The protagonists are spiritual forces. The same system is used here as on the cover of "The Economist". Each person or group of artists represent various energies of Creation which are located in the invisible world, but they form all the events of human history.

Freemasons design their projects at the primary level of being. They manage causes, develop game strategy, based on archetypes and use prototypes, not peanuts. Therefore, they are always a few steps ahead, and can manipulate even the church as they please. Our hierarchs are merelysurprised.

The common space of all action reflects the main aspects of Creation, its two main components. This is energy, operating in the internal environment, as well as energy, operating in outer space. The power of God is first poured into the interior, then, at the extent of the interior space filling, it spreads to the outside. The first half of the show is held indoors and the other half in an open area. At the beginning, we see a train enter a tunnel and the show begins inside the hangar. This order is maintained throughout the whole first part.

All new scenes begin with a train that goes inside. Similarly, after the train leaves the tunnel, the events are moved to outer space. In the system of Masonic symbolism, the train represents energy of the Logos. Under the wagons, linked in one bundle, and set in motion by the locomotive, is presupposed the Christ, the “Christ in Majesty”.

God sets in motion energy of Creation. It has a step-serial structure. One energy flows into another. Everything is interconnected in the world. Therefore, Freemasons had chosen a train as a symbol of energy of being. The color is also one of the main elements of the symbolic system. Since we are talking about the eschatological period of the Sixth-Seventh Day, the main colors of the show are orange, yellow and white. Orange is the Sixth Day, yellow - the Seventh, white - the Eighth or just a symbol of integral state of energy. Everything that happens inside the hangar refers to the events of the Sixth Day.

At the exit, we see a large yellow circle. It has the same meaning as the sun on the famous cover. This is the time gathered in whole. Therefore, after leaving the internal environment of the Sixth Day, we find ourselves in the external state of the Seventh Day, in the state of formation of an integral being. Pink and purple colors, which traditionally symbolize the Eucharistic energy, are also used in the show. The red is a color of war and division. The black is a color of Judgment. The symbolism of red and black colors originates from the Apocalypse. The second Rider with a sword on a red horse is energy of division. The third Rider on a black horse, holding a balance in his hand, is a power of judgment. A few words about the main characters. This scarecrow has outraged public the most. Rightly outraged because it's not just a goat. This is the beast of the Apocalypse. « Then I saw a second beast, emerging from the ground; it had two horns like a lamb, but made a noise like a dragon » (Apocalypse of St. John 13:11). Here we see another goat. However, the human face of this character is hidden because it is not a human. As you might guess, this is the devil, or Satan, or Lucifer, as you like.

An organized crowd of builders in orange jumpsuits, symbolizes humanity in a state of the Sixth Day. This is the main force that creates history. Freemasons, through false prophecies, dexterously manipulate stupid human individuals, and force them to submit to their evil will. Thus, the spiritual forces of Creation are also forced to submit to this stupid humanity, and launch devastating scenarios in Creation.

Here zombies raise their right hand, and then again. That means they vote for an atheist democratic government. Thus, humanity commends, on his own stupid will, its destiny in the hands of Freemasons. Then the cunning Illuminati do what they want with the bipedal herd. It should be emphasized that the scenario of the show has no clearly defined temporal succession. The order of the scenes succession is built on the same principle as in the Apocalypse. Before the eyes of spectators are sequentially unfold well-defined pictures, speaking about different states of the energy of Creation. These states are mostly constant, throughout the Sixth and even Seventh Day, and not only at some particular moment. Here are shown the different angles of the same Sixth Day, although there are few events in relation with concrete time.

In general, it’s not a story that is shown, but the details of this story, from which will be created, gathered an eschatological narrative. In the show are also used numerous scenes of dances. They also have a deep symbolic meaning. Each person is energy of Creation. Therefore, somersaults represent circular motion of spiritual forces of being. When the flows ascend to heaven and come down from heaven to earth. If a character starts spinning, in such a way is shown a process of movement, occurring in the plane of the earthly world; it is about linear time and historical events. To spin means to make history, to carry out a project.

It should be noted that the developers of the Masonic theater have a neutral attitude towards eschatology. Outwardly, they seem not be positioned on anyone's side, although it is certainly not the case. Outwardly, they show all the events as they are. Here we can see not only the formation of an antichrist project, but also the future victory of Orthodoxy.

The Freemasons have their own philosophy. They try to make a game in any weather condition, so to speak. They derive a profit from any government and always remain in white gloves. Freemasons believe that all sins will be forgiven, at the end of the history, Antichrist will become smart and they will be saved. Only the devil will be damned. Therefore, they do not particularly care about the moral side of their projects. Although they understand that they are not the lambs and that they cannot hope to be ascended to an integral century on the Day of Judgment. However, serious guy give everything under control, so to speak; if they proceed correctly, everything will be perfect.

On this occasion, the Freemasons prepared a project of an integral artificial century. It is there that they are preparing to escape from the wrath of the Lamb on the Day of Judgment. It is not in power of God that Freemasons have confidence, but in their money and technologies. The world science works on the project of artificial universe for at least the last fifty years. They need a technology that could penetrate beyond the material world. This is the true goal of any nuclear research. For this purpose is built Hadron Collider, and such organization as "CERN" exists for more than a century. CERN is located in the same country, Switzerland, and its logo contains "666".

"The protons are ready for the collision. The guide magnets change the trajectory of the protons and throw them on a collision course. The total energy of the two protons, colliding in the LHC, is 14 electron volts and reproduces a state similar to that after the Big Bang. The traces of particles, formed as a result of this collision, will be analyzed by computers connected to the detectors. And we hope that the results of the analysis will give us a new understanding of the universe origin, its development, what influences its behavior today and what will happen to it in the future. "

When combining all five states of energy of being, an artificial world, a parallel being will be created then. The four states of flows of being are governed by man through rituals and manipulation of angelic forces. For the integrity, they lack the connection of the energy of the abyss of waters with the energy of the material world. It is not subject to man. It is energy of chaos. The matter can only be managed by means of technology.

In natural order, the five flows gather in the God-man, that is why the saints can take refuge in the space of parallel being. However, this option is not suitable for Freemasons, of course, they need another man. The man to whom they will connect the energy of five gathered flows, then an artificial parallel universe will be created through technology, without any help from God. And this man will be the antichrist, of course. Therefore, the "CERN" logo contains 666.

That's to what is dedicated this Masonic mystery show. The show begins with the scene of mail coach, drawn by five white horses. The five horses is a symbol of five energy of artificial being, gathered in whole.

Thus, the Masonic show, called “The Saint Gotthard”, is a presentation of project of the antichrist, in fact!


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