Scenes №1 and №2.

In the system of symbolism of the mystery shows, an image that explains the main idea of the action is always presented at the beginning of the show. In our case, the show begins with an image of the mail coach, drawn by five white horses.The mail is a message, a communication.The white horses are, respectively, the five flows of the universe, emerging from the abyss of waters and gathering in whole.We spoke about it last time.Thus, the whole show is a message, the global message about the start of the development of the antichrist project.

The formation of the kingdom of the second beast coming out of the abyss of waters,will happen after the destruction of the existing Masonic Order,after the Day of Judgment and other major events of the eschatological period.In the distant future, so to speak.Although the word “distant” is inappropriate here,because after passing the midpoint, the time will become spiritual.However, from the perspective of linear time, the world is now at the end of the kingdom of the first beast coming out of the sea.

The New World Order was like a global rehearsal, so to speak.This is only half a kingdom of the antichrist.The Freemasons plan to implement entirely their project after passing the midpoint, after the Day of Judgment and other events,that is to say, when the world will pass into a state of the Seventh Day.However, the preparatory work has already begun. This is exactly what the Freemasons announce to the whole world through the show “The Saint Gotthard”.

The projects of the Messianic kingdom, as well as of the kingdom of antichrist, are realized throughout the eschatological period.However, they are designed at the beginning of the Sixth Day.Therefore, there is a mail coach that passes before our eyes.The cabman blows a horn, as if to announce to the whole world that the Sixth-Seventh Day has already happened:“The inhabitants of the planet welcome to the Apocalypse!”

Scene № 2. The column of the Sixth Day is shown here.This is the second scene that presents an image of the beginning of the Sixth Day, the start of the eschatological period.Here is showed the true state of humanity, our modern days.The world is still in a state of anabiosis of the Fifth Day.The matrix of the New World Order is still running at full capacity and the mind of humanity is still in deep sleep.However, we can see that a tall man, with a white helmet on his head, stands out from the general mass.This is an image of the energy of the Rider on a white horse.This is a Chosen One, through whom the Orthodoxy will reborn and the Holy Russia will gather in the Messianic kingdom.Therefore, this character is placed in the fifth row of the far right rank.Here is the royal place, so to speak.Here, the five energies of being are gathered in whole.

The mind of the Chosen One matured to the integral state of the Eighth Day, that is why he wears a white helmet on his head.The Chosen One is not only an individual, but rather a soborial process. This is an image of awakening of the Holy Russia.The image of the first true Christians of the 21th century, the Christians-confessors of the faith.Those who began to come out from the monstrous darkness of the Masonic matrix.This character also symbolizes our Project, the efforts of all those who does not lay downan official system.Who could break free from the tenacious fetters of the consumer welfare, as well as from the swamp of the synodal rituals, killing, at the very root, all the living faith. Therefore, these pioneers of Holy Russia were the first who managed to come out of the rabbit hole. They climbed higher than others and began to see the situation in its true light. However, they have not completely liberated and continue to simultaneously execute actions with the crowd. The total liberation will come later, and we’ll see how this tall man, in a white helmet, will organize events of the Sixth Day.

On the cover of your favorite magazine “The Economist”, the energy of the Chosen One is shown a little differently. We have already talked about it. Here are shown various aspects of the Chosen One: he is a teenager with a white unicorn on the head, which is a symbol of the energy of the Rider on a white horse, he is also a cyclist - an image of the man who creates the events of Sixth Day.

The hands of the dark forces are tied; they cannot realize their projects, because the energy of the Sixth Day is first poured into the church, and only then are launched different historical processes, and the forces of darkness have an opportunity to shred the world. Therefore, the Rothschild are impatient and complain, through this cover, that we are working poorly, pedaling too slowly, and all their projects are in a state of stagnation because of this. The man with a briefcase is still another aspect of the Chosen One. This is a man with the Project of God about the creation of the universal messianic kingdom.

Thus, on the cover of the magazine “The Economist” as well as in the show “The Saint Gotthard” is told the same story, based on the Biblical prophecies of the eschatological period.

The workers in orange jumpsuits, walking by irregular ranks of five persons, represents the energy of being. Its five main streams, like the five fingers: physical, mental, spiritual, original and thumb which identifies an integral state of the world.

In the state of orange Sixth Day, the streams have already gathered together, but they have not yet gathered in whole. This requires a man, through whom the earth and heaven will gather in whole. On the side of the Orthodox Church, there is the God-man Jesus Christ, through Whom all five streams of natural energy will gather in an integral Messianic kingdom. On the side of free-masons will be an antipode, the man of sin, through whom the five energies, which are artificial and against nature, will also gather in an integral kingdom. Our Kingdom will be eternal, built for Eternity. The business of Freemasons will go from bad to worse. Their system will constantly fail and go out of control, until they will ruin the whole universe. Then the Lord will stop all this mess and the antichrist will be eliminated forever. Nevertheless, the free-masons do not say a word about this sad end of the Masonic project, in their show. In all modesty, the freemasons prefer to keep silent on this point.

During the passage of the column through the space of the scene, we can see that there is a movement in the opposite direction, on the upper lateral levels. If we consider the whole picture, we can see two circular currents. In this way, the authors of this mystery represent a process of spiritual revival of the church which will start with the restoration of the circulation of energy. Here, the flow path is similar to the energography of the icon “Ascension”, which we have recently reviewed.

The upper level is heaven, the stage is earth. In the following scenes this idea will be furtherdeveloped and will get a more concrete form.



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