Ilya! Could you explain, please, what does the man in black symbolize in Westworld? He is the most charismatic caracter and his story is the most dramatic in the film. Though it is necessary to watch the entire season of the series to understand.


William and Logan represent a path of self-knowledge of mankind through the knowledge of good and evil. William is a path of knowledge through spiritual wisdom. Logan is a path of knowledge through carnal pleasure. This is why he always holds on to his fly. Finally, he finds himself deprived of everything and is thrown out of the park, bounded and completely naked. That is to say, Logan represents a hedonism, a consumer society, a waste of time and useless life that leads nowhere.

The strength of knowledge of spiritual wisdom is Masonic in the most cases. That is why William is a man in black. He is untouchable in the world of the Matrix. And he kills all the time a living church that is Dolores. But at the same time, he can not live without, and continually come back to her. Because in the artificial world, only Dolores can practice creative art (painting). Only the Church of Christ can cath the fresh fish, that is to procure the heavenly bread of Divine Wisdom.

Therefore, the authors of the television series are those "invisible thousand initiates" who spend their time in our Project. They adapt the ideas of our videos to their strategies of the future. We take images from their subjects, and they take from ours. Thus, look at the scene of the massacre in the farmer's house. Criminals can’t find anything but milk at Mr. Abernathy's (Dolores's father represents pirated Christianity). And there are tons of this milk. Milk is a symbol of the immature milky wisdom, the porridge by which are fed the liquefied minds of synodal theologians.

The initiates try to calculate the logic of God and to understand what He is about to do with this world. They try to settle the situation of the Sixth Day. They need to create an anthropomorphic creature "without a sixth vertebra", capable to resist the imminent catastrophe, survive the Day of Judgment, and eventually become a foundation for the next version of the Matrix of the new Babylonian prostitute (the world order of the second beast).

The scene of the pogrom in the city is the Day of Judgment. The gang of bandits with a leader in black (eight buttons is energy of the Eighth Day) and the blonde with a tattooed snake (gathered Logos) represent the third world war that the Freemasons are trying to modelize. The powerful of this world are testing one scenario after another, but it does not work. Each time something intervenes in the situation and the artificial energy of the pogrom is destroyed. Thus, in the first episode, we can see a couple of living tourists (male and female energy) in burgundy and with silly appearance. This is a force of the Orthodox Tsar, the bearer of which is our Project. We do not yet know our capabilities, and as by accident, we replaced Clinton by Trump and so on... Like stupid tourists, we broke into the Sion of the Freemasonic world order (Saloon with the bull head), and began to shoot all that moves. Destroying complex and laborious scenarios of globalists in such a way. The queen is horrified ...

Nobody can go against time. The power over the Sixth Day is in the hands of the Church. Therefore, it is finally our beautiful Alice who is rewarded by such a honorable mission. She reduces to dust the city and its inhabitants, the park and its organizers, the Matrix itself and its creator.

And in the end, for the oldness Masonic wisdom, that is for the old White, Dolores keeps the most important words: “Time kills even the most powerful. Look what he did with you! You're like everybody and you'll die. Your bones will decompose and turn into sand. And on this sand will pass the new God Who will never die”.




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