The spiritual world of holiness is a Kingdom of Wisdom, so the largest temples were erected to the Wisdom of God, in ancient times. Now it is necessary for us, a disunited army of Christ, to build, firstly, a temple of Divine Wisdom in our soul.

We should have a main subject, the highest and unique, not football or politics, but a subject about a magnificent life of spiritual forces. Imagine for a second what amazing creatures we are, what extraordinary mystery is hidden in us, how mysteriously we are settled that every Orthodox person could become a supreme being by the grace of God! Why there is no movement in this direction in our Church?
We should be able to contemplate the spiritual battles that occur in the invisible world, to participate, to help Heavenly army. The Archangel Michael could have rid our planet of all this ignominy, a long time ago, as he did in his Heavenly Kingdom, but the earthly kingdom is given in management to man; angels and saints can only help.
Who are Angels and how they live in the spiritual world? Generally, after centuries of well pushed Masonic activity, humanity imagines Angels mainly as anthropomorphic creatures. Even if they are composed of spiritual energies, people have, in their heads, the images of creatures with wings, feet and hands. This is absurd, in fact.
Angels are as unimaginable, as a thought. Angels are an invisible flow of spiritual light that does not have physical parameters. Angels are highly spiritual thoughts and ideas. The Kingdom of Heaven, compared to us, humans, is divided into two types of angelic forces: angels of questions and angels of responses. That's all. The red cherub is an angel of questions. The blue angel is an angel of answers. The red angel comes from the Son of God, the blue angel comes from the Holy Spirit.
The question comes first, and then follows the response; that is why the preaching of the Word comes first, and then follows its comprehensionby the Holy Spirit, an understanding of the responses given to domestic issues. When we ask a question about a mystery of the invisible world, we immediately come in contact with an angel of questions that creates instantaneously, in the space of our soul, a corresponding element of the Kingdom of Heaven; it prepares, so to speak, a cell for another angel, so that an angel of responses could put his brick in it.
That's all. We must ask God to give us the Divine Wisdom, then an answer to our asked question will come to us, and, in our soul, will be established a brick of the Kingdom of Heaven. And the more we learn a mysteriousworld, the more questions we ask to our Heavenly Father, the higher and stronger become the wall of our inner Heavenly Jerusalem.
Thus, a marvellous temple of God's Wisdom is built on energy of questions and energy of responses. The energy of questions is a spiritual form whose symbol is our hands which we fold to priest to get a blessing. To get a blessing from God, we must ask questions about the mysteries, and each time, when we hold our inner ladle with question to our Saviour, Angels pour into the responses of grace, and then our mind is enlightened by the light of the Reason of Christ.
Thus is built this extraordinary inner temple of the Holy Wisdom. In iconography, the Queen of the Wisdom of God is represented with two wings. First, there are our questions about the mysteries of the spiritual world, secondly, there are the answers, coming from Heaven and elevating our mind to the Celestial Kingdom. This is how is made a high spiritual flight.
Let’s remind you that a false teaching of synod, created by Freemasons, deliberately forbids us to grow the wings of Wisdom. They tirelessly repeat the same mantra that only the great saints could glimpse an unseen world. In fact, it is an absolute absurdity.
The spiritual life begins by an interview of the spiritual world, from the very beginning, otherwise it makes no sense. The spiritual life is invisible, by itself, and if we become to replace it by visible rites, this is not a spiritual life any more, but the end of the world. Angels do not live somewhere else, in an abstract Heaven; the whole spiritual world is placed inside each person. And when we agree to believe that we are cut off from the world of holy forces, because we are, supposedly, very great sinners, unworthy to see it; then, as the holy place is never empty, demons come to live in our head, that is all.
Due to this artificial and deeply heretical barrier, nobody is able to repair our Russian world for the whole century already. It is impossible to understand Russian civilization without Christ's name, because the Holy Russia is directly built on Christ, on His Divine Wisdom.
And what are the efforts by which the Kingdom of Heaven is glorified? It is glorified by knowledge, by finding the right answers to properly asked questions. Why the Russian patriotic movement will lead nowhere today? Because all earthly existence of the Orthodox people is built in the image ofthe HeavenlyWorld. And if we do not see the reality of God's Kingdom, if the Heavenly World consists only of questions, so all our earthly existence is transformed into a big interminable question, which has already lasted 100 years.


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