From the first frame, we see a fence as in concentration camp. This is a barbed wire fence, and it is under tension. Inside the area, fenced by barbed wire, is a strange cube-shaped box, such a kennel. Outside the territory of the camp, we see the light towers. In addition, the whole area is covered by snow; the action takes place in winter. What do the authors want to tell us from the first pictures of the movie?

Generally, in the language of symbolism, the most important information, to which is dedicated the whole work, is always presented at the beginning of the movie. This movie, through the language of symbolism, tells us the territory of our soul, our inner space, whose symbol is a concentration camp. Our heart is blocked by spiritual energies which are precisely represented by barbed wire under tension. Here is shown the same important principle we have mentioned several times, this is a principle of unity of external and internal.

The internal area of the concentration camp represents a space of our heart, and the area behind the fence, where we see a lamp, is a territory of the new world order, it is an outdoor space, a space of the modern civilization. The modern civilization is based on spiritual energies, that is why we can see a searchlight beam directed on the kennel from where emerges a goat later. This beam shows exactly that all which is external, the entire outside visible world is spiritual and woven from spiritual energies.

Everything we see in the outside space represents a kind of cake, a hamburger. At the base is Christ or antichrist. Then, there is a superstructure, various spiritual beings or high angelic hierarchy, the holy spirits or demons. Then, another floor is superimposed; it is already a floor of different images: artistic, literary, architectural and cinematographic. Everything that acts on sensual level, everything we can perceive with our sensual eyes and ears. The top floor is already the very external; it represents already all that is woven from matter. It is in this way that our world is structured.

Every phenomenon, absolutely every phenomenon, is a hamburger. Any human contact with the outside world is a consumption process of this hamburger. The hamburgers are not only composed of meat and bread. All that is around, absolutely everything is a hamburger. Imagine that we just walk on the street and see a very ugly building, and this building is projected, by spiritual energies, in our heart, and man becomes blunt. Here's how it works.

The human heart is in fact a spiritual transformer. All that is in the outer space, we take it inside, in our soul, and transform it into spiritual energy. And this spiritual energy represents, in fact, the content of our heart. So we can see a beam of light falling from the outside on the niche. So, it is shown here this principle that the outside world, by means of transformation into spiritual energy, symbolized by a beam, enters in our heart, in our inner space, and creates a niche in which live the goat. You probably know what a goat is, I guess.

This movie is dedicated to the theme of the antichrist. As you know, every man must be a lamb, the Lamb of God, as Christ. That's how God created us. And every man must build the Kingdom of Heaven in his heart. The Eucharistic Lamb is cut in the shape of a cube; a cube is cut from the prosphora. Why is it done so?

Because the cube symbolizes the Kingdom of Heaven. The beginning of the world is represented by the Lamb in the shape of a cube. The end of the world is represented by the Throne of God also in the shape of the cube. Thus, in normal situation, instead of the niche with a goat, we must have an image of the cube-shaped Kingdom of Heaven, with a Lamb inside. In the first place. In the second place, instead of a six lamp spotlight, on the territory of our soul, must be projected a nine lamps light, nine lamps. Do you visualize the nine particles prosphora on the diskos? On one side, there are nine particles, and what is beside? The cubic Eucharistic Lamb!

Thus, it is the same territory here, only this diskos, which symbolizes our inner space, is surrounded by barbed wire, that is to say, our heart is locked by a demonic spiritual energy, and such ugliness resides in our hearts, such a goat lives there now. Intheheartofeveryone, mydearfriends.

Then we see that the goat is under the influence of psychotropic substances, it is hypnotized; there are spirals in its eyes and it is dizzy; it turns its head which splits on three heads. Thus, the movie reveals the simple truth that, under the influence of demonic forces, the disintegration of our inner three-component system occurs.

As you know, man is composed of body, soul and spirit. And, nine particles represent precisely this system. It is a system of angelic hierarchy, and the angelic hierarchy is composed of spirits of God. For man has a spiritual thought, he must think within this system. Because our body is composed of multiple organs, countless cells, and all this is our organism. We feel ourselves the bearers of one body, as well as conceptual body of our soul, spiritual body of our soul, our reason, and our soul is a reason; it is made of something, in fact.

We do not think by ourselves, man thinks through the angelic forces. Our soul is, in fact, woven from angelic hierarchies, and man, absolutely every man, thinks through angels, and not by himself. Thus, the angels are divided into three hierarchies: the lower hierarchy allows us thinking in terms of visible and perishable world, the following hierarchy is responsible for creative thinking, and the third hierarchy is actually the bearer of spiritual through which man receives divine grace.

Thus, the third hierarchy is indeed a carrier of energy from which the human heart is created. If people are deprived of the angelic hierarchy, then man becomes an animal, a goat. And this number 666, that we see on the front; why is it on the forehead? This means that the human mind is stamped by this number. So, if man is deprived of the highest spiritual component, that is to say of his heart, by which is perceived the grace of God, it turns into beast. This is why the number 666 is called the number of the beast or the number of man. Because this number symbolizes man, transformed into a beast, a goat.

After, we can see a bell on the neck, well it is clear. The bell means we're being watched, that big brother has an eye on us; that's what the bell means. Then, the cubes fall, suddenly, and arranged in such a string. Well, the cubes, as we know, are related to man; cube is a symbol of man, and a symbol of Heaven. Therefore, this movie is dedicated to human nature and the Kingdom of Heaven, or rather the kingdom of the antichrist, of course, in this case. Then we see the Roman mark of number two, it is a seal of the beast. The Seal of the Holy Spirit is composed of three lines, because it is a Seal of the Trinitarian light; the antichrist makes his own seal, he cuts off man's heart, which is why there are only two lines. The same two lines, we can see them in the background where is situated a shopping centre; it has already emitted smoke, there is already all right, it will collapse soon. In other words, it is about present time, this global program was launched more than 10 years ago, which leads, in fact, to the reign of the antichrist. This is a pernicious program, very pernicious. We really need to unite to get out of this system, because everything is very bad in reality.



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