Let us return to the primary question, which was at the origin of the theme about Lewis Carroll. What is the meaning of all this composition of two apple halves, a lotus and a shoe with metal toe cap? Here is symbolically shown the essence of future events that will occur during the Sixth-Seventh day. Consequently, the initials of Lewis Carroll are stylized in the figures 6 and 7.

The apple represents the Divine Wisdom on which is based the earthly kingdom. “In wisdom, Yahweh laid the earth's foundations, in understanding he spread out the heavens”. Wisdom and intelligence are the main forces through which the Lord created the universe.

The hand symbolizes an energy or action. In one hand of the Almighty is the force of reason, in the other - the force of wisdom. From reason comes Heaven, from wisdom - the earth. Wisdom is a form, reason - content.

Snow White with an apple symbolizes the true wisdom and knowledge that are only in the Orthodox Church. And the Illuminati, themselves, tell us about it. The truth is only in Orthodoxy. The golden circle is, on the one hand, a symbol of the church and the New Testament mystical space, and, on the other hand, we can see that the people are outside this territory. And instead of copious heavenly bread, as it happens before, people get a tiny stub of grace nowadays. It is this small smear of gold, which is outside the circle.

The New Testament energy is barely present and the pulse is very weak; thus, all figures are in passive positions. People are frosted, impersonal and wrapped in barbed wire. This is an illustration of the Babylonian spiritual captivity in which Russia ended up. However, Snow White, as we can see, renounces to appleand helplessly releases it from the hands. Here is shown the situation of present time. The truth has already come out in the light of God, the truth that synodal system is a falsification, it's a Zionist project. Then, the official church will not accept this uncomfortable truth, which destroys all their comfortable life.

They will naturally rush to defend their status of people teachers, and will pretend that the results of our researches are delirious. And thus they will definitivelyrenounce Divine Wisdom. It’s precisely at that moment that the grace will be completely removed from synodal system and present church will definitely turn into Carabas Barabas Theater.

Then we see that apple rolls on the Masonic checker boarded floor, and it is accompanied by searchlight beam. It is about the development of our Project, the awakening of the living faith and the restoration of communication with the Holy Spirit, the restoration of Divine Wisdom and symbolic theology.

A whole team of guys from Zion’s wisdom "fan club" are closely watching all our gestures. They have anthropological maps on which they are tracking the stages of our spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.

They need information on the Sixth-Seventh Day that can only be obtained by mastering the energy of the Liberator from Zion. They cannot ride this horse themselves, because they are under a curse, so they look forward to the results of our Project.

Zion’s guys were very disappointed last year when we improperly handled the energy of the mystical door. You see how everything is sizzling, with continuous interferences; the phone is out of service. The inscription contains an encrypted formula of the inverted movement of energies.

« LDL, VeNmO mE »

« LOL, pnevmo me (spirit to me) »

« 101, spirit from me!!! »

Old Rothschild literally told us, with supplicating voice: "Damn, what are you doing?! It's not the right way to do it. Stop pulling the door leaf! It opens in the opposite direction." This is the meaning of the riddle, once decrypted.

Well, so that we are moving on the cases of the Masonic cooling system. We restore historical truth; we learn to see God and hear His voice, and to glimpse the future. And when all the puzzles will gather in the whole, then we will get a whole apple, a complete picture of everything that happens, has already happened and will happen yet; the Project of God in its entirety. Then, the history will divide into two directions. Therefore, the apple is divided into two halves. The separation and exodus will start.

The new holy people of God will gather, from two halves of heaven and earth, in integral Messianic Kingdom. Therefore, two sprouts are gathered into the lotus, in color of the morning star. It is a symbol of Eucharistic energy, the symbol of the "Kings coming from the Orient".

In parallel, begins the process of formation of the kingdom of the antichrist. There will be no antichrist right now, please stop all speculations on this subject. The antichrist system will start to be formed only after the third world war. It will take shape from the post-apocalyptic chaos, and all this will happen in the outside world, separated from the Messianic Kingdom.

The second half of the apple, on which falls the shadow, shows precisely the system of the second beast, which appears after the collapse of the first beast, that is to say, after the destruction of the current New World Order. The kingdom of the antichrist will remain cut off from Heaven, it will not grow from two halves, and it will not be integral. It will exclusively come out from the earth, from the same checkerboard. The foot exactly symbolizes a flow of energies that comes out from the earth, and the second beast, as we know, is also coming out of the earth.

Zion’s guys intend to work in the old fashioned way. They will monitor what happens in Holy Russia, and form their own system in mirror. The shadow falling on lotus symbolizes exactly this technology. The forged end of the shoe represents the nature and principles of formation of the kingdom of the antichrist: violence, hatred and iron.

People will be attracted in this system by all sorts of technological tricks and money, which is the most important energy in the world order cut off from God's grace. Therefore, under the shoe, placed on the checker boarded floor, we can see a coin of Her Majesty. The center of the Masonic world order is in the United Kingdom.

Then, the camera leaves the school space, symbolizing the New World Order, and the exodus events begin. The Psalm 23 speaks about opening the door of Eternity; it is a symbol of the restoration of the proper movement of spiritual and mental energies, then occurs the exodus from the Babylonian captivity and the recovery of spiritual vision, hearing and thinking. Then, different events of the Sixth Day will start that will result in a collapse of the New World Order civilization. As you can see, Zion’s guys are very well informed about what will happen and how. But we have our own path. We sorted out, more or less, with the energies. Thus, the exodus will start still this year. It so happens.




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