There are some topics about which it’s not easy to talk, but necessary. Our Lord revealed His Name to our sobor. Now we know the meaning of the most specific and most important Name which gives birth to the very being, as well as to the Project of God. This name is Yahweh or the YHWH Tetragrammaton. This name is not pronounced, but it is understood. And if it is understood, it can be drawn and explained.

Thank God, our Project had been allowed to enter the field of the Eighth Day. Previously, our research steps were measured by days, and our attention was concentrated on what generally was happening in the Sixth-Seventh Day. After reaching the Eighth level, the situation has changed significantly. There is no separation in levels of being here. Now we have to walk through the entire universe. And it’s not even about walking, but doing a half-step and soaring in a flight of eternity, literally, like a soaring eagle. At this level, many surprising things began to reveal.The essence of the name Sabaoth has also been revealed to us. Now, we have to draw all this extraordinary beauty, expose and explain it in a comprehensible way, so that everyone could understand. Thus, the ends began to gather with the beginnings and form a unique and extraordinary pattern.

The history unfolds before our eyes. First of all, this pattern concerns the topic of the world’s creation, this same world in which we now live, in which occur historical events, and runs the entire history of mankind. On key issues such as: "Who are we really are and what is the universe?" We’ll have to considerably change our perception.

Well, it was a brief presentation on what is happening in our Project right now. It was necessary to say a few words, because the pause was a little tightened. It is not easy to regulate our ordinary consciousness to the perception of the categories of eternity. The new layer which has just been opened to us has a general character and concerns all our fields of research at once. Therefore, I don’t want to link it to any of the specific sections of our chain, and prepared a separate issue.

Well, after this issue can be viewed the fifth part of the decryption of the «The Economist» magazine cover.




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