How Jews have build, for several centuries, the kingdom of the Jews to finally build the Holy Russia.

We'll talk a little more about Masonic dark energies. We should restore the divine order on the planet, so it is important to understand who and how managed to disfigure it. We must go to the end of the matter, and then we will proceed to the most interesting things: we will assemble, from the energy of light, the sun of our sobor.

Lewis Carroll is the author of numerous puzzles and paradoxes. One of the best known is: "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" The raven is a scavenger. It is a symbol of the power of destruction, suffering and death. These are the main forces in the system of Jewish Masonic "wisdom", which are represented by the letter "G". The table means the Throne of the Kingdom of Christ, the same throne that is in the altar. It is a symbol of the Messianic Kingdom. In this rebus, it is about a logical paradox; the centuries-old Jewish destructive activity will lead, finally, to a diametrically opposite result, to the appearance of the Messianic Kingdom. From logical standpoint, there is nothing in common between darkness and light. «What can light and darkness have in common? How can Christ come to an agreement with Beliar and what sharing can there be between a believer and an unbeliever? » (2 Corinthians 6:14-15).

Nevertheless, « however much sin increased, grace was always greater » (Romans 5:20). In process of achievement of the fullness of evil, when its level rises to the Throne of God, the situation reverses in the universe: the entire Jewish project will invert at the very bottom, while the Holy Russia will reborn from the ashes and rise to the height of Zion.

The overturning upside down will happen in the shortest time, quite instantly, by historical standards. In fact, the monstrous crimes, organized by Jews, are just a spring, by which is charged the catapult of Holy Russia. We’ll try to understand what Lewis Carroll could not comprehend.

Through the mouth of the Mad Hatter, he says that he has no idea what is common between the forces of destruction and the Kingdom of Light. Of course, the darkness does not create Light. The Bulgakov’s knight paid such a big price for this pun; it was so unfortunate joke.

In reality, everything remains in place. The darkness feeds on evil and the light rises to God; nothing is mixed. It is quite another thing. It turns out, in fact, that after creating their genius system of evil, Jews generated a universal monster that feeds on infernal energies. This is the same "beast coming out of the sea." And this monster sucked, like a vacuum cleaner, all imaginable and unimaginable sins of the entire world. Therefore, to escape the power of disintegration, it’s just necessary to leave the system. In this consists the exit from the Babylonian captivity.

The Messianic Kingdom is the New Testament territory, free from any form of disintegration. Because the Jews scrupulously collected all infernal energy of the universe, literally with broom, and packaged it in their so loved New World Order.

In fact, God created His new holy people by the hands of the Jews. The more is the evil in the world, the more oppressive and uncomfortable is the life, the more mature is desire of Russian people, such a prodigal son, to return to his Father's house. Thus, the Freemasons believe that the existence of evil is justified. This idea is stated in the well-known paradox of Goethe's Mephisto who eternally wills evil and eternally acts well. This idea is a cornerstone of the Masonic philosophy. It is difficult to refute it, at first glance. Thus Freemasons justify their destructive activity. Nevertheless, in reality, they do not contribute, in any way, to the establishment of good. Their positive role consists in something different: they are scavengers.

Over its 100 years reign, the Jewish kingdom engulfed all the shit of the Orthodox Church, Russian people and the entire universe. That is why the Lord did not interfered in their intentions, and allowed them defeating the Saints, strangling Russia and keeping the Russian people in a freezer for 100 years. Because the search for a way out of the trap became a "crucible" where was born the nation of the "Kings coming from the Orient."

The Babylonian captivity, the incredible spiritual hunger created conditions for a huge tension of spiritual and intellectual forces, for courageous leap into the highest heights. The noble deer, storming heaven, from which escape the flames of grace, is a symbol of those "who seek the face of the God of Jacob." And on this heroic path was forged a new kind of man, a man of the Messianic Kingdom, that finds God not by external learning, as it was the case 2,000 years ago, but by internal personal search of the Holy Spirit and by gaining the living Christ, contrary to the whole world. Contrary to the state, church, relatives and friends, all authorities, despite his own doubts and the entire universe "Through the Looking-Glass" which rages and throws all its resources to divert from the right way, confuse, mislead, intimidate and destroy him.

And whoever wins this incredibly unequal fight becomes the man of royal sanctity, capable of going against the world and defeating it. Thus the famous puzzle of Lewis Carroll is not resolved in the way presupposed by its author with Masonic vision. Evil, in any way, is not a force of formation of the Kingdom of Light; there is no paradox in rebus. Because the energy of disintegration is a force of purification, it is not a force of creation.

The infernal forces consume products of their own production: all rots, diseases and purulent wounds, which stuck to the skin of the Russian people. The formation of Holy Russia begins where ends the decay of the forces of destruction. And theThrone of the King of Glory has nothing to do with the energies of black raven.

Now we proceed to the construction of the world where the destructive forces will be completely blocked. We have already started thinking in the categories of the New Testament that are inaccessible to the Jews; they have a big problem with it. They are not capable to think in the New Testament format, they cannot imagine the world without shadows. The world in which the shadow is not a shadow at all, but a different kind of light. They only have chess and cells in their minds. In our iconography, there are no shadows at all, because the energy of the New Testament is built on entirely different principles; and these principles are known only to us now.



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