Further, we can see a man, a supervisor in uniform, in cap, with a pistol and a dog; the dog starts barking: "wow". What does that mean? Again, this symbol is revealed through the understanding of the normal system, but mirrored; God created man in His image, free, whereas we see here a guard who keeps this dog on short leash and forces it barking and whining. Obviously, the dog barksnot from good life; in fact, in the normal situation, Christ the good shepherd, seeks every sheep to save it and is ready to give His life for each sheep. But here the situation is diametrically opposite, and instead of God, we see the supervisor, who is the antichrist, he has a gun, he is angry, he does not like people, keeps them on short leash and forces them, all the time, to do something against their will; that's the antichrist.

And the goat, in fact, is deeply unhappy, his conscience is under influence of a spiritual technology; it no longer lives its own life, it is not even human any more. Whoever receives the seal ceases to be a human being and will not be able to repent and have a chance to go back; it's for eternity.

We can also pay attention to this mark, made by a dirty painting, as if someone scribbled something with a brush. What does this represent? On this kennel, we can see two symbols. First, in the upper left corner, there is a vertical line with two bands diverging aside, secondly, directly on the kennel, from which appears later the head of the goat, there is a sign which look like a sickle, it is a symbol. Whatdoesthatmean?

The sickle means that the animal has no brain, that is to say, it sticks his head out of a holewith a sickle sign. We cut with a sickle, as you know, and we see a representative, an image of a brainless creature; the modern humanity is, in fact, this brainless goat. The sign with vertical line; the vertical line always means a basic power, the same power of Heliofant, the power of the Eucharistic ascension on which is built the world politics, the spiritual life of each person, everything in the world. But, obviously, it is built in distorted way, so we can see that from this vertical line depart two smaller stripes. What does it mean? They mean exactly the two fundamental forces of the New World Order, by means of which all this theatre of the 20th century was played.

This force is artificial good and artificial evil. These humans or rather not humans, called also reptilians, had created by means of different crap, imposed by literature and world cinema, a false notion of good and evil, and as a result of the consumption of these poisoned hamburgers, the humanity built in its heart, a false Heavenly Kingdom which is nothing other than the kingdom of antichrist, a spiritual concentration camp, a kennel in which our heart is transformed into a goat, not into God.

I think it's clear what it the meaning of snow; the snow is a symbol of spiritual hibernation. Our blessed life is frozen, chained by the demonic forces, all humanity is under their influence, and it is important to understand that we should not have illusions, once we are Orthodox, we are not concerned. No, my friends, as you can see it concerns everyone, such ugliness is in every heart, absolutely in every heart. If you did not have this system, you would see what I see. You could understand how all is arranged, but the modern humanity is blind; this movie stays for several years on the Internet. I read some analytical attempts to decipher it, but they are far from what is actually said. It’is not serious.

The movie is based precisely on the Orthodox Eucharistic symbolism, because in the Orthodox Eucharist is the true God, this is the Truth. It is impossible to build something real on nonsense on earth, do you understand? The truth is only in Russian Orthodox Church, anywhere else, so the new world order is based on orthodoxy, on pure orthodoxy, distorted afterwards, but it is built directly on Christ. That's how everything is cunningly arranged. And we all need to cleanse this shit, because the whole world, the Creation is the Body of Christ. Remember, that every time we prepare for Communion, we read the Psalm 23. There are such words in the Psalm that the earth belongs to the Lord, and all that inhabits the universe belongs also to the Lord. In our world, there is no place for demons, for this devilry.

What new world order? Friends, please, wake up! What are you talking about?

It’s too early to give up! We must get to work! We must take a large broom and clean all this shit!

And to put things in order, we must restore communication with God, that's all; the Lord will give us strength and mind, as well as abilities, and everyone will understand what to do. That's how many interesting things can be told only on a single frame. This language is symbolic; it was the main means of communication with God in our Orthodox Church before. It is lost, nowadays. Now, this powerful weapon is in the hands of the antichrist. Can you imagine? In other words, the antichrist built a new world order by means of the Orthodoxy, and we are all idiots, sitting in this cage, in this goat’s kennel. It is time to get out.




# Psalm 23Samarpan Thorat 2017-05-14 18:28
May the God of Psalm 23 bless you abundantly.
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