Still a hundred years ago, humanity has been stamped with the seal of the beast...

How did this bunch of evil geniuses manage to dive the whole planet in the darkness of insanity, to confine all humanity in the rabbit hole? Through the Looking-Glass or the Matrix of the New World Order is an artificial system that acts on the spiritual and mental energies of man. All our thoughts are woven of these energies, because it is about the subconscious mind or the heart, which precedes thought. The mind creates thought forms. Thus, the matrix reverses and blocks this energy, literally, like a teapot lid. And all our thoughts are trapped: our mind begins to boil in itself and cannot go beyond its "Me".

The information from external spiritual sources, that is to say, from the Holy Spirit, fails. The man is not able to think in global categories, to understand the great and important things. It is not able to grasp concepts such as God, Creation, world history, people and culture. His mind is just not able to contain these notions. And people become petty, limited, and selfish. The petty thinking generates appropriate actions and the world begins to fragment and disintegrate because of it.

Kir Bulychev, who drew inspiration from Jewish wisdom, shows the principle of action of the matrix in his famous cartoon "The Mystery of the Third Planet". This is a ship of two captains and two captains are not only two men in blue overalls. This is the Wisdom and Reason of God. Thus, the ship landed on a cover of a trap that turns and the energy of the Orthodox Church is locked in a dungeon, like a rabbit hole. Since, Holy Russia is deprived of the energy of God the Word. In cartoon, this force is symbolized by a bird talker, characterized by wit and cleverness, as you know.

The trap slammed shut and the Russian people lost their spiritual mind and intelligence; they became stubborn and silent. They ended up in captivity of "Space Pirates". "The Mystery of the Third Planet" is, in fact, a cartoon on the mystery of the enslavement of the Russian people.

Now everyone thinks backwards, spiritual and mental energies are reversed and looped so that the life of the people turns around, like a spinning top, that all efforts do not lead to the desired result: "Here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" (Lewis Carroll " Alice in Wonderland ").

If the flow of spiritual energy is reoriented, directed towards the earth and not towards Heaven, as it should be, then the spiritual life turns into a running on the escalator. The escalator goes down, while you need to run upstairs. If we stop for a second, all efforts vanish and man finds himself rejected on his old positions, or even lower. Therefore, our people constantly repent of their sins, the grace disappears quickly, and if we manage to achieve something, we have to deploy considerable efforts.

The principle of operation of the matrix, transforming the planet into a global madhouse, is represented in the famous symbol of the Illuminati, the radiant delta. Here is the whole force of the New World Order. The Eye in the triangle has always been an occult symbol. This is a real mark of the antichrist, the spiritual seal of the first beast "coming out of the sea." Still one hundred years ago, mankind has been stamped by this seal which remains until now in the heart of almost every person. Because of this, such a mess reigns in the world, everything is upside down.

The radiant delta originally appeared in the Masonic Catholic orders. Later, during the reign of Peter I, it penetrated into Russia, along with the spread of Freemasonry. In fact, the Christians of ancient time had never a mark like this and could not have it. The Orthodox "all-seeing eye" looks like this. As you can see, it has nothing to do with it. And if we consider this symbolism from the perspective of the flow of spiritual energy, we’ll obtain diametrically opposite systems. We will return to this question in a special issue, as it is just shown here a system that reverses our thinking. For now, let’s talk about general issues.

Thus, the radiant delta reflects the principle of the inverted spiritual thought, which creates, in the hearts and minds of billions of people, a false image of God, an image of the antichrist. This system works so that man is absolutely and sincerely convinced, with all his being, he worships the true God, the true Christ. While, in fact, from the perspective of the natural spiritual processes, he is artificially brought into a state of deep bewilderment. And all his prayers, his thoughts are not directed toward God, really existing God, but to a simulacrum of God, created by his own mind, his own heart. Almost the whole Church is in this state.

Now almost every Orthodox man has generated, in his heart, his own image of Christ, so that he lives quietly in this world and consider being perfectly orthodox. However, each tree is known by itsown fruit, and we can see that is no unanimity in the Church, or soborial unity, neither love, because people do not know the true Christ. Now, how many parishioners are in the church, almost so many Christs are in everyone's mind. In other words, the vast majority believe in the antichrist, in reality.

As we can be seen from the movie "The Matrix", this is done artificially. Thus, it is possible to play back the situation. We need to return to our previous positions, to go beyond the line of the “The place of the skull, where Adam was and find the right path that leads to a single, unique and true Christ.


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