called “The Saint Gotthard”.

At first I did not want to consider this theme. We need to develop our Project. However, it is not good to remain ignorant about the plans of the enemy. Unfortunately, our tradition of spiritual and symbolic thought was completely lost. The fact is that the free-masons use, in their mystical representations, symbolic and spiritual language of Orthodox iconography.

The holy fathers created, from century to century, a system of communication with the world of angelic forces, and fixed it on the most reliable carriers, able to transmit through the centuries, the most important knowledge to posterity. However, everything was trampled and destroyed. Nowadays, the icons and frescoes fulfill only decorative function. The treasure of patristic wisdom is at the service of the dark forces for many centuries. If earlier the free-masons hid their mysteries, they act at the sight of the world nowadays, because the Christian Church no longer represents any threat. The Church is blinded, deprived of theological reasoning and is in a state of profound ignorance. That is the truth!

The comments about the Gotthard show should come from those who are at the top of the hierarchy: Patriarch, Professor Osipov, archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, monks of Mount Athos, eventually. However, they all remain silent. Because they have nothing to say. They do not know the language of symbolic theology which is true spiritual theology, not this discursive nonsense that is taught in the synodal institutions. Therefore, our Project must also complete this precursor function. To do the work that patriarchy and all the Synodal army are not able to do. Someone should explain what is going on with this world and where it goes after all.

All attempts of deciphering, that one can find on the internet, are not even of the kindergarten level, this is a complete idiocy. It’s like the Papuans who have just climbed down the tree. Well, enough of the lyrics, let’s pass to physics.

Let's start with the general things. First, what is this show and in what purpose such shows are organized? These shows are organized for those who run the planet, as well as for the spiritual forces that direct Creation. For those in power, for the rulers of this world could coordinate their actions on management of the world. Through these deeply symbolic performances, they present their plan of development of humanity from now until the transition of the world to Eternity, that is to say, beyond the End of the World.

For example, the train, leaving in heaven, represents exactly the situation that is happening beyond the End of the World. In this format operate the rulers of this world. Everything happens exactly as Bulgakov said: "How man can manage if he is not only able to make a plan for even a ridiculously short lap of time, a thousand years, for example, but he is not even responsible for his own tomorrow day?” (M. Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”).

Besides the informational and coordinative function, this mystery show addresses directly to spiritual forces. In fact, it is a program that is loaded into the computer of Creation. The angelic forces are subordinate to men and perform those projects of the future which the prophets provide to them. As the Orthodox Church does not consider necessary to create a Project of the Orthodox future, the holy place is never empty, and humanity, in the face of the Freemasons, presents the project of the Masonic future to the angelic forces, for more than a century. Therefore, we live in an anti-Christian world. We have a wonderful church with talented priests and nice archbishops, and the monks of Mount Athos, whose appearance makes the people cry from emotion. Many churches are built nowadays. Everything is perfect! Nevertheless, there is nobody to take care of the world. Everyone has its own very important things to do. Therefore, the cold-blooded predators take care of the world and billions of bewildered and abandoned people.

Let’s pas to deciphering the base notions, by which the compassionate Freemasons take care of humanity. There is a so-called angelic language. This is a system of archetypes that are at the basis of being. This language is rather primitive, literally, at the level of the younger group of kindergarten. It consists of a set of basic elements with which man becomes aware in early childhood: color, human body parts, different movements, flips, twists, inclinations and so on. It is necessary to know the meaning of all these things in order to understand what is happening on stage.

Just look at the faces of the initiates. They do not only attend a show of striking stupidity. They read it meaningfully, literally, like a fascinating book.

The story, presented at the opening of the tunnel, is sleeper than any Hollywood blockbuster. Life is always steeper than an imaginary scenario. Why the show was dedicated to the opening of the longest tunnel in the world, indeed? The fact is that this Masonic show makes a presentation of main Masonic project, which will be realized in the future. It is about the things that are difficult to conceive in our head. It is about the creation of an artificial universe! This is why the presentation of this project took place at the opening ceremony of the tunnel.

The sense of the Illuminati project is to lay a technological tunnel between visible world and pre-space system from which originates the material universe. This area is called the “abyss of waters” in Holy Scripture. As we know, antichrist will come to our world from the abyss.

“The beast you have seen was once alive and is alive no longer; it is yet to come up from the Abyss, but only to go to its destruction” (Apocalypse of St. John 17:8).

“Then I saw a second beast, emerging from the ground; it had two horns like a lamb, but made a noise like a dragon” (Apocalypse of St. John 13:11).

Here is what this Masonic show is about. In the next issue we will examine the structure that is the basis of the show, and learn a lot of unusual and really stunning things.



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