Good intentions are not enough. The humanity sealed God in its matrix, and continues to do so. You have only half the truth, because you do not know how to get out of the matrix, how to place all things from head to foot. God is not within the heart, but before the face of man in the New Testament space. We are all in inverted state. And all discussions about the acquisition of spirit in our heart are exactly an effect of matrix which kills the connection with God. This is a pure selfishness, installed at the most basic level. That’s how the things are cunningly arranged.

The sixth day has arrived and the exodus from the Babylonian captivity comes with. Whoever wants to awaken, will do it. For this, we must re-establish a spiritual sacrifice, in soborial way, on the altar of the Temple of the New Testament. This is a Mount Zion that is not of this world. And you're right, Andrew, when you say that the Kingdom of Christ is not of this world. However, this world is not in the heart of man, but in front of him. There we raise the sobor offerings. Only after this offering, the Lord comes to live in your heart. If you seek a kind of love through its acquisition in your heart, this is nothing but the spirit of the Antichrist, because the substitution is done at the most basic level.

We must restore a bloodless sacrifice made in the Spirit of Truth. This is the most important thing in the universe, at this moment.



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