The obtaining of the Seal of the Living God, which gives to man a registration name in Heavenly Kingdom, consists in a cross-shaped knowledge of God the Verb. This is also an essence of coming era of universal preaching of The Gospel of the Kingdom. In the immediate future already, when our people will wake up from a hundred-year-old darkness, new apostles will appear, in a large number, and will preach the Kingdom of God which come with power. As said the apostle Paul: « For the Kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power ».

Nowadays, people are only talking about the Good News; there is no power in these words. The Church does not form candlesticks anymore which could shine in the whole world and gather the people around them. This happens because the people have not yet received the Seal of The Living God. The Seal seals the mind in a whole what allows to our internal divine child to grow up by leaps and bounds. Without Seal our mind is constantly disintegrating and spiritual growth does not occur. That is why the Seal is necessary. Today, we will examine the vertical link by which all celestial economy is assembled into a common well regulated system. So, the man receives Christ's Reason, begins thinking as God. Furthermore, to learn not only to think as God, but also to act as Christ, it is necessary to link, in a single system, all New Testament period. The time of earthly history is a field of action of God, of God’s power, which acts through the people of God, through the Church. Heaven is a mind, earth is an action. That’s when we will become the Kings from the East. God will hold us by right hand and the time of messianic mystical Kingdom, of Holy Russia will come.

Hence, the process of gathering the mind in a whole, on celestial vertical, consists in understanding that God the Verb contains all elements of being, created and uncreated. Christ is an Intermediary between all that exists, and all that exists begins from God the Father.

That is why, in system of Logos, there is first our Heavenly Father. From God the Father live, eternally and mysteriously, the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity beams a trinitarian pre-eternal light symbolized by a soaring eagle. The energy of the world has not entered into Creation yet, that is why the eagle is soaring. It is still above Creation. It is a state of pre-eternal Divine Council. From eagle follows the Vivifying Cross. Its symbol is an Asterisk, the Asterisk which opens. Here, the Lamb of God is immolated, so to say; the trinitarian light refracts and crosses. So, God’s power passes from uncreated state of pre-eternal rest to the state of creative action, to the state of vivifying Creation. That is why the Holy Trinity is called Vivifying.

From the Asterisk follows Heaven or the hierarchy of angelic forces. It is represented by nine particles disposed on diskos. The number 9 comes from the crossing of two rays of trinitarian light, two rays of Asterisk. Here the power of God passes into created beings, in Angelic forces. After Heaven follows the abyss of water.

It is the lower part of angelic world, where trinitarian light disintegrates to the state of absolute and infinite dissolution, the state of darkness above the abyss. In the top of Heaven is the entire light, it is the Lamb of God. And then the Lamb is immolated, refracts and dissolves entirely.

If the light is completely dissolved, then it turns into darkness. After the abyss of water, the direction of movement of the energy of Creation is changing. Now, it begins moving up and meets in material light. The Lord reveals a new world, as one might say, from the initial abyss of darkness. That is why the earthly energies are symbolized by a roaring lion. The lion also represents all conciliar processes. The kings are also lions, because they unite the people around them. Anyonewho unites is a lion.

Then follows an entirely formed material world, it is the Earth. After the Earth, God creates a speaking man and puts him above all Creation. The task of man is to produce a creative action: pronounce new words, and so, change the world. All force of Creation is put on his service, Angelic forces, as well as animals on the Earth.

Then follows a human generation or church. The task of church is to gather all Creation into a single divine-human council and bring it to God. The inner core of council is the same Lamb of God which each person is supposed to raise to the King of Glory in his heart. And thus is acquired the throne in the Kingdom of Christ. The external environment, in which meets all humanity, becomes the Veil of the Virgin Mary. That is why, Holy Mother of God follows afterwards, she gathers all Church, all Creation in single integral council.

And, by Her immaculate hands, she passes all universal church to His Divine Son. Here begins, a so-called Sanctuary. It is a domain which is above Angelic forces, above the Cherubs and Seraphs. It is a domain of absolute sanctity, domain of the throne of the Queen of Heaven, our Blessed Virgin.

Afterwards the Mother of God follows the King of kings, the Lord of lords. The Lamb, fragmented in a starting point of Creation, is now gathering, into Himself, all Creation into a whole. And by this, the disintegration, the power of death, are completely stopped in all universe. And Jesus Christ, God and man, becomes a Conqueror of the whole world.

It is, precisely, these senses that underlie the ritual of the Sacrament of the Eucharist which symbolically reflects two main aspects of being: firstly, the formation of Creation by means of the fragmentation of the Lamb on particles, the whole world is thus a fragmented body of Christ, and, secondly, the transfiguration of Creation, its revival by divine grace. It is realized by connecting all fragmented particles of the world, the human earthly world with Heavenly life of God. And this life of grace of God-man is contained in His blood. That is why, at the beginning of Divine Service, the Lamb is fragmented on particles.

Аt the end of the liturgy, we commune to this nature of God-man, but already in conjunction with His blood, and, by this very fact, we enter into union with Christ. It is only thanks to the Communion with supreme nature of God-man that we could receive the possibility to rise above the whole Creation, to the same divine level. And to learn the whole Creation and the whole God. Without Eucharist, it is impossible to rise to such height, not only to men, but also to Angels.

Thanks to our Savior, the human mind, enveloped in Christ, in Christ's Reason, is capable of rising up to the height of knowledge of the mystery of the Holy Trinity, up to the height of knowledge of divine life principles which are at the origin of Creation and under which is organized its being. Without our Savior, without Eucharist, without initiating our mind to Celestial Light, it is impossible to know the Holy Trinity. The earthly reason is not capable to grasp the categories of the Holy Trinity.

Finally, as a result of this Eucharist ascent, we rise, all together, with Christ, on the last height and we sit enthroned, as one might say, to the right of Father; we receive the possibility to stand, face to face, before our Heavenly Father and learn the main reason why God created our world: the Love of God.

And when the man knows this extraordinary Paternal Love, it means that, in his soul, Christ Christ reached the age of maturity. It means that this person accomplished his higher mission and received the throne in the Eternal Kingdom of the Holy Trinity. It means that the person inherited salvation, and even during his life on Earth, has already passed to the eternal life. The whole dynamics of Russian civilization was directed precisely to this end; that is why, the life of Russian people was extraordinarily interesting, mystical and luminous. But then, the satanists seized power over the Church and Russian world was plunged into apocalyptic eclipse.

The sun went as black as coarse sackcloth; the moon turned red as blood all over. The sun is Christ here; the moon is an orthodox Kingdom, the same crescent which is at the bottom of the cross under dome of church. Without this crescent, without the orthodox Kingdom, the existence of the Church is inconceivable. That’s what wasthe catechumenate in good old days, when everything was in order in the head of our theologians. We have only exposed the first part, how to link the celestial vertical. Concerning an earthly horizontal, how to link the time in a whole, we will talk about the next time.



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