All nations living now or have already inhabited our earth, or those who have yet to come in this world, are a big family. Our Heavenly Father, who lives outside time and see the world in full and at once, in the blink of an eye, from the point of the world’s origin to the point of its end, perceives the history of mankind as a history of the growth of His own son.

Every father wants his son to follow in his footsteps and became heir of the cause, the enterprise, to which the Father has already devoted himself. The enterprise of God the Father is Creation of the world and He has prepared this inheritance for His children. However, to enter the joy of our Lord, it is necessary to mature to the level of the Father.

"Be perfect asyour HeavenlyFather." The sense of the spiritual life is reduced to two goals. First, we must learn to love and embrace the whole world, to take care of the entire universe as does God the Father. Secondly, we must learn to build our own world according to the commandments of God the Father, as Christ did.

These two aspects are the essence of what is called the Royal Priesthood. These two stages constitute the way of life of all the saints. Firstly, the growth is ensured by the knowledge of God, then the grace, from the interior excess, begins to spread out to the outside world and these people become the light of the world, that is to say, the pillars and crystallization centers of national life defined by divine order.

Today, the so-called anti-divine New World Order is installed almost on the whole earth. This is also done by the allowance of God. Apostasy and global rampant satanism, God allowed all these things for two reasons. First of all, our Heavenly Father is God of freedom, not coercion. For His part, He did everything to create a way of salvation, a way of gaining the Kingdom of Eternity, without restricting our freedom. The Lord of Peace was crucified and died for it. There is simply no greater sacrifice.

The modern New World Order is, in fact, a result of an absolute human willfulness;it is logical completion of the path of the Prodigal Son. The liberal civilization is a global pigsty, to which we have transformed our beautiful earth. A modern humanity is a homeless man who has squandered his father's heritage, dragging his muzzle in a stable and munching some genetically modified horns.

Secondly, humanity must pass, towards the end of history, an exam, a test that will show how we learned the commandments of our Saviour and if we are worthy to live together with Him in Eternity. To do this, in fact, God allowed the infernal forces to make completelydisappear from the face of the earth the Christian world order.

“It was allowed to make war against the saints and conquer them, and given power over every race, people, language and nation”(Apocalypse of Saint John 13:7).

And now, when humanity has passed its free-fall way almost to the very bottom, before the beginning of the global chaos, the Western civilization, which prevails all over the world, has degenerated to a state of Sodom and cannot offer to the world nothing other than total war. There is no alternative, currently. That is precisely now, when the son arrived at the end ofthe downfall, when there is actually no choice, we have to make this choice, and someone need to start moving in the opposite direction, in the direction of returning to Father's house.

The choice is very simple: either we'll die like the last cattle in electronic pigsty or will put ourselves on the path of confession, and will build on earth a system of life based on God'scommandments. In general, the situation is such that there is nobody, on the planet, to do it, except the Russian people. And thewhole world is looking at Russia with hope.



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