How is acquired the grace of wisdom? Wisdom is knowledge. It is much easier to retain the knowledge than to make long-term achievements. To receive the sacral knowledge, no need to go to Mount Athos to make efforts for many years.


It is sufficient to sit at the feet of the Savior, like Holy Mary, and simply listen. Listen and remember. There is nothing simpler. We can teach the Wisdom of God as we want, literally, like any subject at school. Wisdom is a correct system of knowledge about the world, man and God. And if the man starts to think in the system of true ideas about the world, God and man, the Spirit of Truth comes to him, that is to say, divine grace is spread on him. And the light of grace of Christ Reason removes from the soul all darkness, sins and passions, all that poisons our lives. That's as simple as that.


And if we begin to move in this direction, without stopping, the aspiration for deeper purification of our soul awakens in us, because there is nothing sweeter, in the world, than the Divine Light. And now we have a natural and meaningful need to abandon the world’s lifestyle and to reject various earthly things, which previously were meaningful for us. And now we have no need in all these things, they become even disgusting for us. And then, already for natural reasons, because of natural evolution of soul, become indispensable and comprehensible the spiritual exploits: fast, prayers and all the rest. Thus, through the acquisition of Divine Wisdom, man receives the divine power to resist the world. He becomes like an invincible rock in a stormy ocean of humanity, in this madhouse.

Wisdom is simply knowledge and it is easy to acquire, because the knowledge is usually retained in our head for a long time, and if even we have problems with memory, it may be simply noted, it is all that needed. Man is alwaysthinking about something. When we begin to think about all kinds of stupidities, transmitted by mass media to modern man, the darkness of oblivion settles in the soul. Man forgets the divine light and his life becomes dark. If we are thinking about the sacral knowledge, the grace comes.


This is the most simple and effective method to acquire holiness which is suited to the laics. That is why this simplest way of salvation was destroyed by Freemasons. It was a main weapon of our Church, the Wisdom of God.The acquisition of God's wisdom begins by an integral understanding of the Project of God the Word. And this initial knowledge of the Project is called the catechumenate. Initiation is knowledge.


It is only after the understanding of a complete picture of the dispensation of God's Word, in its full extent, that man, in ancient church, was admitted to the Sacrament of Baptism, where a spiritual conception of Divine Child occurred. A small grain of Savior, animated by Holy Spirit, was implanted, so to say, in the soul of a newly baptized. And then, man receivs the opportunity to communicate with the Holy Spirit, and thereby earn the Heavenly bread to feed his Divine Child, a little God. That's howeverything happened. And the essence of ancient apostolic initiation consisted infamiliarizationwith the home-building, with the plan of home-building of God the Word, from the moment of His conception until the fullness of the King of Glory who Ascended into Heaven and is Seated at the Right Hand of God the Father Almighty. The man, in this process, is the environment in which Christ was growing. And this inner human space, prepared for the growing of God, is symbolized by diskos, that is why the Asterisk, placed above the diskos, also symbolizes the creche with the newborn Savior. Here is a simple symbolic system on which is based, in the same vein, the structure of the whole liturgical life. The same system of symbols is used Everywhere.


We can compare the process of knowing God with a packaging. First, the box is wrapped vertically, then horizontally, and, therefore, the whole world meets in the whole that is God the Word, the Logos. The box, in this case, represents the Divine Wisdom, that is to say, our goal: to gather, in a whole, all mystical Wisdom of God and then we will know God the Word in His integrity. The symbolism of the Church is built on these senses.

Let’s us admit that the Lamb and the Throne are, somehow, a box of Wisdom which is first fragmented in a cross-shaped way and thus appears all Creation; at the end of the way, all is assembled, also in a cross-shaped manner, in the whole God the Word. And the world, literally, is tied, so to say, in the whole, in the King of Glory in our mind. This idea is concretely reflected in the structure of Throne. The lower habit symbolizes the beginning of Creation that is an immolated Lamb before the world’s beginning; it is a first garment in which we have to clothe. It is a habit of the Lamb’s conception or the habit of the plan of knowledge of God the Word.


The upper garment is golden royal brocade; this is already the King of Glory, the end of the way. The lower garment is bind by a special cord called "vervie" and that cord, whose length is 40 meters, symbolizes exactly the world tied in a whole, because the number 40 is a number of the universe, the number of its four floors. These are four tetramorphs intersecting together, and, ultimately, the world met in a whole. That is why the knowledge of Divine Wisdom begins by an integral knowledge of God the Word.


The garment of the Wisdom of God has two belts that form the cross: one belt passes vertically, the other - horizontally. Wisdom holds also the second belt in its hand. The hand is a symbol of action. Therefore for the grace might be spread out, we must use Wisdom. We must get involved it in the discussions, not simply collect some information. We must constantly aspire to knowledge of the sacral mysteries, this is how God will reveal them and grace will spread out at the same time. It operates on a well-known principle: "Come and see." If you are moving, new horizons will open to you and you'll see things, if you do not advance, you will see nothing.


This wisdom, which is linked on vertical, is a blue pad; this is the knowledge of the spiritual structure of Creation, knowledge of the Celestial Church. It is a way of God the Father and the beginning of the world which is the Lamb of God who grows to the King of kings, Lord of Glory who sits at the right hand of God the Father. This way contains about 14 elements successively arranged, whereby a circle is formed. The Wisdom, which is bonded at horizontal, is a red pad. It is knowledge of the Earth Church, the knowledge of the history of the New Testament from the Nativity of Christ until the Second Coming. Thus, the essence of the ancient apostolic initiation is reflected in the symbolism of a halo in vault of the Savior.


The way of transfiguration of the mind and the homebuilding of God the Word begins with learning of the life of Jesus Christ. The being of God-Man takes place on two levels: on the celestial vertical, God created the universe by means of His angelic forces. It is created through a whirl, it is the main structure. It is represented, in particular, on the ancient Coptic fresco. This is a Monastery of Saint Anthony the Great. The semi-oval with fourteen elements in seven points is a basic structure of the universe that our minds should contain.

We need to understand how the universe goes from nothingness to being and how God directs all household. On the earthly horizontal, God acts, by His human being, inside the universe, everything is God. God is the World, God is everything that is happening inside the world.


This isthe totalityof all time, the history of the Church, which needs to be also linked in a whole. And on the Coptic fresco, the horizontal connection of time in a whole is represented by sun and moon placed horizontally, it is a time. And this is the time of action of Eucharistic power of the Savior which acts in God's Church. Its symbol is the White Horseman of the Apocalypse. And the name of the Horseman is only known by the Horseman himself and God, because this Horseman is an adult Jesus Christ, living and acting inside the holy people of God.

Therefore, in order to learn the name of the Horseman, we must grow to adult Christ; that is why it is said that his name is God the Word. We must grow up to God the Word to learn the name of God. In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God.



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