Israel is a Project of God about the formation of the holy humanity of God (people of God or people of the Mother of God). Israel consists of all saved people, gathered for the construction of the eternal abode of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Israel is an Ark where are saved the nations. Previously, the bearer of this Ark was the people of Israel, which consisted of 12 tribes. After the scattering of Israel, the tribe of Judah, which was the most preserved, became the bearer of the Project of God. For this reason, the Project of God about the formation of the Holy Israel was called the Jewish project.

In fact, the Jewish people, after scattering, were composed of different tribes, not only of the tribe of Judah. For example, the apostle Paul was a Jew by faith (or Israelite), but by his blood he was from the tribe of Benjamin. John the Baptist was, by his father and mother, from the tribe of Levi. In other words, he was not Jew by blood.

Similarly, the Project of God is called Holy Russia by the Russian people. Although in biblical terminology, the Holy Russia is the spiritual Holy Israel (or the Messianic Kingdom). Thus, the project of the Holy Russia is considered Russian. Although this Russian Ark is created by God for all peoples. However, since the main bearers of the Project of God are Russians, the entire project is considered to be Russian.

At the time of the New Testament, the ancient Jews rejected the Project of God and the so-called baptized "pagans" became its new bearers. In fact, even the people originated from scattered tribes of Israel were considered as pagans. For example, the well known Samaritan woman, to whom Jesus spoke at the well, was from the tribe of Joseph. However, Jews deeply despised Gentile Samaritans, because they do not confess the true faith.

The Jewish people originated from Judah, son of Jacob-Israel. However, Jacob-Israel had another 11 sons who were not Jews. Moses was not a descendant of Judah, that is to say, he was not Jew. Moses originated from the tribe of Levi. Also, Moses was not the chief of the Jews: he freed from Egypt not the Jewish people, but the people of Israel (the Israelites), which were composed not only of the tribe of Judah, but also of 11 others tribes.

Adam was not Jew, and well as his wife Eva and his sons: Cain, Abel and Seth. Noah wasn’t Jew any more. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, this same Jacob who was named Israel, were not Jews.

Thus, Jesus Christ is the God of all mankind, of all Saint-Israel, of the Holy Russia or the Messianic Kingdom. These are synonyms. And when the apostle Paul spoke about Jacob to be saved (Romans 11:25), it was about all Israel, that is to say, all humanity, not just about Jews. After all, the Gentiles who have wholly come in, will also be included in Israel: «I want you to be quite certain, brothers, of this mystery, to save you from congratulating yourselves on your own good sense: part of Israel had its mind hardened, but only until the gentiles have wholly come in; and this is how all Israel will be saved. As scripture says: From Zion will come the Redeemer, he will remove godlessness from Jacob» (Romans 11:25-26).

And the Redeemer from Zion will be from the tribe of Dan. But that's another story) 



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