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“No one has gone up to heaven except the one who came down from heaven, the Son of man; as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so must the Son of man be lifted up so that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him” (John 3:13-15).

Oh, what I issued, my hands have written... Today, I received, in my private mail box, a few questions on the same subject, the tribe of Dan. That's what is written:

This is a tricky subject, we’ll return to it someday. It's a real puzzle with lots of subtleties. So many stupid things are told on this subject because of the lack of knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Briefly, our tsars, in the maternal line, originate from the tribe of Dan. So is my name. It is a royal blood, which has the blessing to judge the nations. The Danites possess the grace of wisdom. The Danites are wise (like serpents). Therefore, the world is always ruled by the blood of Dan. They are tempted by their wisdom and start to rebel against God. But from this same wisdom, they repent and "put the serpent upon a pole of Moses," as well as the Son of Man goes up to Heaven. So mankind will be saved (by sacred wisdom). And now the blood of Dan will judge Israel, will bite Masonic riders, so that they will fall off backwards.

We walk on the heels of the New World Order. We persecute their satanic wisdom; we bite them in the heart and all their projects fall off backwards. They are the riders now, while we are creeping serpents. It’s because we only begin coming out of the Babylonian darkness. But we will go up and destroy their riders. We are the vipers and they cannot escape our bites. That is what Dan’s blood. And the Illuminati are aware about it.

We bite them thanks to the wisdom of Dan, that is to say, the web technologies which come "from the north" (Daniel). And this weapon is the only thing that has the army of Christ + help of God. We have nothing else. Therefore, it is said that Dan will bite and “I hope for your salvation, O Yahweh!” Only the Word of Truth, preached by means of Dan’s technologies and hope in God, that's all we have. These words are about it. The orthodox people and all people who are not indifferent, all our patriots who use the Internet to condemn the damage caused by the Babylonian prostitute, all these people operate in the format of the energy of Dan.

The Antichrist will originate from the wisdom of Dan’s electronic technologies. It will be half-cyborg half man. This is not our path. The path of Christ's army is as follows: we use Dan’s web technologies, we use the blood of the wisdom of Dan, all this for Preaching, for the resurrection of Holy Russia and the establishment of the Messianic Kingdom. But we will renounce to Dan technology, all this scrap (we will burn for seven years) and all those who enter the Messianic Kingdom will constitute the new priesthood, the Levites of the New Testament. This is why the tribe of Dan is replaced by the tribe of Levi in the Apocalypse. The technologies of "the wisdom of the North" will be replaced by natural life-giving spirit of God.



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Нет, ну только посмотрите, как сейчас можно не вставая с дивана денег заработать->
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